Listen to many friends who have raised pit bulls, but many friends in the process of feeding always encounter this or that problem, today we will talk about raising pit bulls what are the considerations?


pit bulls

What are the considerations for feeding pit bulls?

  • 1. Do not allow pit bull puppies the opportunity to swallow chicken bones, ribs, or fish bones, as they can lodge in the throat and then break apart. If they do not remain in the throat, they can slip into the body and puncture the stomach wall and intestines.
  • 2. Do not let pit bull puppies eat people’s leftovers because the dog’s nutritional needs are different from humans; if you use human recipes to adjust dog food, not only time-consuming and challenging, and it is difficult for the dog to get complete and balanced nutrition, should be based on dog food. This feed is formulated by scientific methods, has delicious, comprehensive nutrition, easy to be digested and absorbed, and is very convenient to use. According to statistics, dogs that eat dog food for a long time live more than one-third longer than dogs that do not eat dog food. And the smell of body odor, breath, and excrement is also much reduced, which is a good boon for dogs living in apartments.
  • 3. Don’t give your pit bull puppy a snack between meals; if he obeys other training, give him a small snack as a sign of encouragement.

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