When we take camping, we take our own tent, and dogs need tents too. Pet tents make it easy for us to travel. We can take Chihuahuas, Labradors, Golden Retrievers and other dogs out on trips. Pet tents are also good. It’s windproof and warm for fall and winter, and it doesn’t take up much space to disassemble and collect in summer.

Whether it’s a cold winter or a hot summer, taking your dog out needs a comfortable, soft nest, so add a new tent for your baby soon! With a new tent, you can also sunbathe Oh, it’s a real treat to watch your baby sleep beautifully!


NO.1 Pet tent

Material: cowl fabric

Size: bottom length and width 60×45cm height 54cm door height 39cm

Product Description: High quality waterproof oxford fabric, waterproof and durable, wire frame design around, spacious inside, soft and comfortable cashmere cushion inside; folding design, easy to store, does not take up space; grid design around, ventilation and air.

Reference price: $100.00>



NO.2 Pet tent cotton nest

Material: PP cotton filling material, 100% cotton

Size: outside size: 47x47xH36cm inside size: 45x45xH35cm

Product Description:Fashionable shape, exquisite workmanship, soft and comfortable, warm and practical, suitable for small and medium-sized pets. The bottom cloth is non-slip design, safe and non-toxic.

Reference price: $49.00>



NO.3 Colorful striped pet tent

Material: canvas, PP cotton, non-woven

Size: 37*37*40CM length, width and height

Product Description: PETS-ZONE export brand products, novel design, absolutely advanced work. High fiber surface is smooth and soft, the inner layer of high-grade sponge is warm and comfortable, easy to clean. QQ, smooth hand feel… Suggest the most suitable for small pets. Good choice for baby nest!

Reference price: $82.00>



NO.4 Folding portable pet tent

Material: Oxford cloth

Size: L size, 64L*45W*53Hcm

Product description: high quality waterproof Oxford cloth fabric, waterproof and durable, cashmere pad soft and comfortable; wire frame design, hard PV plate at the bottom, the overall structure does not collapse, spacious inside; folding design, easy to store, the whole folded into the free storage bag, does not take up space; around the grid design, ventilation, rear, left and right set to lift, with 4 pieces of ground fixings; wide range of uses: camping tent, snack shelter The use of the product is wide: camping tent, snack shelter, car, carry out, etc.

Reference price: $125.34>


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NO.5 Camouflage Oxford cloth pet tent

Material: Oxford cloth

Size: 38CML*28CMW*31CMH>

Product Description: camouflage oxford cloth pet tent, camouflage oxford cloth pet tent. The nest pad is brand new PP tent fluffy and flexible, no problem with pressure! The pad can be taken out!

Reference price: $48.00>

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