Courtly Princess Style: Pet Jewelry Pearl Alphabet Pendant Necklace


Pet jewelry pearl alphabet pendant necklace

A. Courtly princess style: pet jewelry pearl letter pendant necklace



[Necklace Material] Lead-free alloy.

Small to medium sized females

[Necklace Size]

6 inch 2 inch extension = 15cm 5cm total 20cm 6 inch can be bracelet>

8″ 2″ extension = 20cm 5cm total 25cm

10″ 2″ extension = 25cm 5cm total 30cm

[Features] Exquisite and noble, simple and fashionable

[Ark Review]

Bow tie pearl alloy double chain pet necklace – In the world of bright jewelry, pearl is a distinguished royalty, representing beauty, tenderness, love and purity, together with gold gold necklace, combined with the perfect elegant necklace, leading the elegant, fresh traditional family. Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, dogs go out with exquisite and noble necklace, so that your dog and you can be more noble and different in various activities occasions, the design is simple and fashionable, bright colors will increase the love of dogs. It will soon become one of the must-haves for your dog to go out.

While the gold alloy is the highlight of this model, it cannot hide its flaws, meaning that the metal will be heavier. This necklace is obviously a cute item for a small to medium sized dog, but a petite pup may not be able to move it when walking. Also, if it tries to strangle the dog, it won’t be as easy for the dog to get out.






Japanese and Korean Gentleman Style: Silk Pet Tie


Silk pet tie

II. Japanese and Korean gentleman style: silk pet ties


[Color Category] Big red plaid, blue plaid, rose plaid, beige leopard print

Any male dog

[Tie material] Polyester silk

Tie size 10*5cm, 32-46cm

[Features] High-grade fabric, playful personality

[Ark Review]

I’m sure your male dog could kill countless female dogs with this tie. As the saying goes, there are not many ties for men and not many shoes for women. For a male dog, a tie is far more attractive than any other piece of clothing! You know the taste of men! If your family is a male dog, we suggest you put all four of these in your pocket without hesitation. ~ Absolutely nothing more, it will only earn a return! Control it, Yung easy as pie! The tie can be adjusted at will, as long as it is not a dog with a particularly thick neck ~ completely controllable! Taste, it’s that simple! Polyester silk not only fabric looks high-grade, but also feel very smooth ~ playful fresh personality, want it.

Although the polyester silk fabric is smooth and delicate and looks noble, it has poor abrasion resistance.






III. Sparkling rhinestone style: anti-wandering dog name tag pendant


Lost-proof dog name tag pendant

III. Sparkling rhinestone wind: anti-wandering dog name tag pendant

[Brand] Mini

Silver Pink

Any dog type

[Pendant Size]

Large Weight single 12G Length: 3.7CM Width: 2.4CM>

Small weighs a single 9G Length: 3.0CM Width: 1.8CM>

[Features] Practical and beautiful design

[Ark Review]

If you’ve seen “My Ten Agreements with My Dog,” you’ll remember this scene. Due to family neglect, Socks gets lost. Later, according to the information card hanging around Sox’s neck, the kind people found the owner’s house. Socks was sent home safely. They also let them cherish their relationship with each other. Now every time I think of this movie will still be moved by a mess. Isn’t this the kind of story that happens to every one of us who loves dogs? Each and every customer in this industry is so loving. With so many dog moms and dads in contact every day, we also feel firsthand that:Without a doubt, the greatest pain is the loss of a dog. Almost every three or four days a guest will come back complaining that the dog has gone out and gotten lost. They can’t find it even after searching for days. Honestly, even if someone picked the dog, they didn’t know how to find the owner’s family. The tragedy repeated itself again and again. So, we designed this information card to solve all your worries completely.

Design, source! For the safety of your dog, by all means, please have an information card for your dog! We place high demands on the production of our products. Each information card comes with a metal connecting ring and a lobster clasp. It’s easy to wear. Whether your dog has a collar or a straight red leash, it will do the job. Four rings of reinforced rhinestones, BLING BLING yes, extra shiny. Good looking. The information plate can become a beautiful decoration. Information paper on both sides plus protective plastic layer, transparent, look carefully, there are two layers of plastic protection on both sides of the paper. It can effectively reduce the harm of rain / saliva / dirt on the information paper. If the information paper is damaged, there is no point. Information paper can be designed by yourself, try to choose hard paper. Content: Remember to write down the owner’s phone number/address.






Four, sell cute cap child wind: super cute yellow small cap hair clip


Super cute yellow beanie hair clip

Four, sell cute cap child wind: super cute yellow small cap hair clip >



[Applicable to] Small and medium-sized dogs

【Hair card material】Bb clip

[Hairpin size] 4cm in diameter

[Hairpin Weight] 5g

[Features] Cute and playful, high turn-around rate

[Ark Review]

Does your baby have a hat? Tian Tian looked for a long time to find this small hat hair clip. ~Bb clip, wear very convenient oh, just pull the small black clip, clip on can be.

But as it is the material of Bb clip is not durable. So prepare more for the dog so that it can be replaced. The yellow cap gets dirty easily. Scrub it gently with a toothbrush and washing powder, and wash it carefully with water.






V. Classical domineering wind: large classical tiger head copper bell

Analysis of the pros and cons of wearing clothes for pet dogs

Large classical tiger head bronze bell

V. Classical domineering wind: large classical tiger head bronze bells



[Applicable to] Medium to large dogs


Bell size 2.5*3CM>

[Features] Crisp ringing, simple colors

[Ark Review]

The Tiger is a tiger! Antique tiger head brass bellsTiger head brass bells for sophisticated living! Copper bells are crisp, pleasing to the ear, lush and long lasting; simple in color; and copper doesn’t rust or fade! Since ancient times, bells are made of pure copper. Although the high cost of copper bells, but the bell is crisp and full of thick, long time to listen to not tired. Although the cost of iron or alloy bells is reduced, but they sacrifice the sound quality of the bell itself, the bell dry and stiff. Buy pure copper bells will have unexpected surprises Oh ~ years later, relatives will find that the baby already has a copper shiny little bell.




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