Is the Tibetan mastiff fierce

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff


A. Is the Tibetan mastiff fierce

The fiercest Tibetan mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a world famous large and fierce dog. It originated in the Tibetan plateau of China. It is firm and fierce. It is the only dog in the world that dares to fight with wild animals. Therefore, it was awarded the reputation of the Oriental God Dog. It is known as the living Buddha’s mount in Tibet. Although the Tibetan mastiff is fierce, it is particularly loyal to its master. It protects Tibetan shepherds, families, and yards.

Is the Tibetan mastiff fierce

In fact, the fierceness of the Tibetan mastiff is closely related to its living environment, genetic factors and acquired training.

The effect of environment on the ferocity of Tibetan mastiff

Generally speaking, the poorer the natural environmental conditions, the more the ferocity of the Tibetan mastiff can be brought into full play. Of course, this does not mean wild Tibetan mastiffs. There is no wild Tibetan mastiff in the world. Some are just legends of Tibetan mastiff long accompanied by human life, forming a habit of life. In the case of not allowing the Tibetan mastiff to get sick, let the Tibetan mastiff grow up in a difficult environment, contact less people, usually have the ideal ferocity.

Genetic factors also affect the fierceness of Tibetan mastiffs

Genetic factors also have a great impact, usually temperamental and rough Tibetan mastiffs, their offspring are usually mastiffs. For example, the Tibetan mastiff that bites people, the offspring may also have a record of biting people, which is genetic. Some people match Tibetan mastiffs with other breeds, the offspring may be very irascible, may also be very docile, often unstable in genetics. However, a true purebred native Tibetan mastiff will inherit the fierceness of its parents. As for the degree of ferocity, it has to do with later breeding.

Tibetan mastiff fierce or not fierce has a lot to do with the cultivation of the day after

If the owner can consciously and consciously train the Tibetan Mastiff to be ferocious, he will usually get the desired results. This training can be artificial, and a trained Tibetan mastiff is certainly more aggressive and intelligent than the average Tibetan mastiff. It can also be done naturally, such as allowing competition between Tibetan mastiffs and Tibetan mastiffs, between Tibetan mastiffs and other dogs, and so on, so that the fierceness of the Tibetan mastiff will increase, the most powerful!


The Tibetan mastiff is not fierce

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff

Second, the Tibetan mastiff is not fierce

The Tibetan mastiff that is not fierce is jokingly called the pig mastiff, extremely hurt the owner’s face and the self-esteem of the Tibetan mastiff. Since the Tibetan mastiff is fierce by nature, then why some people raise is not fierce it? In fact, the innate nature of the cultivation, the environment is good or bad, exposure to the characters determine its ferocious degree.

1. Tibetan mastiff becomes pet mastiff and ornamental mastiff

Even if pure Tibetan mastiffs do not like to bite, they are very fierce in combat. Pure Tibetan mastiffs are fierce and aggressive, do not cry even when bitten, and rarely retreat when their strength is low. The Tibetan mastiff, now pampered, has lost the fierceness of its original ancestors and is at best fiercer than the average dog.

2. Tibetan mastiff is still young to not be aggressive

When Tibetan mastiffs are very young, they are usually not as bold as adult Tibetan mastiffs, especially the young ones before three months, they are not guarded against the outside world, so they tend to be more docile and have access to a wide variety of people and things. If this time began to let it get used to many people occasions, Tibetan mastiff adult hostility to strangers will be much smaller. If you want the Tibetan mastiff grow up to become fierce, you can keep it in a cage, develop its sense of territory, try to make it less contact with outsiders, fed by a fixed person every day, do not take a lot of places, a little older, and then trained in the field, usually so the Tibetan mastiff will be more fierce. Generally speaking, the Tibetan mastiff over one year old is fierce to strangers.

3. Crossbred Tibetan mastiffs are usually docile

Hybrid Tibetan Mastiffs are more aggressive than pure Tibetan Mastiffs. Although some crossbred Tibetan mastiffs are large, they want to run away when they see a fight scene. They like to wail when they are bitten by an opponent. Fighting is very clumsy, which is why many people misunderstand Tibetan mastiff fighting ability. It is difficult for laymen to distinguish between pure Tibetan mastiffs and crossbred bunches. They always call it Tibetan mastiff. Tibetan mastiffs that are not fierce and can be approached by strangers at will are usually crossbreeds.

4. Tibetan mastiffs generally do not attack territories

In Tibetan areas, herders have nomadic habits. As soon as the Tibetan mastiff sees his master dismantle his tent, he knows it is time to change places. After leaving the original territory, the Tibetan mastiff will become careless, which is the reason why the Tibetan mastiff rarely attacks during migration. After arriving at the new territory, the Tibetan mastiff will establish a new range of territory under the pull of the owner and attack people and things close to its territory.


What if the Tibetan mastiff is not aggressive?


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Tibetan Mastiff

Third, the Tibetan mastiff is not aggressive how to do?

The Tibetan Mastiff is a fierce dog that can be protected without special training. However, because of the feeding environment, many Tibetan mastiffs are relatively docile, some even too timid, not fierce Tibetan mastiffs are often called pig mastiffs, mainly related to the feeding environment and feeding methods, the original guardian dog has become a pet mastiff now, what to do? Normal feeding and training is the key.

Training the courage of Tibetan mastiffs

If the Tibetan mastiff is not fierce from childhood, the owner wants a fierce Tibetan mastiff, he can take the following training methods.

1. Tibetan mastiff alone in the mastiff house, the owner as far away as possible, do not approach, so as not to distract the attention of the Tibetan mastiff.

2. The assistant teacher pretended to be a stranger and sneakily approached the mastiff from far to near, making noises to attract the attention of the Tibetan mastiff.

3. The assistant coach stopped 5 meters from the mastiff house and continued to tease the mastiff.

4. When the Tibetan mastiff showed alert or wanted to bite, the assistant teacher launched a false attack on the mastiff to stimulate the Tibetan mastiff’s sense of active defense.

5. After the Tibetan mastiff room barking and pouncing, the assistant teacher quickly left. At this point, the owner should immediately enter the mastiff barn to reward the Tibetan mastiff.

6. Repeat this exercise 2 to 3 times a day, either at different times of the day and night, trying not to develop a fixed time or routine.

Training results: after this training Tibetan mastiff, as long as strangers approach, will bark, trying to rush out of the mastiff house to attack, gradually showing the fierce nature of the ancestors.

Tibetan Mastiff

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