1. French Royal Canin APR33

Royal Canin Dog Food

Royal French Dog Food

1. French Royal Canin dog food APR33

[Brand] Royal Canin

Product specification 2kg

[Suitable Breed] Puppy Puppies

How to consume

Until four months, puppies can be soaked in warm water and then fed, and then dried after four months. When feeding, make sure the puppy has access to fresh drinking water at all times.

[Product composition]

Dehydrated poultry meat, corn meal, corn bran, animal fat, beet pulp, hydrolyzed animal protein, animal protein, minerals, soybean oil, yeast, fish oil, fructooligosaccharides, egg powder, yeast extract glyco-oligosaccharide source DL-methionine, taurine, calendula extract lutein source>

[Ark Review]

To meet the nutritional requirements of a period of rapid growth and development, puppy dog food has a high energy content of 4300 calories/kg and a protein content of 33%. Considering the limited digestibility of puppies, high digestible protein, reduced starch content 25% and fructooligosaccharide FOS beet pulp are added to promote the production of beneficial intestinal flora. The product’s pellets are especially suited for puppies’ milk teeth and jaws. The specially designed pellet size, shape and texture encourage puppies to chew their food.

However, some dogs eat and then pass feces that stink. If you mind, choose the owner carefully. Some dogs used to choose other dog foods. Before changing the dog food, they should try the dog on to see if the dog has a bad reaction, and then change it.

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II. Pet Doctor Tearless Whitening Bath

Dr. Pam's Tearless Whitening Bath

Dr. Pet’s Tearless Whitening Bath

Two, Pet Doctor Tearless Whitening Bath

[Brand] Dr. Pet

[Product Specification] 800ML>

[Commodity Materials]

Scientific refinement of five times plateau protein and other vitamin nutrients; imported peo whitening agent; imported Wade deodorant, lavender, aloe vera and other nutrients

[Applicable to] >

Pure white coated breeds including puppies and white cats can also be used, such as Samoyed, Maltese, Bichon, West Highland White Terrier, White Pomeranian, Great White Bear, etc.

How to use

After wetting the hair, gently apply the right amount of product, at this point you can use a massage brush to gently massage your pet’s skin and rinse with water after about 5 minutes.


Restores yellow, dry, aging hair to its natural state. Then enhances the pigment cells of white dogs and cats to make your pet’s coat natural, bright and clean for a dual effect of washing and whitening.

[Ark Review]

This product is scientifically refined five times plateau protein and other multivitamin nutrients complex imported peo whitening agent can quickly penetrate the body hair. Make the yellow, dry, aging hair back to natural. Then enhance the pigment cells of white dogs and cats, long-term use to make the pet fur natural, bright, clean, to achieve the dual effect of washing and whitening. No side effects after use.

But the scent of this bath doesn’t last long, and the smell dissipates a lot the next day, but the whitening effect is really amazing.

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Three, removable large yurt doghouse

Detachable Large Yurt Dog Kennel

Detachable large yurt doghouse

Three, removable large yurt doghouse

[Brand] kingpets/kingbe

Bean paste red, fruit green

Any dog type

[Kennel material] Oxford spun, lamb’s wool

[Ark Review]

This nest can also be collapsed when the general open nest with Oh, not afraid of deformation, when the weather is cold open when the house nest, can be used all year round Oh; spring and summer choose a slightly larger number, the baby as usual gray like, nest inside all the use of lambswool, warm and soft and. The cushion is very thick can be removed, double-sided use. The cold winter a to give the babies ready to warm the cold warm nest oh.

However, in the particularly cold north, parents are advised to add another layer of padding to prevent their dog from getting sick with a cold.

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Four, Wind Raiser Puppy Nutritional Meat Pressed Bone

Wind Laker Puppy Nutritional Meat Pressed Bone

Wind Racer Puppy Nutritional Meat Pressed Bone

IV. Nutritional Meat Pressed Bone for Wind Racer Puppies

[Brand] Windy Guest

[Product Specification] 6pcs, net weight 40g

Main ingredients

Chicken/beef, instant milk fat, cornstarch, multivitamin, amino acid chelated zinc, calcium, copper, cobalt, manganese, selenium, active bacillus, Omega-3,Omega-6. natural antioxidants

[For Dog Type] Small Puppy

[Ark Review]

Wind Racer specializes in pet chews and teething bars and is a brand with a great reputation and a great reputation! This puppy nutritional meat pressed bone, specially developed for puppies, has a softer texture than regular grinding bones, making it easy for puppies’ delicate teeth to chew. In addition to high quality protein and lactose, it caters more to puppy taste, contains unsaturated fatty acids and rich trace elements that can help body growth, improve immunity, promote gastrointestinal digestion, and is delicious and healthy! A balanced supplement of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements improves the phenotypic characteristics of the puppy, resulting in a brighter coat and more compact body shape. The structure of protein, fat and lactose is consistent with breast milk, which is conducive to the smooth transition of weaning puppies, slowing down weaning stress and reducing the rate of diarrhea in weaning puppies. It regulates the balance of animal gastrointestinal flora, repairs damaged intestinal mucosa, maintains intestinal structure and function, and coordinates the balanced absorption of various nutrients.

At the end of the puppy period, it is best to change to a harder textured dog chew bone to exercise the dog’s teeth and improve the dog’s immune system.

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V. American KraMar Dog Snacks Chicken Squares

3 Keys to Buying Dog Bites for Your Dog

US KraMar Dog Snacks Chicken Squares

V. American KraMar Dog Snacks Chicken Squares

KraMar USA>

[Product Specification] 100g

Main ingredients

Chicken breast, salt, potassium sorbate

Dogs over three months old

[Ark Review]

KraMar pure soft dog snacks, Australia’s new concept of dog snacks, using advanced technology in Australia, with reference to the world’s pet nutrition experts recommended, new formula, rich in protein, fat, amino acids, plant fiber, calcium and phosphorus and a variety of vitamins and trace elements, to provide balanced nutrition for dogs, regular consumption, conducive to pet health teeth, prevent bad breath, can relieve the mental stress of pet city life , prevent excessive obesity. Starting with stomach digestion and intestinal absorption, nutrition slowly enters the skin surface and fills every hair, day after day, making your pet as bright as satin and full of praise.

Remember, this is just a dog snack, even if the dog likes it, he must eat it in moderation and set the amount he eats each day. Recommended usually for training as a reward, appetite regulation, nutrition, dental weight loss, on-the-go portability, ideal! Please consult your dog’s owner or doctor before eating any snacks.

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