A lively and loving dog can make us happy and relaxed, so many working people choose to have a dog to enrich their lives and relieve stress. However, because of daily work, and overtime and socializing, working parents cannot spend long hours with their dogs. If the dog is alone at home, there are phenomena such as chewing things and defecating randomly, it means that the dog has not yet learned to be alone. The following is a list of five ways for dog parents to learn to get rid of loneliness and isolation for their dogs.


Bichon Frise

NO.1 Gentle communication method

[Detailed tips]

Scientists believe that although many animals have higher IQs than dogs, no other animal can surpass dogs in understanding human speech, behavior, expressions and even emotions. Therefore, communication with dogs is not only necessary but effective.

Before you go out, you need to tell him affectionately in an affectionate manner where the pooches are going now, ask him to wait well at home, tell him that the pooches will take him out when he comes back and that there will be good prizes, etc.


Dog parents will find much comfort in this gentle communication if they can give their dog some more tasty snacks or smear their dog’s favorite treats on a toy bone or dog chew before they go out.

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