Some children are active and can’t stop for a moment, while others are quiet and well-behaved and always look cute. The same is true of dogs, both active by nature and more gentle. If parents choose a dog for their children to be his faithful companion, they should choose a dog with a similar personality to their children, so that they get along better. Here, let me introduce you to five types of dogs that are suitable for quiet children:


Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel, a quiet child’s best friend

[Breed Description]

The Cocker Spaniel is divided into the English and American Cocker Spaniel, originating from England and the United States respectively, also known as the Snipe. Of these, the English Cocker was born before the American Cocker, and comes from dogs of different sizes, categories, coat colors, and hunting abilities.

The Cocker Spaniel is now a favorite companion and play dog for children and women, and many men in Europe and the United States like to bring it along as a companion and guard dog, as well as a watchdog.

The coat is medium-length, soft and thick, with a large wavy, long silky coat, long trimmed hair on the ears, chest, belly and limbs, and black, brown, red-brown, light yellow, silver and mixed black and white. When caring for Koka’s coat, be sure to care for the back by gently combing it with a needle comb so that the blood circulates properly and the coat on the back is shiny and healthy.

[Dog personality]

Good natured, sweet and gentle, obedient, extremely affectionate, cautious and loyal to his master.

[Editorial Reviews]

Although the Cocker Spaniel is soft by nature, it is still important to keep it active and daily outdoor activities are essential. This is perfect for an overly quiet child, as it gives a reason to have to get outdoors a bit each day to soak up the fresh air and sunshine.

Letting your child take responsibility for feeding your dog, taking care that he or she should be fed regularly each day and not allowed to gluttonize the dog to prevent over-fattening and affecting the beauty of the Cocker Spaniel, will also exercise a sense of responsibility.

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