1. Pet’s long life and prosperity lock



[For Dog Type] Any Dog Type

Imitation silver


Small: W3cm*L4cm Net weight: 8g

Medium: width 4cm*length 5.5cm net weight 16g including bell

Large: 5cm wide*6.5cm long including the bell, net weight: 22g

【Features】Significantly beautiful and noble

[Ark Review]

People love people, and flowers bloom! Pet long life and wealth lock! Long-life-rich lock means auspicious! I think every dog and cat should have their long life locked! This long-life lock is small after a thousand choices to find; the image is very generous and righteous! Imitation silver material, very expensive! Keep peace! Ringing bells! The old saying: wear gold and silver, a lifetime of wealth and prosperity. The newly ushered-in dog will be afraid and not adapt to the new territory. With a long life and wealthy lock, one can suppress evil and fear and care for the baby’s healthy growth. Oh. Let the baby be fit for life.

For a baby dog, everything is new to the world. Jumping constantly full of curious eyes. In the future, we need to give more care. Imitation silver material, every detail is finely polished and silver plated. Although not as good as real silver, the workmanship is still excellent. Engraved with words such as intelligent, long life, and prosperity, the dog wears it and sways with joy, accompanied by a crisp bell. Like the dog’s laughter accompanied by your laughter? Dog-loving moms and dads, hurry up and buy one for your dog. May all the baby dogs be healthy and happy with their owners.

2. High-grade foil New Year’s dress for dogs


Dogs premium foil New Year dresses

[Brand] Skynet

Big Red Beige

[For Dog Type] Small to medium-sized female dogs

Cotton Sateen

[Features] Gorgeous atmosphere, cloak design

[Ark Review]

The best New Year’s Eve outfit for bitches! Very festive New Year’s Eve outfits, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day, and the Spring Festival can not be more appropriate to wear. The fabric is also very good, comfortable to touch, and soft. Details are exquisite, tiny snowflakes hot gold, winter to bring warmth to the dog. The small lapel design of the front fur looks warm and foreign. Yellow, the big bow on top looks sweet, expensive, beige, and pure as snow. It will make people excited to see it. Hurry up and buy one for your dog.

Of course, I highly recommend red. You want to be prosperous during the New Year and Chinese New Year. Don’t forget your baby when you add new clothes to your horse mom. Of course, both colors are great. There is always something you like ~ in short, 2013, rely on it for the New Year!

3. Noble giant red dog skin nest


[Brand] SEPT

Big Red

Big red PU shiny leather quilting Light velvet High-grade environmental protection 3D PP cotton Non-woven waterproof bottom Cushion for both sides

[For Dog Type] Any Dog Type

Outer diameter 73*61*25cm Inner diameter 47*39cm

[Features] Thick and full, stylish and stain resistant

[Ark Review]

Roomier, thicker, and more comfortable for your pet! The pad is removable and washable! If the nest cotton pad is dirty, can be removed and cleaned Oh. Easy to clean. Thicker, fuller, warmer! This nest is thick and wide and can bring comfortable warmth to the dog. In such a cold winter, the dog is no longer afraid of the cold. Big red PU bright leather quilted light velvet, more fashionable, dirty. And it looks dominant and extremely cheerful. The red pattern of the kennel is gorgeous and stylish, with removable kennel pads for easy removal and clearing the bottom of the kennel plastic anti-slip pellets.

4: Essential shoes for pet dogs for New Year’s Eve

Details of leash training for dogs

[Brand] Flyingpet

Big Red

[For Dog Type] Small and medium-sized dogs

Pure cotton

Advanced PVC

[Features] Joyful colors, easy to clean

[Ark Review]

Long-haired dogs, considering the thickness of the hair, can not choose too small; relatively speaking, short-haired dogs do not need to put too many size options; parents wear shoes for the first time and must pay attention to closely observe the dog’s behavior, if the dog can not walk because of the shoes, parents can be appropriate guidance; if the dog wants to bite because of discomfort, parents should do right to stop, such as gently pat the dog’s mouth, say no or no NO “! Just like teaching a dog not to chew on slippers and walls ~ the dog is used to anything that happens OK; parents can pull much more accessible.

This is the key!!! Different dogs do have very different personalities! Some dogs are great and will accept anything he wears; some dogs put a collar, clothes, and shoes on him, and he will be crazy, uncomfortable, and want to remove, chew, and destroy. If your dog is super naughty and poorly adapted, we suggest you don’t consider buying him shoes!!! Those of you who have had dogs know that dogs have great teeth, and I’m afraid they can’t bite anything but metal. If the dog wears shoes because it is not adapted to bite, the shoes’ quality is not a problem, as long as the dog usually wears them!

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