Dog Cushion

Many dog parents have trouble taking their dog, in their beloved car, to the countryside for the holidays, but the dog’s paws scratch the leather couch of their car, grabbing, and more uncomfortable dogs vomit. Now, pet mats can solve these problems.

Don’t worry about embarrassing problems like dogs getting carsick and vomiting, dog hair sticking everywhere, and crazy dogs getting dirt in the car with the new in-car pet products, dog car mats. The following small side reviews three of the latest dog car mats for your reference.


Dog cushion

NO.1 Cushioned design

[Cushion Introduction]

Outing dog dog passenger cushion. Waterproof and stain resistant on the front side, anti-fall hair, not afraid of the dog cold in winter. This cushion comes with two carabiner straps, one hangs on the headrest and one wraps around the backrest seat. Easy to install, completed in five seconds. Available in soft green, dark gray and elegant purple.

[Functional Features]

The product comes with a pet snack bag, water bottle bag and a grocery bag.

2. The product is designed with a D-ring on the side to attach to a leash for enhanced pet safety.

3. The dog mat is placed directly behind the seat when not in use and used as a car grocery bag for newspapers, magazines and water glasses.

4. Available in soft green, dark gray, and elegant purple.

[Product Specifications] 50CMx100CM

[Reference Price] $65-80

[Practical index]

Editorial Review

Car white anti-fouling mat is a must for car owners and dog lovers. The most popular thing about this dog car mat is that it can be used for two things in one. It can be used as a dog car mat and a car grocery bag. It’s really powerful! However, this cushion design always has its drawbacks. Hair that falls out of the dog can still easily stay in the car and be confined to the passenger seat.


Hammock dog car cushion


Hammock-style doggy car mat

NO.2 Hammock Style Design

[Car Mat Introduction]

LEON multifunctional car protection mat is made of polyester coarse fiber oxford fabric with PVC waterproof coating treatment outside. It is suitable for all kinds of cars, off-road vehicles and commercial vehicles. Available in red, blue, army green and black.

[Functional Features]

1. Safety: The hammock design not only protects the dog while driving, but also prevents the dog from climbing into the front seat to distract you.

2. Abrasion resistance: Made of polyester coarse fiber Oxford fabric that resists tearing and prevents damage to the car seat.

3. Convenient: Designed with adjustable tensioning straps and buckles for quick adjustment and installation according to different car models.

4. Waterproof, stain-proof, lint-proof and easy to clean: putting debris and dogs together won’t stain your car. Waterproof index of 10,000, wipe with a damp cloth to clean the surface. The mat near the door has a bag to keep baby’s urine and keep the car clean.

[Product Specifications] 135CMx140CM

【Reference Price】$26–$39

[Useful index]

Editorial Review

The main features of this product are safe, wear-resistant, convenient, stain-proof, waterproof, lint-proof, and easy to clean. If the dry cloth is dirty, you can dilute it with neutral detergent and then wash it by hand. The disadvantage of this product is that it takes up a lot of space. Once a hammock dog pad is used in the back seat, you basically can’t carry other passengers besides your dog.


Cradle dog car mat

The salt your dog should take in a day

Cradle Dog Car Mat

NO.3 Cradle Design

[Car Mat Introduction]

Winpet multifunctional dog car mat. Suitable for all kinds of cars, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles except for models with no pillow in the back seat. Usually you can put all kinds of miscellaneous things, and when you take your dog out you can use it as a safety mat for your dog! Available in pink, orange, coffee and red.

[Functional Features]

Full protection for your dog’s safety, so you can drive with peace of mind.

2. Tensioning straps are 4 sets of nylon straps and the buckles are 4 pairs of nylon buckles. The high side zipper design is more convenient for baby to get in the car.

3. The high side design makes the inside of the doors on both sides less of a stain disaster area, ensuring the vehicle is clean all around.

[Product Specifications] The width of the car is 126CM, the width of the upper side opening is 55CM, the width of the lower side opening is 42CM, and the height is 35CM.


[Practical index]

Editorial Review

When using, be careful not to pinch the tight band and other parts on the door. Each time you use it, the zipper should be opened and the dog placed in it to avoid damage. This product takes up the most space of the three dog pads, so dog parents can choose based on the size of their car. However, it can be used to carry large luggage when you don’t have a dog with you.

As the market demand grows, products are updated more and more frequently. I hope that all dog parents will choose a dog car mat that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing to their desires. With a dog car mat, whether you are out on an outing with your dog or taking your dog to grooming and makeup, you no longer have to worry about the chores.

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