Correcting Bad Habits of Dogs Alone

title=”Correcting Bad Habits of Dogs Alone”


    Modern white collar workers have their own day jobs and sometimes they have to work late and socialize. Inevitably, older people who retire at home need to go out for one reason or another and cannot spend all day with their pets. This is when I have to leave my beloved pets at home alone with no time to care for them. The otherwise docile pet may also feel pity and sadness for going out, mistakenly thinking that its owner will punish or abandon it, and then engage in a series of destructive activities. If your pet is wreaking havoc and mischief when left alone, it’s a sign that your pet still needs to learn the ability to be left alone.  >

I. How dogs behave when left alone

1. Become a troublemaker

At first, the dogs were obedient in the house, but after a while they faced the disappointment and helplessness of their parents. At the end of each day, the parents were always a mess. Toilet paper, books, and trinkets in low places are chewed up …… There is pee and poop all over the house. Some dogs find themselves barking as soon as they leave the house, and fighting doesn’t help. After putting on a muzzle, they take it off and continue barking, and some dogs are even inexplicably scared. bb not in their usual regular place.

2. In the long run, depression is depression

Dogs like to live in packs and are afraid of being single Dogs like to live in packs and are afraid of being single, and being left alone in the house can make them nervous and panicky. If a dog is not trained and stays alone for long periods of time, it can easily become depressed or even suffer from depression.

3. Starvation

Don’t assume that you have enough physical things for your dog when you go out. ok well, they eat when they are hungry. A few days ago, they had to be hungry a few days after they ate. When they are hungry, they chew on things and cause trouble in the house. Dogs don’t eat as much or leave as much at each meal as people do. It’s just one big meal. There is no routine at all.

4. Accidents occur

Most cities are high-rise buildings with windows that are potentially dangerous for pets. In addition to windows, balconies are mostly designed with only human safety in mind, and many gaps are in danger of baby pets falling off the building. Second, be aware of the electrical wiring in your home. If you need to leave your pet dog alone in the house, you should keep them in a room without wires to prevent the dog from accidentally chewing on the wires when they are bored. And then there are the ropes and lines in the house to pay attention to. Kittens and puppies are particularly susceptible to being attracted to ropes and lines, mistaking them for toys. If swallowed carelessly it can block the intestines and may even lead to suffocation.


Training your dog to be home alone

title=”Training your dog to be home alone”

  Second, dogs behave strangely alone analysis

A dog is a pack animal and likes to live in a group, fearing that being left alone in the house will make him nervous and panic and feel abandoned. The dog feels safe around his family, and his parents become his backbone. Once away, the dog also wants to leave, but is left alone. It does not know that the door is locked and that no one can break in, as being home alone becomes especially vulnerable. In this case, some dogs will frantically chew on the door frame or dig in the floor by the door. If they try to run out to catch up with their owners, they will bark, panic, and suddenly try to go to the bathroom and make a mess on the floor.

Some dogs left alone will collect things their parents have touched or used because they are insecure and form a barrier around their owner’s scent. Absorbent materials, such as fibrous tissue, absorb odors, and TV remote controls, which are often used by their owners, also absorb odors because the small gaps between the buttons harbor the owner’s dead skin cells. If these are too small to form a barrier, the dog will chew them into pieces and let them spread out.  >


Five things to look for in a strict dog education

title=”Five things to look for in a strict dog education”

III. Ark teaches you to be a good dog

1. Touch and communication

Scientists believe that although many animals have higher IQs than dogs, no other animal understands people’s words, actions, expressions, and even emotions better than dogs. Therefore, communicating with your dog is not only necessary, it is effective. Before going out, you should affectionately tell your owner where to go, wait at home, and tell him that there will be delicious prizes for taking him out when he returns. If you can give him some tasty snacks or put the dog’s favorite things on a toy bone or dog chew, the dog will get a lot of comfort from the communication.

Using progressive separation

Give him some treats, then return after the owner has left for a few minutes. Although this is a brief separation, the dog will still jump for joy as if he has been separated for a long time. After that, the separation is gradually lengthened, leaving the house multiple times a day until the dog is too lazy to ignore the owner’s entrance and exit and is unaffected by the separation.

3. Distract the dog

He can be given an old shirt or sock filled with his owner’s scent. The familiar scent will make him feel that his owner is still with him and he will feel safe. Give your dog fun toys often to keep him focused on playing, distracting him from his restlessness and forgetting about being alone. Toys that make sounds are great.  >

4. Increase outdoor exercise

Before you go out, you can take your dog outside to exercise and interact more with an active dog so that he exerts too much energy so that the dog will be more tired and want to sleep. In short, talk to your dog often, share your feelings with him, encourage him, and praise him to help foster a harmonious companionship and promote his physical and mental health.

5. Pay attention to the safety of home facilities

Doors and windows must be closed. The power in your home should be turned off and exposed electrical cords should be turned off. It is best to put the dog in a separate room without electrical cords to prevent them from biting when they get bored and avoid electrocution. Parents can prepare some teething and time-killing dog chews so that the dog can be entertained. Collect miscellaneous items and make sure diet and drinking water are available. Have your favorite toys and enough clean drinking water on hand.  >

Until these trainings work, you can limit your dog’s range of motion when there is no one in the house, which is safer for him and prevents him from damaging it to you. If you have free time, it’s best to spend as much time as possible with him, or get a helper who acts like a small animal and helps with chores but also serves the purpose of keeping the dog company.

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