I. Get the right way to walk your dog



I. Getting the right way to walk your dog

Daily dog walks

Daily walks are more important. How long does a daily walk take? It depends on what kind of dog you have. Generally speaking, it’s better to limit walks to about 20 to 30 minutes a day for puppies, only about 30 to 40 minutes a day for medium-sized dogs, and if you have a large dog over 70 or 80 pounds, then it’s basically almost an hour a day to skate around.

2. Don’t exercise suddenly and heavily

Due to their busy daily routines, some owners have little time to take their dogs out from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday or because of guilt, they will take their dogs hiking and wading and do a lot of exercise on weekends. In fact, exercise can’t make up for it. …… Due to the lack of adaptation, the dog can easily make the dog’s body due to discomfort and cause all kinds of discomfort. If your dog is over 7 years old, this practice can also harm the dog’s heart, spine, ligaments and joints.

3. Don’t let the dog follow the car

Some owners are lazy and don’t like to walk. But what if the dog wants to walk? People are notoriously brainy creatures, not to mention tool-using. They will ride motorcycles and electric cars, pulling the leash around the dog’s neck with one hand and controlling the direction of the car with the other, so that the dog can follow the car. This seems like a good way to do it, but in fact, it’s not good for the dog. After all, except for some special dog breeds, dogs have no interest in running, especially long distance running. Otherwise walking a dog is not called walking a dog, it’s called running a dog. Some older dogs can easily cause heart damage if they exercise in this way.

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While getting out for a daily walk is good for the health of both the dog and the owner. But everything needs a degree, too much so called. The fact is that walking your dog is also walking your dog. Because the best way to do it is to take it one step at a time, it’s the best exercise. It is also good for developing a relationship between the owner and the dog.


Find the right place to walk your dog

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Find the right place to walk your dog

1. Don’t take your dog into parks, public green spaces, etc.

The truth is, dogs need to relax too. People and dogs, both of whom are living beings, want a space to relax. You can’t just stay at home. The weather is nice. You want to walk in a public space. Obviously, this need is not overstated. Too much is said because some people are afraid of dogs. There is a reason to have a dog and a fear of dogs, but the two sides should not form a dichotomy. Therefore, there are places that must be identified in order to address the separation of people and dogs. In these areas, people who have dogs, spread out and walk their dogs happily and walk without disturbing others.

Beware of lawn ticks

Ticks are widely distributed on the island, with mountains, forests, grasses and bushes being their favorite places. Jiang Hongrong, director of the disinfection vector control section at the CDC, said ticks are found all year round, especially in the summer. People who have pet dogs at home remember to check for ticks on their dogs after walking them home and try to go less often to places like lawns and bushes. People who need to work in the mountains and other places, or donkeys who like to travel outdoors, must do a good job of personal protection and try to wear tight, light, smooth, long-sleeved clothing to prevent tick bites.

3. Stay away from poisonous plants

Medications sprinkled on public green spaces may poison pets. Residents should take care of their pets when moving around in public green spaces; if their skin or eyes come into contact with drugs, be sure to flush them with plenty of water; if they accidentally ingest them, don’t induce vomiting with drugs, drink plenty of water to induce vomiting and seek medical attention immediately.

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Don’t let your dog leave feces everywhere when you walk it. Pet dogs can often be seen on neat greenways. After walking the dog, some uncivilized dog owners leave dog feces all the way, so that walkers are often recruited and complain. It is reported that the “Shunde District Greenway Management Interim Measures” also provides that: bring animals into the greenway, must take precautions to prevent animal excrement pollution of the environment, to prevent animals from trampling, damage to greening facilities. Convenient for others, but also convenient for themselves.


III. Indispensable equipment for dog walking



III. Indispensable equipment for dog walking

1. Muzzle your dog

Last year, rabies has become the infectious disease with the highest number of reported deaths in China for five consecutive months, according to a survey by the authorities. Nowadays, more and more people have dogs in cities, but unregulated dog-keeping behavior has also caused a series of social problems. When owners take their dogs out, it is best to tie a leash around the dog’s neck and stay away from pedestrians to avoid infection; it is best to wear a muzzle in crowded places.

2. Bring a permit when walking your dog

Residents with dogs in key dog management areas should bring their resident ID cards, hukou books or temporary residence permits to the public security authorities for registration. Registration should provide proof of canine immunity and submit a dog obligation guarantee. Canine quasi-adoption certificate to implement the annual inspection system. When taking dogs out, they should carry the permit and leash, led by an adult.

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For Vadim Antonevich, the famous Israeli documentary filmmaker, a walk in the street with his pet dog four years ago may never be forgotten. Israeli newspaper Haaretz 13 reported that Antonevich was jailed by police last month, then imprisoned and is still serving his sentence. Israeli media said on the 13th that Antonevich is still in prison, but it is not clear how long he needs to serve his sentence. Owners should be careful to follow the rules when walking their dogs.

4. Some dogs can’t be walked

Butterfly dog

Butterfly dogs

Some dogs can’t be walked

1. Puppies born less than three months

A baby dog like this, who even walks with a staggering gait, is fit to do nothing more than eat and sleep and receive the occasional caress from his owner every day.

2. Bitches in heat or pregnant dogs

Some owners take their female dog in heat out for a walk and just chat with others …… several days later, they find out their dog is pregnant and don’t even know who the baby dog’s father is. And a pregnant mother dog can go out for a walk, but not for too long, and secondly the owner should pay attention at all times, and if there are other male dogs near the mother dog, be careful to keep the distance between the two.

3. Newly bought dog

Some pet owners like to take their new dogs out for walks, but this is not a good habit. What about infected bacteria because dogs that are not fully immunized or starting to be immunized but are still in the two-week danger period are not suitable for walks everywhere? The same can be proved …… sick or very sick dog is also not suitable to go out for walks often. Look at the animal world. Sick animals dutifully stay in the nest to recuperate. Who will go out and play white pigeon turn, hair dispersal mood?

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When walking middle-aged or older dogs, be careful not to do exercises with fast heartbeats and breathing for long periods of time. When breathing and heart rate are maintained for more than a few minutes or ten minutes, it can easily cause myocardial hypoxia and hypoxia in multiple tissues throughout the body. For middle-aged and older dogs and people, the only benefit of running is to increase caloric expenditure for a limited period of time. But the goal of exercise is not calorie burning, but healthy circulation, muscles, ligaments, joints and internal organs.


V. Don’t let the dog walk its owner



V. Don’t let the dog walk its owner

1. Change the situation of being walked by the dog

If you want to change the situation of being walked by a dog, try this – when the dog is bored and exploring, pull the leash suddenly when not paying attention, with quick and gentle movements. With so many sudden attacks, the dog will understand that you are the leader and will have to be a good little tail. Also, it is a good idea to change the route. When the dog is running according to the familiar route every day, try to change it, for example, walk forward for a while and then come back. Doing so will teach the dog that it must always pay attention to its owner’s intentions or it will be put in a passive position.

2. Training starts with the puppy

1 With the leash in place, have the dog on the owner’s left side. This way, the owner can hold the treat in his right hand and train him to sit.

2 When setting out, the first few times you may wish to deliberately get into the habit of taking the left leg first, while pulling on the leash and giving the dog the command to heel. If the dog acts too impatient or excited at this point and suddenly lunges forward, you should promptly grab the collar with your left hand and gently pull the dog back to the correct position.

3 Dogs should be rewarded when they lean on their owners.

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When the owner walks, if the puppy can follow the owner and obey the command to sit, train the dog to turn to the right. At this point, the owner can use the left hand to guide the dog to the right and give the heel command. Finally, learn how to turn to the left. When turning to the left, the owner can appropriately speed up the pace while putting the snack on the dog’s nose to slow the dog down. When it slows down, the owner should give a steady code in time.


Six, walking your dog promotes health

Reasons why dogs like to pee on tree trunks

West Highland White Terrier

VI. Walking your dog promotes health

1. Scientific basis

Researchers surveyed 5,000 Britons, 3,000 of whom had dogs. 57% of respondents cited walking their dogs as their main form of exercise. The researchers found that those who had dogs walked them on average twice a day for an average of 24 minutes each time. This gave them a total of about 5 hours and 38 minutes of exercise per week. On top of that, they walked their dogs an average of three times a week. This was an increase of 2 hours and 33 minutes of exercise time per week. In contrast, those who did not own a dog exercised on average only 1 hour and 20 minutes per week. Their exercise usually took the form of going to the gym, walking or jogging. Nearly half of those who don’t own a dog admit they don’t exercise at all.

2. Walk your dog, get in shape

Everyone has a love for beauty. Especially for some women with abundant bodies, having a slim figure is an absolute dream. I’ve heard of many ways to lose weight, such as pills, diets, exercise, etc., but walking your dog is actually a very strange way to lose weight.

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Now, American researchers have proven that there is no need to go to the gym to stay healthy. Common physical activities such as walking the dog and mowing the lawn can also extend life span. Studies have reported that any physical activity that expends energy may reduce the probability of death and extend people’s lives

. The researchers came to their conclusion after surveying 302 older adults between the ages of 70 and 82. The report emphasizes that daily physical activity can also help people stay healthy, such as walking the dog, mowing the lawn, walking up and down stairs, walking slowly at least 30 minutes a day, or vacuuming the floor. The daily activity should be no less than two hours.<font


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