To let fashionable pet owners see the results of our matching more visually, we invited a famous dog model from Wuhan: Teddy Red VIP to demonstrate the matching effect live:>



Does the styled little teddy make you look good? In addition to being fresh and cute, this look takes full account of the changing temperatures and wet, muddy land of spring. Let’s break it down one by one:


Vibrant Spring LOOK: Seven Super Cute Pet Items Recommended

① Clothes: BOTH Cotton Velvet Bunny Transformation Outfits  >

[Brand] BOTH>

[Fabric] Inner layer cotton sweat, outer layer cotton velvet


Product Specifications

S: First circumference 24cm Bust 35cm Back length 23cm

M: First circumference 27cm Bust 39cm Back length 26cm

L: First circumference 32cm Bust 46cm Back length 30cm

XL: First circumference 35cm Bust 50cm Back length 35cm

XXL: First circumference 38cm Bust 59cm Back length 39cm

Reviewed by Ekou:This rabbit transformation costume meets the pet owner’s quest for cuteness in design, fabric choice, and color selection. This is a must-have product for pet slaves making cute dogs. The choice of pure cotton fabric makes this product breathable and warm, perfect for wearing in this spring when the temperature is changing.

②Neck: MISS PET playful rabbit triangle scarf

[Brand] MISS PET>

[Fabric] Cotton


Product Specifications

Size S: 10 6.5CM high Fits 1CM drop collar through

M scarf length 16 height 10.5CM fits 2CM drop collar through

L scarf length 22 height 14CM Suitable for 3CM drop collar to wear into

Reviewed by Ekou:This triangular scarf can be worn with a collar, simple and practical, either alone or with an outfit. Spring tour noon when the temperature is high, you can take off the pet jacket. Leaving this triangular scarf alone will have another handsome and neat feel.

③ Feet: Gamera breathable mesh sports pet shoes >


[Fabric] PVC premium rubber sole, premium nylon mesh material


Product Specifications

Color: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red

Specification: L*W CM>

1″ sole size: 3CM wide 4.0CM long in-shoe size: 2.3CM wide 3.2CM long

2″ sole size: 3.5CM wide 4.6CM long inside shoe size: 3CM wide 4CM long

3″ sole size: 3.8CM wide 5CM long inside shoe size: 3.3CM wide 4.3CM long

4″ sole size: 4.5CM wide 5.6CM long inside shoe size: 3.8CM wide 4.8CM long

5″ sole size: 5.CM wide 6.0CM long inside shoe size: 4.2CM wide 5.2CM long

Measurements: Stand the dog on white paper, draw the shape of the dog’s foot with a pen, and measure the length and width measuring with the foot up is not accurate.

Reviewed by Ekou:Teddy wears the same blue color; these shoes are made of new age eco-friendly materials. Even if the dog bites it, it is not afraid of toxic and harmful substances. The shoes are made of breathable mesh, suitable for wearing anytime in all seasons. The lace-up design is stylish, generous, easy to wear and most reliable for active and naughty babies; the rubber sole is non-slip and the whole shoe is breathable and very easy to maintain by wiping with water or washing directly, perfect for this wet and muddy season.


In addition to the first three must-have classic springtime pet items, I also solemnly recommend the following four classic accessories that, when used flexibly and cleverly, are sure to give your dog even more superstar style.

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① Jewelry: Mimi Hunter DIY luxury Czech diamonds >

[Brand] Mimi Hunter


[Reference Price] $20.00>

Reviewed by Ekou: The choice of high quality pearls, simple and generous design, multiple strings of Czech diamonds inserted into the middle of the pearls, luxury. Details better reflect perfection, you can add or subtract Czech diamonds for free, very exquisite, absolutely surprise you.

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②Eyes: Doggles

for dogs


[Brand] Doggles


Reviewed by Ekou:This Doggles dog special glasses is different from ordinary sunglasses. In addition to blocking UV rays, it protects the dog’s eyes from sand or foreign objects. Therefore, these glasses are the best choice for dogs suffering from eye disease or photophobia. Of course, these anti-fogging glasses are available in different colors for dogs who love to play it cool and look more stylish.

“Five cool pet glasses for dogs

③Mouth:Personalized Skull Black Mouthpiece >



Reviewed by Ekou:Wearing this mouthpiece, the turnaround rate must be 100%. Really blocked teeth, and a big row of teeth grinning, laughing extremely bursting with laughter!

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④Hat: handsome headset cap >

[Brand] ISPET>

Rocker fleece

Price: $37>

[Product Specifications] Neck circumference S-25cm-28cm; M-28cm-33cm; L-33cm-37cm

Aikou review:This classic and cute pet headset cap is made of rocking fleece, the cap is fixed with Velcro, which can be easily buckled. In order to prevent the hat from slipping, specially designed to fix the four buckles, you can adjust the two buckles. The design style is simple and fashionable.

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