Accurate knowledge of dog Size

Pet luxury has taken on a new twist. Last week, a Shih Tzu and a curly-haired Bichon Frise got married in a department store in London, England. The two pups became the first pair of pet dogs to get married in the UK. The wedding cost the dog owners 3,500 pounds about $6,580. Weddings for pet dogs are considered to be the new fad in luxury spending on pets in the UK. This kind of wedding first emerged in the U.S. In the summer of 2005, American actress Pamela Anderson married her Chihuahua Luca and Golden Retriever Starr on a beach in the Malibu, California area.

 Trendy dog wedding outfits

The wedding dress – undoubtedly the focal point of the entire dog wedding, and the owner’s headache of picking out a wedding dress for their dog! How can you dress your dog up for this important day? Owners shouldn’t panic. In fact, choosing a wedding dress is just like choosing a normal dress.

First, you should know exactly what the dog Size

Note: Before choosing a wedding dress for your dog, it is best to re-measure the dog’s girth, because the dog’s weight gain can easily be overlooked by the owner, and some parts such as legs, waist, neck, etc. become fat, so if the owner still follows the previous Size if you go to pick the dress, how can you choose the right one?

How to measure the circumference: From a pet’s perspective, their circumference should include: neck circumference, chest circumference and body length.

Neck circumference

By neck circumference, I mean the circumference of your baby’s neck. In other words, the position where the cervical collar is worn is usually the circumference. This position is where the collar is located. The collar should not be too fat or too narrow. Generally, the measurement can be released by one centimeter! >


Where is the circumference of a pet’s chest? Specifically, it refers to the circumference of the widest part of the root of their front legs. Usually, it is also the fattest part of your pet’s entire body. Because there is a lot of thick flesh in this area, it can be difficult to keep track of the accuracy of the measurement. In general, the measurement should release at least two to three centimeters.

Body length

The lengths mentioned here are not their entire length, but the length from the back of the neck to the root of the tail. It is important to note that when measuring length, you must have your pet stand up straight and fully spread your body, not lay down or lie down. If this is the case, the accuracy of the measurement scale will be greatly reduced.

Second, know your dog’s clothing style

Although a wedding is a serious occasion, the owner cannot erase the dog’s personality and style. For an active dog, you must wear generous and strict, making it difficult to walk, isn’t that torturing it? It is also important to note that if the dog does not like to wear clothes, it is best to choose something simple and easy to wear.


Mark Do Brand @ Gorgeous Luxury Suits

Promoting a few fashionable wedding dresses:

Groom’s wear

 Trendy dog wedding outfits

Trendy dog wedding outfits

Name: Mado Brand @ Gorgeous Luxury Suits

Description: This is a gorgeous design new suit, which is a deluxe version, with a small silver and white separate bow tie, and the suit material is Korean material, super gorgeous. Your dog must act like a gentleman when wearing it and charm many dogs GG.

Size: XL M S L XXL>

Color: Gray

Price: $40-$50>


09 New PIPI Brand Gentleman’s Tuxedo

Trendy dog wedding outfits


Name: 09 new PIPI brand gentleman tuxedo

Description: Imported from Korea, the suit fabrics have a natural elegant luster, good drape, slim board shape and very detailed workmanship. At first glance, they are upscale items. Tuxedos make your baby look a little cool.

Size: XL M S L XXL>

Color: Black

Price: $50-$60>


New for 09 – Exquisite Pets and Menswear

Trendy dog wedding outfits


Doggy wedding outfit recommendations

Name:09 New – Exquisite Pets and Menswear

Description:Who says kimono looks good on women! Little Golden Dragon made a special male kimono that will make the groom handsome. The kimono for pet dogs is not the same as the one worn by people, it looks just as good but is much easier to put on.

Size: M X L>

Price: $39-$45>


ISPET Pet Wedding Dress

Bridal wear

 Trendy dog wedding outfits

Name: ISPET Pet Wedding Dress – Extreme Luxury Pet Wedding Dress

Description: The ultimate luxury pet wedding dress – After many hours of brewing, ISPET finally, presents the ultimate wedding dress boutique, the main raw material is silky satin fabric, gorgeous design, plus bead embroidery, hand beading, diamond plum blossom, lace, these colorful and exquisite decorations, luxury and romantic feeling, giving a beautiful reverie. The lace below is removed to show another absolutely different style, more lovely. It is the dream of all daughters to let your dog wear a soft veil and a white wedding dress in the most important moment of her life, and dogs are no exception. Loving her how can you not let your dog also have a perfect wedding, whether outdoors or indoors very striking, keep a stylish touch so that your pet can also have the most fashionable clothes.

Size: X-3XL>

Source: South Korean silk

Price: $162-$170


2009 New Pet Dog Wedding Cloth Dress

 Trendy dog wedding outfits

Name:2009 New Pet Dog Wedding Cloth Dress

Description: In 2009, the new wedding dress finally arrived. This wedding dress is completely handmade. The petals of the dress should be hand-applied one after another, very delicate. The color is bright red, representing the holiday. Babies must wear kawaii. There is a very cute bow in the middle. The baby must like it very much.

Size: X M>

Price: $39-$45>


-Thousand Roses Kimono

 New pet fashion trends: 6 outfits for dogs to wear in winter fashion

New pet fashion trends: 6 outfits for dogs to wear in winter fashion

Name:Romantic Dog Clothes – Thousand Roses Kimono

Description:The Thousand Roses Kimono is a very romantic dogsuit that was introduced in the spring of 2009. The fabric is extremely special, I can’t say the name, but you can feel the magnificence of the fabric just by looking at the detail pictures. Brocade fabric is gorgeous, but it is softer and more comfortable than brocade fabric. The color is extremely bright, three-dimensional sense is very strong, the real thing is definitely better than the picture. More rare is that the style of the bow on the back changed the monotony of 2008, changing the real butterfly. When you take your baby on a field trip, wear this butterfly kimono and watch your baby run on the grass in a heroic gesture. Does it look like a happy butterfly flying among the flowers and plants?

Size: XL M S L XXL>

Price: $39-$60>

Look, these wedding dresses are not very fashionable and noble, you don’t have to spend a high price to choose a satisfactory wedding dress for your baby!

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