What does the Tibetan Mastiff eat

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff

A. What does the Tibetan mastiff eat

1. What does the Tibetan Mastiff like to eat

Meat. Tibetan mastiff likes to eat meat because Tibetan mastiff prefers meat, especially beef and lamb and bones, the preference for pork is not as strong as beef and lamb.


Animal offal. The internal organs of animals Tibetan mastiff is also extremely fond of eating, such as the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, intestines, blood, etc. are the favorite of Tibetan mastiff. Although the nutritional value of animal offal is relatively high, but feeding should not be too much, otherwise it will cause toxic reactions, serious will also have an impact on the growth of bones, and difficult to save. Adult Tibetan mastiff three weeks two liver can be >

Animal bones. The Tibetan mastiff’s favorite food is large pieces of animal bones, such as beef bones. These bones are rich in marrow and calcium, which is very helpful to Tibetan mastiffs, especially for the development of the teeth of young mastiffs. However, sharp bones like chicken racks should not be fed directly because their sharp bones can easily pierce the Tibetan Mastiff’s throat and stomach. They should be cooked under pressure to soften or break them and then fed.

Indeed, Tibetan mastiffs live in Tibetan areas where they get all kinds of nutrition on their own and are generally not deficient in any element. In human society, the Tibetan mastiff’s diet is controlled by humans. Therefore, the Tibetan mastiff does not like to eat food to feed and should maintain a nutritional balance

2. What does the Tibetan mastiff eat to grow fast?

The protein that the Tibetan Mastiff gets from his food is of great significance to him. It should be said that protein is an important part of the Tibetan Mastiff’s tissues. Tibetan mastiff large size, provide enough protein can ensure the growth and development of Tibetan mastiff nutritional needs. The source of protein lies in meat, animal offal, bone and skin blood and eggs; so you can feed these foods properly to supplement protein or find some high protein content quality dog food; these will help the growth of Tibetan Mastiff.
What do young Tibetan mastiffs eat?


Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Second, raising Tibetan mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiff under half a year old should not be water bath. Tibetan mastiff as an adult after 1 year ~ once every two weeks bath. Often to Tibetan mastiff bath will destroy the natural protective oil of the Tibetan mastiff skin, causing various skin diseases, because the Tibetan mastiff skin alkaline, much thinner than human skin, should not often wash.

The feeding method of young Tibetan mastiff what does the young Tibetan mastiff eat>

The young mastiff after birth 1 month of rapid development, appetite, breast milk has not been able to meet the needs, should be supplemented with feed, feed some high nutritional price and easy to digest and absorb the palatability of good fluid food. For example, milk powder, broth, cooked egg yolk, porridge, etc. should be added to the fresh milk, and some cod liver oil, various vitamins and bone meal should be added. Otherwise, due to malnutrition and weak constitution, the young mastiff will affect its growth and development. Milk teeth have been fully developed, if possible, you can give the puppy some pig and cow cartilage to eat, but do not feed chicken bones. After pressure cooking the ribs, try to let the little Tibetan mastiff bite and bite off to stimulate its gum development and help the permanent teeth to grow.

Small Tibetan mastiffs have a voracious appetite for food, so care must be taken when feeding them. The reason is that a small Tibetan mastiff should not be fed too full, generally seventy to eighty percent. Otherwise, it will lead to too full and indigestion, it is advisable to feed more meals, you can add meat, dairy products, calcium, cod liver oil and other necessary nutrients.
Feeding of Tibetan Mastiff

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Tibetan Mastiff

How to raise an adult Tibetan Mastiff

After the Tibetan Mastiff is one year old, although many people still feed it twice a day, in fact, once a day is enough for the Tibetan Mastiff. Feeding times should be as regular as possible. For feeding once a day, it is recommended to feed at night, as most animals prefer to lie still and sleep after feeding.

How to feed an old Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff starts to enter old age at the age of 7 to 8 years, when feeding should follow the following points:

1. Feeding needs to be high nutritional value and easy to digest: as the old Tibetan mastiff’s digestive capacity is declining, the intestinal digestive function deteriorates, gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, providing food is mainly easy to digest, high nutritional value of food, preferably soft or semi-liquid, coarse feed should not be fed. At the same time, the protein concentration in the food should be slightly increased, at least not less than 25%. The fiber content should also be increased because fiber helps with digestion and can reduce constipation in older Tibetan mastiffs.

2. Increase anti-aging and antioxidant vitamins C and E: The old Tibetan mastiff’s food should be increased in vitamins and minerals, especially antioxidant vitamin C and vitamin E. These two vitamins can help cells resist cell membrane damage caused by aging.

3. Need to reduce the amount of feeding and eat less often: The total amount of feeding for old Tibetan mastiffs should be reduced by about 15% compared to young and middle-aged people, and also to reduce the caloric content of food without reducing food intake to prevent obesity due to reduced physiological activity.

4. Provide adequate drinking water and a fixed diet: The older Tibetan mastiff’s intestines are aging and cannot adapt to the constant changes in food. Therefore, the Tibetan mastiff’s diet should be as fixed as possible and provide enough water.

Tibetan mastiff

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