What do huskies like to eat? This thing can not be generalized. Each husky has its characteristics, so what do huskies like to eat here! To introduce you to a few experiences.

  • (1) What it loves to eat is not necessarily what it is suitable to eat. You’ll insist on giving it dog food on it. There are nutrients in dog food that are suitable for huskies.
  • (2) Do not ask what the husky likes to eat; ask what should be eaten like to eat more things; many things eaten may not be good, but also some eat easy to poison, raise husky to eat dog food on the good. Economic conditions allow better dog food; raising dogs than eating leftovers does not know how much better.
  • (3) Huskies seem to love everything. All dogs love meat and sweets but eat more than not; the small Ha gastrointestinal is not very good; cannot eat salt, chocolate, onions and so on; my family or dog food is the main, occasionally give a piece of sugar, boil some bone soup as a reward.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

What else do huskies eat besides dog food?

In short, there are many foods that huskies like to eat, but there are choices of foods that are healthy for its growth. Professional dog food, canned food, prepared and low-fat pork, beef, lamb, or some fresh vegetables are all suitable and preferred foods for huskies. In addition, chewing gum, ice cream, cakes, chocolate, onions, garlic and other spicy food, food with high salt content, frozen and spoiled food, etc. are not to be given to the huskies to eat.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

What are the considerations for feeding huskies?

After 8 months of age, feedings can be reduced to 2 times a day. For huskies over 1-year-old, the number of feedings should be changed to 1 daily. By this time, the Husky’s body has grown to be similar to that of an adult Husky, and his stomach capacity has increased, so he can eat enough food at one time to provide the energy needed for the entire day. To maintain the health of the Husky, the principle of feeding is to let him eat for eight minutes full.

The daily feeding time must be fixed. Feeding time is optional in the morning or evening. It is best to walk back after defecation, comb hair, clean up and finish before feeding so that it has a regular daily life. Just grown up husky adult dog active, physical exertion, so must pay attention to provide nutritious, high-calorie food.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

To prevent him from growing too fat, try not to feed him food other than the main meal. However, to make its teeth, bones, and jaws grow more robust, you can occasionally give it some calcium-rich beef or pork bones to chew on. It’s not good to overeat bone; give it twice a week.

Older huskies have a poor gastrointestinal function, plus less activity, which can easily cause constipation, so you can add some vegetable fiber. If the old husky’s teeth are not so good, you can change the hard exceptional dog food to softer food to feed.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

What food do husky dogs eat?

Since the Husky is a carnivorous dog, it likes to eat some fish or beef, and lamb; vegetables, rice, wheat, and milk are also its favorite foods. Of course, commercially available dog food is also the Husky’s favorite food.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

What are the things that huskies can’t eat?

  • 1. Onions contain toxicity that dissolves red blood cells. Too much will cause hematuria or anemia, jaundice, and other toxic symptoms, while too much chocolate can also produce toxic substances that lead to urinary incontinence, cramps, and vitiligo.
  • 2. squid, shrimp, octopus, crab, sesame body, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo fungus, other indigestible food, and peanuts and other beans due to hard fear of sink blockage and difficult to chew food throat.
  • 3. chicken bones, and fish bones are rugged, easy to pierce the mouth and digestive organs, and should not be fed.
  • 4. Because of the low secretion of lactase in the body of huskies, some who drink milk will cause diarrhea. In this case, you can feed yogurt. And because the dog’s body will automatically synthesize vitamin C, vegetables and fruits, and other things of little use, the huskies can only supplement the fiber, but eating more will cause indigestion.
  • 5. Ginger, curry powder, pepper, mustard, chili pepper, and other harsh spices are too stimulating to the intestinal tract and may burden the liver and kidneys. Continued feeding may even cause the husky to lose his sense of smell.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

For the health of our huskies, we must ban these foods!

What do Huskies eat to grow fast?

Huskies have unique gastrointestinal functions and high protein and fat requirements, so it is recommended that puppies be fed until they are 18 months old before switching to adult dog food. For dog food brands, because the gastrointestinal function of huskies varies greatly, it is best to rely on the dog and try to find some dog food with high protein and fat content. If there is no condition you can add some chicken, lamb, beef, pork or sea fish to the dog food to add some protein. All these will help the growth of the little husky.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

How much does it cost to raise a Husky?

How much does it cost to raise a husky for a month?

First, the amount spent from childhood to adulthood is not the same. There are many vaccines to be given when you are young, and it costs a lot of money to have internal and external worming and so on. After growing up huskies can eat especially. The main is the cost of food. My dog spent nearly 1000 yuan five months ago but also did a minor surgery.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

Secondly, it mainly depends on how the individual wants to raise, and buy what price dog food and household items. Some people do not spend money on just raising.

Want to raise a beautiful first eat well? Dog food money is an expense. Good dog food is naturally to expensive, and cheap dog food to eat after is indeed not good. Note that the gut of the husky is very fragile, do not mess with human food. Especially in the puppy period to the quality of dog food. You can give an egg yolk every day. My husky’s monthly expenses are around 500 yuan. Including going out for a bath 3 times a month, once 80. dog food, a bag of 400. Fifteen pounds, eating more than a month, toys, snacks, etc. add up to 500 enough.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

How long do huskies live?

The life expectancy of a Husky is generally between 12 and 15 years.

How much should I feed my 8-month-old husky puppy?

The dog in the baby period eats not much, the dog a month to two months, the baby dog to feed three times a day, a soy-sized dog food 40, because the husky dog digestive tract is not very good, so the dog food softens, 40 days after the baby dog, from 40 to 50 grains, 45 days to add the baby dog to 60 to 80 grains, you can also increase the dog food according to the amount of baby dog food, to increase the amount of dog food You can also increase the amount of dog food according to the amount of dog food, in 40 days a week to feed the baby dog 3 eggs, to supplement the lack of nutrition in the dog food, soak dog food can also add milk.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

When the husky is 8 months old, it is already an adult dog, we just need to follow the feeding method of the adult dog to feed it.

Can I feed my Husky raw chicken?

It is best not to feed raw chicken because the husky gastrointestinal is not very good, easy not to digest, and chicken bones are too sharp, easy to scratch the dog’s esophagus, it is best to feed the dog mix-out food, you can use raw chicken boil soup (do not put salt), mixed with cornmeal and eggs, chicken intestines stirred to feed the dog on the line, and do not give the dog to eat too salty, not good for the hair.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

I can feed my husky raw meat

In principle, huskies eating raw meat is not a big problem, generally speaking, if raw meat spoils, there will be transgenic mold and other “bacteria”, dogs eat, can rely on this mold to accelerate the digestion of food in the body and better absorption, so relatively speaking, do not worry about huskies eating raw meat will be sick. But the premise of this raw meat is pure and natural, relatively clean raw meat. It is not recommended that huskies eat raw meat from captivity. Humans have bred huskies for so long that their digestive function has regressed a lot, while their immune system has no way to adapt to poultry and meat from captivity. The two most common toxins are Salmonella in poultry meat and Bacillus in meat, which can lead to lack of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, high fever and even shock.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

Although huskies like to eat meat, only feeding dogs meat can cause nutritional imbalance. In addition, raw meat may carry parasites, while cooked meat may contain too much fat. The fat globules within pork are more significant than in other meats, and eating more will clog the microvasculature of the little ha, so it is not particularly recommended for huskies to eat raw fish with pork for extended periods may lead to a deficiency of vitamin B1.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

How many times a day should I feed my Husky puppy?

The main determinant of the daily feeding amount for husky dogs is age, generally over 3 months before they can be fed dog food completely. 3 to 6 months old huskies can be fed 3 to 4 times a day, about 100g each time; 6 to 12 months old can be provided as above or can be increased appropriately, 2 to 3 times a day, 135 to 200g each time, to ensure about 400g a day. 1 year old and above, can be fed once a day, about 500g. Earlier, about 500 g. The daily feeding amount can be increased or decreased according to individual size.

What dog food is good for huskies? How to feed a good husky

Well, today our husky should eat what dog food is good to end here. There are still questions, and we welcome you to contact us at any time to consult.

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