I. Tibetan mastiff habits


Tibetan Mastiff


A. Tibetan mastiff habits

The Tibetan Mastiff is known as the most loyal dog in the world, and if it is a purebred Tibetan Mastiff, then it only recognizes one master in its life. So you should not buy a Tibetan Mastiff as an adult dog. It is best to bring it around when it is very young. The dog dealer circulation often give Tibetan mastiff change master, Tibetan mastiff do not know who is his real master, so there will be Tibetan mastiff bite master, Tibetan mastiff eat master of the tragedy.

Tibetan mastiffs are very gentle with their owners, mentally, and have a strong desire to attack strangers. Tibetan mastiff in their own territory, the meaning of the territory is very strong, strangers home, Tibetan mastiff should be tied up, otherwise it is easy to accident. Tibetan mastiff types are divided into tiger-headed Tibetan mastiff is mainly Qinghai, lion-headed Tibetan mastiff is mainly Tibet. There are many coat colors, generally yellow, red, gray, black iron clad gold iron clad silver also known as four eyes and pure white.

Tibetan mastiffs are generally used for home care and by Tibetan plateau herders for herding and hunting. The Tibetan mastiff’s diet consists mainly of meat, vegetables, and grains, accounting for 30% of the diet. The recipe is basically barley flour replaced by cornmeal on the mainland, fish meal or fish oil, ground beef, chopped vegetables, and ground chicken rack ground together and stirred well with broth, not too thin. The main source of food for Tibetan mastiffs is fed by humans. A long time ago, there was a type of people called territorial Tibetan mastiffs do not belong to anyone, but keep a tacit agreement with humans, that is, humans give them food to protect the territory. However, half of what they have to hunt themselves. Food sources are some small rodents territorial Tibetan mastiffs have mastiff king, now Tibetan mastiffs are getting less and less, so rarely hear the mastiff king said, but as long as there are Tibetan mastiff groups live together, there will be primary and secondary respectively, the most powerful is the mastiff. Tibetan mastiff habit is to protect people and animals to fight with wild animals.


II. Event Replay1


Tibetan Mastiff


II. Event Replay

1. With fierce eyes, the Tibetan mastiff ate his master for six months.

At around 9:00 on Dec. 5, Zhang Ming pen name went to the kennel to feed his dog and did not return until 14:00. His wife, Sun Fang, asked his 16-year-old son, Xiaoguang, to check it out. The scene was too much for Xiao Guang to take in: his unrecognizable father lying next to the kennel, and the Tibetan mastiff Niu Niu standing off to the side, eyes fierce and mouth full of blood.

2. Love dogs into obsession, feeding Niu Niu for 6 months

Zhang Ming, 58, lives in the Bayi neighborhood near the second mine of Daqing Oil Production Plant No. 3. He is very fond of raising dogs and his love for them can be described with the word obsession. One of Zhang Ming’s relatives lives in Zhaozhou and has a Tibetan mastiff. He would bring it delicious food every time he went. He had been bitten by this Tibetan mastiff many times, but he still likes the Tibetan mastiff the most. Six months ago, this Tibetan mastiff gave birth to several small Tibetan mastiffs, Zhang Ming brought back a small female Tibetan mastiff named Niu Niu. There is also a German Shepherd, called Black Bay, and Niu Niu feed together.

3. Strange in mind, the owner fed the dog for a long time and did not come back.

Every day, Zhang Ming carefully prepares food for Niu Niu and Heibei, feeding them twice a day in the morning and evening, and returning home in less than an hour each time. 9:00 p.m. on Dec. 5, Zhang Ming fed the dogs as usual. He left without his cell phone. What worried his family was that he didn’t come home for lunch. Soon, the clock hand pointed to 14:00, until then, Zhang Ming did not come back. His wife, Sun Fang, was a bit subdued and began to think: Old Zhang is not well, so something will happen, right? She thought of car accidents and sudden heart attacks …… so she hurriedly asked her son Xiaoguang to go to the bungalow to find her husband.


II. Event replay②


Tibetan Mastiff


4. Miserable life, head gnawed and blurred with blood

The bungalow where the dogs are kept is not far from the building area, and in less than three minutes, Xiao Guang ran there. The first time I saw the dog, I saw the dog’s tail wagging leisurely by the kennel. Unlike Blackbay, Niu Niu’s mouth was covered with a red substance, and it kept licking the stuff on its mouth with its tongue. Xiao Guang didn’t think much about it, so he shouted “Daddy” a few times, but no one responded. Xiao Guang walked towards the kennel and suddenly found his father lying on the ground, motionless. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The father’s neck and face were covered with blood. In the neck, the throat and flesh were gone, leaving only a bone connecting the body to the head; there was no skin on the head or face, and both eyes and ears were gone. There was only a bloody skeleton underneath the hair. The white snow below had been stained red with blood and frozen with the head. At this point, the father Zhang Ming’s body stiffened. Frightened Little Light rolled and crawled, frantically fleeing the bungalow. After returning home, he told his mother about the incident. Hearing the news, Sun Fang panicked and ran to the bungalow in tears. Once Sun Fang entered the yard, she jumped on her husband and tried to pull him out of the small yard. Xiao Guang, worried about his mother being hurt by Niu Niu, forcibly dragged her out of the courtyard.

5. Local justice, Niu Niu killed by two shots

When panic set in, Xiao Guang and his mother called the police. A few minutes later, the police quickly arrived at the scene. To further investigate the scene and ensure the safety of people, the police decided to kill Niu Niu and Heibei on the spot with the family’s consent. three dull gunshots came from the yard at around 15:30. Zhang Ming’s two favored dogs fell to the ground: Niu Niu was shot twice and Heibei was shot once, both killed on the spot. After confirming that the dogs were dead, the police investigated the scene further. The police confirmed that Zhang Ming was dead and the flesh on his head and neck was eaten by the Tibetan mastiff Niu Niu. At about 17:00 that day, Zhang Ming’s body was transported to the funeral home. At present, Zhang Ming’s relatives are cooking for them.


Three, the Tibetan mastiff owner refraction problem

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Tibetan Mastiff


Third, the Tibetan mastiff owner refraction problem

As people’s living standards continue to improve, more and more people have pet dogs; more and more dogs are being kept, and the social problems caused by dogs are naturally increasing day by day. The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

When it comes to dog-eating, there is nothing but a discussion of responsibility. In the case of a dog eating a man, who should pay for the whole incident? Naturally, the dog in the accident could not escape being held accountable, and the Tibetan mastiff in the incident was brought to justice and shot. However, it seems that an animal without any human nature, human responsibility does seem to be more demanding. After all, it’s just an animal, not a human. If you talk to it, it will only bark at the dog. Therefore, the responsibility should be transferred to the dog’s breeder. Indeed, the dog’s fault is not only the dog’s fault, but also the owner’s fault. For people who have experience in breeding large dogs, they may know that such dogs cannot be kept like pets, otherwise when they grow up, the dogs will be rebellious and wild, especially a strong dog like Tibetan Mastiff. People say nothing but a thousand positive words about the Tibetan Mastiff, such as king of dogs and majestic. However, we must understand that the praise and evaluation of the Tibetan Mastiff comes from nothing more than their loyalty to their master, and for the King of Dogs to bow to his master, I believe the Tibetan Mastiff got a lot of stick when they were young. The owner of the dead dog seems to have committed a big taboo because he liked the dog too much.

The dangers of owning a Tibetan mastiff. Given that large dogs are common in people’s daily lives, it no longer seems that large dog owners are the only ones responsible once dog eating occurs. After all, large dogs are a common problem, and the social security issues caused by large dogs have become a common problem. At this point, we must shift the responsibility to the government. As the administrative organ of state power, the government has the responsibility to solve the problems in people’s productive lives. This problem is not only a big problem, but also a small one. Unfortunately, before and after the dog-eating incident in Daqing, we hear very little about large dog breeding laws; no local restraint or control of large dog breeding is found. The cruelty of this incident is a strong testament to the weakness of local government in this area.

What is more frightening than the failure of local governments to do their jobs is the low social climate. We find more and more people breeding big, strong dogs around us, especially Tibetan mastiffs. Not to mention such a bad thing, at least an act of caring for animals, but if not really like and breeding Tibetan mastiffs and other intentions, such as 28 cars to meet the Yangtze River 2, which undoubtedly planted a time bomb; no real control of the animals, the time bomb exploded at any time. And helpless and innocent is the surrounding masses to follow along with the injury!

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