We need regular nail trims, and so do dogs. Regularly trimming your dog’s nails will prevent overgrown nails, breakage and inflammation that can damage the fleshy pads. You’ll love your pants, skirt, or socks when you’re playing with your cute dog, and it’s really uncomfortable to try to hide in the face of your baby’s enthusiastic hugs. Gently trim your dog’s nails with nail clippers, then gently abrade along the edges of the nails with a contouring knife until smooth. After trimming, the dog can play around the house without worrying about scratching the floor and pulling holes in the couch! When owners trim their pet’s nails, they should choose special pet nails. With the following nail clippers, you won’t have to worry about your pet’s claws hurting others, yourself and the furniture, making your pet your smart prince and princess.



BOBO Pet Nail Clipper

Brand: BOBO

Product Specifications: Small

Product Description: The wide tips and wide handles make it easy to cut your pet’s nails. The special plastic on the handle feels great in your hand and has a non-slip function. The curved design of the cutter head is safe and reliable for safe use. More suitable for puppies such as poodles

Reference price: $10.00>




Japan Pet

Brand: Japan Pet

Specification: 13*5*1.6cm

Product Description: High-quality plastic handle; steel texture, more durable, imitation imported appearance, safety lock; round hole blade design heat treatment, not easy to rust, easy to cut nails from the appropriate angle, the pet paw tip without nerve part, to avoid damage to the owner and furniture.

Reference price: $19.90




Korea ANY PET Pet Nail Clipper

Brand: Korea ANY PET

Specification: Medium

Product Description: Made of imported high-grade stainless steel, high strength, durable, not deformed, stylish and generous appearance, it is an essential tool for trimming dog nails.

Reference price: $10.00


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Japan DoggyMan DoggyMan HP Dog Nail Clipper

Brand: Japan DoggyMan

Specifications: HB-82 for medium and large dogs

Product Description: DoggyMan DoggyMan HB is a series of products made of high-quality alloy steel, long-term sharp, cutting is not easy to produce burrs; curved nail design, handle made of high-quality alloy steel made of ABS resin, comfortable grip, the overall color decoration, very beautiful.

Reference price: $60.00>

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