Border Collie

Border Collie

I. How to vaccinate your dog

There are two main types of vaccines, domestic and imported.

There are many kinds of domestic vaccines, such as hepta-vaccines, penta-vaccines, and mono-vaccines, and only a few of them have been tested and approved by the relevant authorities. Many of them are products developed by the research units themselves, and some of them may have, for example, short vaccination time and poor vaccination power.

Imported vaccines are mainly rabies vaccine and six-dose vaccine against distemper, canine microvirus, infectious hepatitis, bronchitis, parainfluenza, coronavirus.


1. How old is your dog for vaccination

Deworming should begin at 28 days, but because the clinical weight of a 28-day-old puppy is too small to control the dose and overdose poisoning has been found, deworming is usually started when the dog weighs more than 1kg. Imported dewormers are relatively safe and detailed in their use. And a week after deworming before the official immunization program can begin take the Dutch Intervet vaccine for example.

When a healthy puppy is 50 days old, the first dose of the six doses can be given, followed by the next dose every 20 days; three doses in total, and one dose per year thereafter. rabies vaccine should be given after 3 months, and one dose per year thereafter. rabies and six dose vaccines have an immunization period of about 11 months imported, after which the next dose should be given promptly. If it is a domestic vaccine, it is likely that the immunity period is less than a year. The specific time of vaccination should follow the doctor’s advice, the puppy’s resistance is low, and it is best not to let the dog go out before the vaccination.

2. How much does it cost to vaccinate your dog

The price of the vaccine ranges from about $20 to $80 a shot. And about $60 a shot for a six-dose import.


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