Prices of Rottweilers in major cities in China:

1. Price of Rottweiler in Beijing

Common Rottweiler, ranging from 800-2000 RMB

Pure Rottweiler, ranging from 3000-9000 RMB

The largest difference between males and females is 600 RMB

2. The price of Shanghai Rottweiler

Common Rottweiler: around 700 RMB

Pure Rottweiler, ranging from 2000-2500 RMB

The largest difference between male and female is 200 yuan

3. Rottweiler prices in Chongqing

Common Rottweiler: around 1000 RMB

Pure Rottweiler, ranging from 1800-2500 RMB

The biggest difference between male and female is 300 RMB

4. Price of Rottweilers in Ningbo

Common Rottweiler: around 900 RMB

Pure Rottweiler: about 1500 RMB

The biggest difference between males and females is $300



Exposing the Rottweiler Price Trap

Because the price difference between a purebred and a regular Rottweiler is so great, some dog dealers will take a chance on a fake for a real one. Therefore, it is necessary to test the dog.

1. If the dog is weak and has weak limbs, it should not be purchased.

2. When purchasing a purebred, it is important to ask the seller to show proof of pedigree. If the seller cannot produce it, it should be carefully considered.

Before the transaction is successful, both parties should sign the transfer letter.



How to choose a healthy Rottweiler

  • 1 Before buying, refer to some introductory information about this dog to understand the appearance and personality traits of this dog so that you have a good idea.
  • 2 When buying, make sure to choose a puppy that is fit, active, flexible, bright-eyed, and free of any disease.
  • 3 When buying, you should carefully examine all parts of the dog to see if it meets the body type standards expected of the breed.
  • 4 Specifically, the dog should not exceed the standard too much in terms of height and weight, otherwise, it may not be a purebred of the breed.
  • 5 When investigating personality traits, pay attention to whether the dog is kind and affectionate to people, flexible and athletic, and whether it will bark and bite.
  • 6 The investigation of physical characteristics should be a comprehensive comparison of the dog’s head, chest, back, waist, abdomen, front limbs, hind limbs, neck, tail, toes, paws, eyes, nose, muzzle, ears, hair, coat color, and other parts according to the standard.
  • 7 Do not choose the smallest individual in the same group, because this small may be the weakest dog in the litter.

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Mini-File: Introduction to Rottweilers

Full name: Rottweiler Rottweiler, Rottweiler, Rottweiler, Rottweiler

Type: Medium-sized dog

Classification: Family dog, guard dog

Size: 58-69 cm

Weight: 40-51 kg


The Rottweiler is usually a calm, confident and courageous dog. His confidence and aloofness do not make him easy to approach or friendly. Rottweiler’s attitude to changes in his environment is a confident and calm response. He has a natural instinct to defend his home and family. He is a very intelligent dog, strong, adaptable happy to work, making him a good companion, guard dog, and multipurpose dog.

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