The most beautiful dog in the world should be the Afghan Hound. It has a retro look and noble temperament, with thick, silky long hair, it looks really beautiful! In foreign countries, the Afghan Hound is the favorite dog of many celebrities and models and is the only breed that can enter five-star hotels.

Top 10 best looking dogs in the world

Many dogs in the world are very beautiful, Wade listed a top 10 ranking according to their own understanding. Many people may not agree, but also welcome you to leave a message in the comments section to discuss.

  • #10. golden retriever
  • #9. Akita
  • #8. husky
  • #7. Pinscher
  • #6. Pomeranian
  • #5. Samoyed
  • #4. Poodle
  • #3. ancient shepherd
  • #2. Border Collie
  • #1. Afghan Hound

NO10. golden retriever

The Golden Retriever, also known as the Golden Retriever, has a handsome and noble coat of golden hair, an athletic body, agile hands, and is gentle, warm and harmless to humans.

What is the Best Looking Dog

The Golden Retriever will be very loyal to its owner and will be quick to fulfill his commands. When he straightens his tail, lies prone on his belly, droops his ears and looks at his master of time with sad eyes, Golden says he is waiting and mastering his master’s command and obeys him completely. Golden hair has a beautiful posture, gentle temperament, let it accompany the master, with the master is the best choice.

Disadvantages: much hair loss, high exercise

NO9. Akita

Akita is a famous dog from Japan and is known as a national treasure animal of Japan, often given as a gift to some foreign leaders. The Akita is tall and handsome, with a yellow and white appearance.

What is the Best Looking Dog

The Akita is calm, docile, sensitive, strong, brave, and easy to train. The Akita’s body is very strong and robust. The Akita is very brave, easily tamed, and extremely loyal to its owner. A good quality Akita grows up to be beautiful and costs around 20,000.

Disadvantages: brave, a little stubborn

NO8. Husky

Husky and Labrador, Golden Retriever and the world’s three non-aggressive dog breeds. Not easily to attack people, but the look is easy to misunderstand very aggressive, the actual character tame. The actual character is gentle and tame. It can be kept at home and can be interacted with frequently.

Huskies are a little nervous, doing things that are unexpected one second and the next. Unsuspectingly, they do things that will break you, such as suddenly going out of control, running around the house and suddenly starting to bark in circles in the same place.

What is the Best Looking Dog

Huskies are very energetic, idle, noisy and rowdy, jumping all day and night, will entertain themselves …… like to bite things, if you do not want it to bite your cabinets, tables, chairs, etc., then you must prepare a lot of toys for it, note that you must buy bite resistant toys such as solid balls.

Disadvantages: glass stomach, hair loss mania, easy to demolish the home.

NO7. Pine lion dog

The pinscher is a breed loved by both the Emperor of China and the Queen of England, with a cute plush appearance, a distinctive blue-purple tongue, a cat walk, and the ability to impersonate pandas and teddy bears with a little grooming.

The Pinscher is very intelligent, but has a strong sense of autonomy, so it takes a lot of effort for parents to get him to obey in life. They are not meant to please their owners, and their friendliness to their owners is genuine.

What is the Best Looking Dog

They do not like to be teased, but they are quick to accept training and have developed the habit of defecating in a fixed place. They have their own emotions and do not pay much attention to the thoughts of other animals or humans, and it is considered one of the pet dogs with arrogant personality.

Disadvantages: average intelligence, bad hair care

NO6. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a small fox dog breed from Germany, very small and cute, easy to raise, perfect for home or in the city, and not much exercise walking.

What is the Best Looking Dog

Disadvantages: vigilant, barking, biting

NO5. Samoyed

The Samoyed is a medium sized sled dog, with a very nice white coat, plus a sweet and cute look, and has always been one of the face dogs that people like to keep.

The Samoyed has a very striking appearance: silvery white coat, smiling face and metaphorical and intelligent eyes, and is one of the most beautiful dogs nowadays. The Samoyed is very strong and fast, and is an excellent guard dog, but is gentle and friendly, never causing trouble, but can be absolutely loyal to its owner.

What is the Best Looking Dog

Disadvantages: shedding a lot of hair, intolerance of dirt, playfulness

NO4. Poodle

The Poodle is one of the early water hounds, but naturally it is being raised as a pet dog and is becoming more and more nationalized, with the advantage of being smart and cute by nature and not shedding hair.

What is the Best Looking Dog

Some poodles have their own ideas, act more my own way, obedience is not high, a little arrogant, is like to listen to when it is very good, do not want to listen to the master instructions, there is a more obvious rebellious performance. This kind of rebellious do-good behavior, not every owner can stand.

Although it is said that the poodle is very smart, but can not guarantee that every family raised dog is witty type, some really stupid, training called many times can not learn, only in front of the master cute to please, trying to escape, so it is smart or stupid it.

Disadvantages: easy to be spoiled, like to provoke

NO3. Ancient sheepdog

The ancient shepherd comes from England, and is a variety of shepherd breed after breeding play dog, working dog breed, it looks like a large plush toy, very cute and good-looking.

What is the Best Looking Dog

Overall, the personality of the Ancient Shepherd is very gentle. They are an equally mischievous and lively little fellow when they are young. The personality of the Ancient Shepherd may change relatively as the owner tames them differently. For example, if the owner is a very housebound geek or nerd, he or she may be shy and clingy when out and about due to the lack of communication with his or her peers in general. However, if the owner is social, the Ancient Shepherd can often go to new environments and meet new people. It may be more adaptable and less clingy.

Disadvantages: poor coat care, low to medium IQ

NO2. Border Collie

The Border Collie comes from the Scottish region and is the smartest breed of dog in the dog world, and also has a very high face value, loved by both boys and girls. The smart mind combined with the unprofitable personality makes it very easy and uncomplicated for the shoveler to train it to learn the skills.

The Border Collie is recognized as the top ranking dog in terms of intelligence, with an IQ equivalent to that of an 8 year old child. He was born to herd sheep. He can learn a new skill within 5 times. You can train a Border Collie to learn many skills even if he is not professionally trained.

What is the Best Looking Dog

During the training process, it must be a battle of wits with you, sometimes deliberately pretending that the action will not be done, sometimes pretending not to understand your intentions. You play with it enough to find out that it is to give it a trick. When you get along with it for a long time, you will be impressed that it is really smarter than you.

Disadvantages: bad hair care, large amount of exercise, no profit

NO1. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound is a royal hound breed, loved by the western high society people, is the only free access to five-star hotels, it has thick and smooth hair like silk, very beautiful.

The Afghan Hound’s main personality traits are introversion and reserve. When you ignore it, it will not take the initiative to talk to you. It is generally arrogant with strangers, but because of its docile temperament, it will not attack people quickly. But it is different for the owner. Afghan Hounds are very dependent on their owners will speak with their eyes. They like to look at their owners with their eyes and wait for commands.

What is the Best Looking Dog

The Afghan Hound is not the kind of hound that follows its owner, but it has a good relationship with its owner, and no other pet can compare with the Afghan Hound. Also, he may know he has a silky fleece and attractive appearance, so he usually likes to be clean, never goes to dirty places, and will deftly jump over puddles when he encounters them on foot.

Disadvantages: The coat is too long and not easy to take care of, and the intelligence is average.

However, raising this type of dog, one should pay more attention to the protection of diet, and choose some beautiful hair and hair care dog food. The owner usually does not forget, the dog’s daily combing coat, and the dog’s hair health is better!

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