Like us humans, dogs have a wide variety of snacks. The snacks mentioned here are not meant for people, because there are many things we eat that are not suitable for dogs, such as too much salt, chocolate, sugar, etc. Dogs have snacks specifically for dogs.

Sometimes training a dog can be done with snacks as a reward mechanism. Here are 9 dog snacks, including most dog snacks, so you know what your dog likes to snack on and which snacks are good for your dog.


Pictured here: chicken breast jerky

I. Jerky category

Features: Jerky snacks are almost always a dog’s favorite snack. Commonly available is chicken jerky, followed by beef jerky, duck meat and pork or lamb. Jerky is usually dry and has varying moisture content. Jerky with low moisture content stores longer and is harder. It is suitable for dogs with good teeth. Jerky with high water content is relatively soft and smells good, but is prone to spoilage and should not be bought too much at a time.



Pictured here:Chicken breast pizza pie

Second, meat mix snacks

Meat is mixed with other ingredients, some are flour crackers or cheese sticks, some are sandwiches, but whatever the form, meat is mixed with other ingredients, mainly with the flavor of the meat, to entice the dog to eat something else.



Pictured here:Cheese balls consumed by dogs

III. Dairy products

For dogs that like the taste of milk, this is a favorite snack for dogs, especially cheese snacks that help regulate their gut. But if your dog is sensitive to milk, it’s best not to try to avoid diarrhea.



Figure: grinding teeth and biting bones

IV. Bites

It is usually made of pigskin or cowhide and is used for teething or cleaning the dog’s mouth. When choosing this snack, it should be based on the size of the dog. A dog with too much bite gum will lose interest in biting, too small and easily swallowed by the dog.



Picture:Hagar Fruit and Vegetable Beef Tendon Lollipop from Korea

V. Teeth cleaning

Tooth cleaning snacks are usually synthetic and relatively hard, while adding a meat flavor can whet a dog’s appetite, or adding a mint flavoring that allows the dog to bite while having bad breath. Just like chew gum, when choosing this snack for your dog, be careful to choose the right size for your dog. These snacks are usually cute, and buying a snack is like buying a toy for your dog.



Image of Deodorant Dog Biscuits – Strawberry Flavor

VI. Starchy

This type of snack is cool like a human cookie, but with a mild flavor that is easier for dogs to digest compared to meat snacks, especially since there are deodorant cookies that have a stink-reducing effect on your dog’s stool.



Image of:Chicken intestine for dogs

VII. Sausage category

Similar to the sausages we eat, they smell good and are cheaper than other dog snacks.



Pictured here: delicious lamb’s feet

VIII. Original dog snacks

These snacks usually retain the appearance of the ingredients, such as goat’s feet and cow’s feet shells, and are mostly eaten by dogs because of the original flavor, and dogs love them.


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Pictured here:Beef Tendon Bone Moisten & Clean Dog Treats

Nine, special features

For example, some snacks will have special functions such as hairdressing, teeth cleaning and deodorizing. The most important thing is that they can help prevent and control certain problems while eating snacks. You could say it’s a double whammy. You can freeze dog chews in the freezer and chew on teething dogs, which can reduce the pain caused by teething.

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