I. Causes of Partial Eating

1. Recipe replacement

As the owner changes the recipe without eating the dog food, the dog waits for better food instead of eating the dog food and develops a picky eating problem over time.

[2. Feeding amount]

Too much feeding, or loss of appetite due to poor eating habits, overnutrition, etc.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

[3. In a particular period]

Loss of appetite is caused by disease, estrus, emotional instability, etc.

4. Teeth replacement period

Puppies during tooth replacement can easily lose their appetite due to dental discomfort.

5. Eating habits

Bad eating habits, dogs running around when they eat. If you put a big tub of feed in there, it doesn’t matter. Even the owner will feed it one bite at a time.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

6. Increased appetite

The dog’s need has increased! Because of picky eating, parents often change the feed and add food. Eating good food and refusing to eat tasteless plain feed.

7. Too much snacking

It’s best to play snacks with him. There are a wide variety of snacks for dogs nowadays that smell tempting. If a dog particularly likes snacks, will it eat well? So, snacks should be used as a reward for the dog.

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Dogs are picky eaters, primarily the responsibility of spoiled owners. When the owner gives the dog food, The dog will not eat it right away. If the owner is worried that the dog is hungry, he will switch to another food. It is easy for a dog to catch the owner’s psychological weakness and ask for more tasty food. As time goes on, he will only eat what he likes.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

If a dog is found to be a picky eater, the dog should first be taken to the hospital for an examination. After confirming that the dog is not eating abnormally due to illness, the owner can correct this by adjusting the feeding practices in the home. Fix a daily feeding time. Food that is not finished within the specified time should be collected. Parents should make the dog understand that it either eats the prepared food or it does not. This is asking parents to be cruel and to know that there is no danger of a healthy dog not eating for l to 2 days.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

Doberman Pinscher

II. The dangers of partial eating

1. Causes disease

Does your dog have a paranoid eating habit? Are the causes of partiality still bothering you? There are basically two types of dog partiality. One is feeding your dog leftovers because of financial reasons. The other type is to spend a lot of money to buy high-end food such as meat, fish, cheese, and milk for your dog. But in any case, partiality is the main reason why dogs get sick.

For example, after a few years of feeding only dog meat daily, almost all dogs will be sick with a disease called “all meat syndrome.” This disease can lead to acute hemorrhagic enteritis, vomiting, dysentery, severe dehydration, and even death. Recent examples of this disease from feeding beef are not surprising. In addition, there are oral diseases dental calculus, dental abscesses, heel infection, stomatitis, etc., often leading to tooth loss and loose cheekbones in dogs, skin diseases, bone lesions, hidden internal diseases, metabolic abnormalities, and other diseases. For example, the most common bone lesion is that the bone becomes as thin as paper, the dog has difficulty moving, and the spine curves abnormally. It is very painful for the dog to pet or picks it up. This disease can only be diagnosed in the hospital.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

Preferences are not only caused by feeding meat. Foods with salt, human leftovers, specific foods according to misnomers, providing chicken breasts daily to strengthen the dog’s coat, etc. , although momentarily sick, continuous feeding of calcium, bone meal, and other nutritional supplements can also infect a dog with partiality.

2. Shortened life span

Common mistake dog lovers make is to raise their dogs like people, with dogs fed the same food as people. Paddock reminds you that this idea is understandable, but this approach will only shorten the dog’s life span and is not good for the dog’s health.

So, parents need to be careful in feeding their dogs a nutritionally balanced mix of foods that will give them the following advantages:

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

  • 1 Maintain fundamental physical strength.
  • 2 Normal development.
  • 3 Enhance the body’s immunity.
  • 4 Promotes metabolism.
  • 5 Brightens hair luster and promotes hair growth.
  • 6 Stay in perfect shape.
  • 7, that is, to free the dog from disease and to grow up healthy and happy.

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Preferential eating is the biggest enemy of a dog’s health. Parents spend a lot of money on high-end foods like meat, fish, cheese, and milk that their dogs like to coax them to eat every day, but feeding them only meat is also a big reason why dogs get sick. And these dogs that eat meat regularly almost always suffer from a disease known as an all-meat syndrome. The condition can lead to acute hemorrhagic enteritis, vomiting, dysentery, severe dehydration, and even death. Recent examples of this disease caused by feeding beef are not uncommon.

Do you have a pet dog at home who likes to eat on the side? No matter how much you cook for it, you can’t win its heart. Nothing happens when a dog doesn’t eat a meal or two now and then. At most, they just feel a little hungry. If they go on a complete hunger strike because the food is not suitable, it may damage the little one’s health. So, for the dog’s health, the battle of partiality between the little owner and the dog is vital!

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

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III. Solutions

1. Look carefully

First, ensure your dog doesn’t have any disease; just picky eating, by careful observation and, if necessary, by physical examination. When feeding, give him an average amount of food and wait 10 seconds. If he starts eating within 10 seconds, that’s great. If he dawdles or takes a sniff and runs off to play, put the meal away and don’t give any food until the next feeding.

[2. Appetite control]

If he eats the food you give him quickly, that’s fine. If there is a little left, estimate the amount of food left and reduce the amount of food he ate by half at the next feeding. For example, if you have 100 grams this time and he ate 80 grams, give 40 grams next time. If he continues to lick the bowl after eating and wants to keep eating, next time, not this time! You can add 20% to this feeding. Cycle this way until he regains his normal appetite.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

[3. Necessary “competition”]

Some dogs are so stubborn that they can hold out for three or four days without eating until you give in. This is the time for you to fight for your will. You know that going without food for three or four days or more will not harm your dog’s health as long as there is enough drinking water. People who are always worried about their dogs starving to death don’t raise healthy dogs. This process tests the owner and the dog to be more determined. Generally, as long as the owner is determined and goes through this training process, the dog will also teach the owner to be firm and not picky about food. Of course, there will be the possibility that: In this game, you will eventually lose. Of course, for the sake of the dog’s health, parents must hate it.

As an adjunct, you can try feeding your dog a B complex vitamin, one capsule per ten kilograms of body weight per day. B vitamins boost the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and improve your dog’s appetite.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

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Dogs are very spiritual animals; once they are considered pets, they learn to bargain with their owners over food. Their general approach is to look at the food but refuse to eat it, even after regular meal times, being indifferent and using such actions to show their owners that they are unhappy with the food. At this time, many owners will come up with some other food for it to eat. Usually, this food is more attractive than the original food. However, some dogs are still not interested in the food. Finally, the parents surrender and put the dog’s favorite food in front of him.

To avoid this pet-influenced condition, the right approach is to first take the dog to the doctor, who confirms that the dog is not sick with anorexia. Then the owner can start training the dog not to be a picky eater. The method is simple: remove the food immediately after each feeding. No matter how much the dog eats, or even nothing, it should not be soft. Do the same at the next feeding. Send a message to the dog: Either eat the food the owner is giving now, or starve and eat nothing. Easier said than done, but it’s almost a race to test your and your dog’s will and endurance. It must be an excruciating process for you and your dog. After going through this journey, your dog will no longer be a picky eater.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

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IV. Developing good eating habits

1. Set meal times

The most important thing when feeding your dog is to give him ten minutes to eat; if it is longer, he will be taken away. Don’t be afraid of your dog being hungry or soft unless you have been worried all your life that he doesn’t like to eat.

Give the dog 30 minutes to eat and then take away the rest of the food, whether it is finished. Tell them that disobedience results in no food to eat, and even picky pets will become obedient.

2. Prepare dry feed only

Don’t add some random food or can of meat, it will destroy his mouth. The dog should have complete nutrition and not have to worry about it.

3 don’t eat and pull down

Once some nervous pet owners notice their babies refuse to eat, they use chocolates, cakes, cookies, and toys. Begging and scolding, cajoling, and even going so far as to hand-feed the food into the dog’s mouth if it will open it. This approach has only one result: spoil them. Think about it, if you do not eat well will be served, and you can live as the boss of the addiction, then why eat well? So for young or picky eaters who are not very serious pets, not eating or pooping is the most trouble-free and easy to see the good way. The only thing that needs to be reinforced is your resistance to their poor eyes.

Why dogs are partial to food and how to solve

4. Don’t visit

After making their food for them, the only thing a parent has to do is put down the food bowl and turn away. You don’t have to watch them eat at all. Sure, if you can see your child being able to wolf down food, that’s a real treat, but how much more can you eat if you put yourself in a place where someone is watching you eat all the time?

5. Get the dog off the table

For him, it’s a great treat to eat fragrant food at people’s tables. If they smell steak on the table, will they still be interested in its dog and cat food? Feeding pets food that people eat gives them a bad habit of being picky and can also make them sick or even poisoned.

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As small owners, we have to admit that feeding our children is just as tricky as getting our dogs to eat, especially as adults, we find that dogs do not have the same appetite as going forward and have become pickier; some of our friends even wonder if their pets are anorexic, in fact, dogs have a poor need, much of which we do not do enough, such as feeding our dogs good food often, in the long run, it is only strange that he is unchangingly picky, no good appetite, how to be healthy? Therefore, cultivating good eating habits is the first task of dog paranoia. Therefore, the cultivation of good eating habits is definitely the first task of dog partiality. Only by developing good eating habits can a dog have a long-term healthy diet. In this way, the dog’s physical fitness will be further safeguarded.

Stick to these five principles and don’t be soft-hearted, intolerant, or unwilling to give up on your dog, and you will definitely improve his eating habits. For the sake of your dog’s future, you must insist on feeding him only dog food. If it doesn’t eat, the feed is put away when the time comes. As long as one meal is not eaten, there will be no snacks available that day, leaving it hungry to the utmost, but it also requires consistency of attitude from the whole family. In the war against dog feeding and refusal to eat, light people sometimes take 3-6 months. We must persevere in this long war of resistance to have the summer light of victory.

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