Taking a baby dog out for a walk is a necessary part of a dog parent’s morning exercise or after-dinner activity. However, many dogs are too active outdoors and sometimes the dog’s parents can’t even keep the leash on. At this point, the parents need to recall the dog. But when a dog is recalled, it is easy for parents to make two mistakes, and the small side below explains the proper way to do it in detail:



Wrong to keep up!

[Error Demonstration]

When a dog suddenly breaks free from its leash, the dog’s parents get very anxious and instinctively chase the dog instead of thinking calmly. Not only does this not help to recall the dog, but it makes the dog run faster and faster and farther and farther away.

[Editorial explanation]

As the parent pursues, the dog thinks the parent is playing games with them, so they become more excited and run faster and farther. Another scenario is that the dog’s parents chase too fast and too hard, which causes the dog to be frightened by this sudden behavior and run farther in shock. Worse still, the dog will have a psychological shadow. When the parent will call the dog in the future, it will run away suddenly out of fear.






[Wrong demonstration]

Although some parents are calm, they will call their dog to them with treats, toys, and other enticements after the dog escapes. Because dogs are attracted to favorite treats and toys, they quickly come running back. But at this time, the dog’s parents will get angry at the dog and scold it loudly.

[Editor’s note]

Although dogs do not understand human language, they can understand the tone of speech. Therefore, if a parent scolds a dog angrily, the dog will know the attitude of the parent. As a result, the dog will lose interest and motivation to return to the parents. If there is a next time, the dog will not be attracted to the same approach. Also, this will greatly affect the dog’s relationship with its owner.


Towards the Right!



Leash with a degree! Right!

[Demonstration of correctness]

If the dog has a crazy outing, the dog’s parents can go out with a longer leash first, let the dog play freely in a larger area, and then give the command to come.

If the dog refuses to come, the dog’s parents can slowly pull the dog to them.

The training is successful when the length of the leash is gradually increased each time until the dog can quickly return to the parent without pulling on the leash.

[Editorial explanation]

If the dog still cannot hear the command, the dog’s parents can slowly pull the dog aside, taking care that the pulling must be gentle, not rough and sudden force. When the dog returns to the parent, the parent must give the dog a treat or caress and encourage it sufficiently to stimulate the dog’s interest.


Hide smart! Right!

Changing aggressive puppy biting habits


Hiding smartly!Right!

[Demonstration of correctness]

Some dogs are far away from their parents, so the parents can sneak and hide when the dog is having fun, just like playing hide-and-seek with the dog. After a while, the dog becomes anxious when it can’t find the parent.

Let the dog be anxious for a while, and then the parent sends the dog the code. The dog usually comes back to the parents quickly. At this point, the dog will also be fully encouraged and the dog will not run as far later.

[Editorial explanation]

This method is very clever, but there are drawbacks. A bit of the dog is not as close to the parent, so even if the dog’s parent hides, the dog doesn’t respond. In this case, the dog’s parents can only worry. Handling this kind of dog is not suitable to use the hiding method, or recall training should be done at home first.

The dog is out too actively, which can add a lot of danger to life. For example, a dog can easily be hit by a car on the road and can easily hit a child or elderly person. Parents of dogs should recall them in time and use the right methods. I hope all parents and dogs can go out safely and happily.

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