I. Impractical characteristics of pet supplies

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I. Impractical features of pet supplies

More and more people have pets nowadays, and the corresponding pet product market is becoming more and more active. There are many new pet inventions products that make pets more and more convenient, but not all of them are practical. The so-called useless inventions have the following characteristics:

1. Spend money but don’t use it more than a few times before putting it in the box;>

It is against the natural growth of dogs;

3. Items that do not meet the original intent of the invention;

4. Items that have no practical meaning for the original purpose of inventing them.

Here is a summary of the four types of pet supplies that contain these four characteristics. After reading them, owners should have their own judgment.


II. Top4 Dog Carrier Pants



II. Top4 Dog Carrier Pants

[Starting point] At first someone wanted to put pants on a dog because the dog didn’t have a hip bone, so they wanted to hold the pants in a carrier, not realizing the dog didn’t have shoulders, so the Japanese invented the overhead carrier.

[Consumer psychology] Many owners are willing to spend time dressing their dogs, and certainly are one of them. Most of the time, owners unconsciously think of their pets as children and think that humans can use their dogs.

[Impracticality Index]

[Ark Review] These dog carriers are not only unattractive to wear, they also look as ugly as hanging your dog, and they can affect breathing when tightened. In addition, a carrier is about 100 yuan, expensive but not real. The owner does not have to pay for the pet to suffer.


3. Top3 Dog toothbrush



Three, Top3 Dog toothbrush

[Starting point] Bad teeth in dogs can have strong bad breath and can also affect appetite and nutritional intake, which has a direct negative impact on health. That’s why it’s important to clean your dog’s teeth.

[Consumer psychology] When a pet’s mouth is unhygienic and it kisses its owner, the owner will hold its breath because of bad breath or resist the dog’s intimate behavior. This is when the dog toothbrush came into being, and owners wanted to solve this problem by brushing their teeth every day.

[Impracticality index]

[Ark comments on the fact that dogs’ teeth are separate and toothbrushes can only brush the gums, which cleans far less than cleaning the bones. In general, dogs don’t like the taste of toothpaste and brushing, and it can take unexpected time and effort for owners to try to pry their mouths open and wash them properly. So trying to freshen up your favorite mouth by brushing it every day is hard to please, I’m afraid.


Four, Top 2 Dog Nail Covers



Four, Top2 Dog Nail Cover

[Starting point] Dogs love to scratch. Sharp nails can make your furniture and objects suffer. Wearing nail covers is something you can avoid. In addition, nail covers are brightly colored, glorious and very fashionable.

[Consumer psychology] Human nail covers are popular. Owners who keep up with trends get excited looking at their dog’s nail covers and they bring shiny nail covers for their pets.

[Impracticality index]

[Ark dogs grow their nails faster when they wear nail covers because their nails wear out every day during walks and play. In addition, the nail cover affects the dog’s movement, and carrying it for a long time can easily lead to toe deformation because it is plastic and sticks directly to glue such as 502, which can also easily cause life-threatening injuries if not bitten by the dog and eaten into the stomach. In fact, usually manicure nails, and then rounded with nail thumb. More activities with cement also help to grind nails. It is recommended not to use nail covers.


5. Top1 Dog Bikini

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Dogs in bikinis 

V. Top1 Dog Bikini

[Starting point] Taking your dog for a swim has become a great way for many owners to beat the heat in the summer heat. What is the most striking thing about swimming pools and beaches? Of course, it goes without saying that hot eyebrows in bikinis. In line with this idea, in recent years, many businesses have seen fit to introduce a large number of humane shapes and styles of dog bikinis. The market is dazzlingly full of them.

Consumer psychologyTaking a dog for a swim is a joy, and I’m afraid it’s hard not to be the center of attention with a stylish bikini dog, and the payoff is absolutely superb. The dog looks cute and fits the psychology of the pet owner.

[Impracticality Index]

[Ark comments on the reluctance of puppies to dress. If they are big dogs, they look a bit obscene. Taking a dog swimming is for the dog to cool off, so there is no need to give them more restraint. Bikinis are human etiquette in public pools. I’m afraid this is a bit redundant for the animal world.

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