The principle of the occurrence of pet tear stains, ultimately, the pet tear stains, or we need to understand the generation of tear stains and the direction of the event of pet tears. For dogs with severe tear stains, we first need to go to the veterinary hospital. The dog’s eye examination, for most of the initial period of eye disease, most will also produce tear stains, or excessive tears, lacrimal gland inflammation, lacrimal gland inflammation is to secrete tears gland inflammation, resulting in the daily tears can not be typical and timely exclusion, and nearly formed severe tear stains.

What are tear stains and how to get rid of them

What are tear stains?

Why do tears turn the coat rusty? Dogs’ tears contain a chemical called porphyrin (porphyrin compound), which, when exposed to air, will oxidize and turn rusty. The prolonged buildup of this reaction, like a hair dye, will eventually cause discoloration on the fur at the corners of the dog’s eyes. Tear stains are produced to determine whether pathological reasons cause the tear stains. You can check with the vet below.

What are tear stains and how to get rid of them

How tear stains are formed

  • 1. When the ear canal is infected with bacteria, viruses, molds, and parasites, the pain or itchiness of the ear canal extends to the eye area, stimulating the secretion of the lacrimal glands, and too many tears can’t get through the nasolacrimal ducts and will overflow from the corners of the eyes.
  • 2. When the nasolacrimal duct becomes inflamed and swollen due to infection, tears cannot be discharged generally from the nasolacrimal duct, resulting in overflow and tear stains.
  • 3. Eyelid entropion When the eyelid is entropic, or the eyelashes are inverted, the eyelashes keep irritating the cornea, resulting in more tears, which can also cause severe tear stains.
  • 4. Infection of the lacrimal gland results in abnormal secretion of large amounts of tears. The nasolacrimal duct is too late to unblock so many tears, thus leading to the outflow of tears and the formation of tear marks.
  • 5. Primary tear duct stenosis dogs may be born with a narrow tear duct. This situation is that toy breeds have a greater chance than Chihuahuas, etc… Narrow tear ducts will lead to low nasolacrimal tear drainage capacity. 5. primary tear excess disease suffering from this disease dogs, tears are often over-secreted, tear stains are apparent, so when buying a puppy, should look at the dog’s parents to whether the tear marks are serious.
  • 6. Special breeds of dogs with short noses: Pug, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, etc., their eyes are large and round, the tear glands secrete more tears to moisten the eyes, but often their nasolacrimal duct curvature is large, the amount of tear discharge is limited, even if the normal secretion of tears, will form unsightly tear stains or even black eye frame.

What are tear stains and how to get rid of them

Tear marks removal methods

  • 1. Remove inflammation: If the tear marks are caused by an ear infection, nasolacrimal duct blockage, eyelid entropion, lacrimal gland inflammation and other reasons for illness, you need to be treated first, and after the condition is reduced, the tear marks will also be significantly improved.
  • 2. Eye cleaning: pay attention to cleaning the hair around the eye, do not let the hair prick into the eye to stimulate tear secretion, and follow medical advice to use eye drops for eye cleaning for dogs.
  • 3. Eye cleaning: shave off the long hair blocking the dog’s eyes, or accidentally into the eyes of the eyelashes, for a bit of inflammation of the eyes, follow medical advice regularly to the dog eye drops.
  • 4. Cleaning the nasolacrimal duct: primary lacrimal duct stenosis, ask the doctor to use saline to flush the dog’s narrow lacrimal duct to play the role of unblocking when doctor.
  • 5. Remove the aggravating factor: the dog’s eye irritation factor may be: cigarettes, perfume, deodorant, pesticides, air fresheners, etc. Keep the home environment hygienic because dust may also lead to dog eye discomfort and secrete more tears; if you must use any type of aerosol spray, let the dog leave the room temporarily until the air is fresh.

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