Can Tibetan mastiffs eat their masters?


Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff

Does a Tibetan Mastiff eat its owner?

The Tibetan Mastiff basically does not attack its owner, but it often attacks others because it is very territorial, has dietary taboos, and has a bad temper, so if you see a Tibetan Mastiff, it is best to stay away from it. The Tibetan Mastiff will sometimes attack its owner, but it is a dog with few neurological problems.

1. Tibetan mastiffs eat their owners

In December 2009, a tragedy occurred when a resident of Heilongjiang, who had a dog in Heilongjiang Huan, was unfortunately eaten by his dog, Tibetan Mastiff Nyonya, during the process of feeding the dog.

In 2009, 58-year-old Zhang Ming a pseudonym lived in the Bayi neighborhood near the second mine of Daqing Oil Extraction Plant No. 3. He is very fond of raising dogs, and his love for them can be described with the word obsession. One of Zhang Ming’s relatives lives in Zhaozhou and has a Tibetan mastiff. He would bring it delicious food every time he went. He was bitten by the Tibetan mastiff many times, but he still liked it the most. Later, this Tibetan mastiff gave birth to several young Tibetan mastiffs, and Zhang Ming brought back a young female Tibetan mastiff named Niu Niu.

On December 5, 2009, around 9:00, Zhang Ming pseudonym was in the kennel feeding his dog and did not return until 14:00. His wife, Sun Fang pseudonym, asked her 16-year-old son, Xiao Guang pseudonym, to check it out. The scene in front of him was too much for Xiao Guang to take in: his father lying beside the kennel, the Tibetan mastiff Niu Niu standing on one side, with fierce eyes and a mouth full of blood!

2. Why does the Tibetan mastiff eat its master?

The Tibetan mastiff is a kind of dog breed that wants to remind strong temperament fierce loyalty to the master, however, now the Tibetan mastiff hurt the master’s case from time to time, why would this phenomenon occur? In fact, the ultimate reason or with us humans! First, today’s society has bred many hybrid Tibetan mastiffs for monetary gain, resulting in unstable Tibetan mastiff temperament; second, dog dealers often change the owner, the Tibetan mastiff does not know who is his true master, so some love mastiff buy Tibetan mastiff will not listen, appetite instability, and even Tibetan mastiff bite or eat the master.


How to train Tibetan Mastiff to obey?

How to train a Tibetan Mastiff to be obedient?

Dog owners please note the four minefields of dog training

Tibetan Mastiff

Second, how to train the Tibetan Mastiff to obey? >

The Tibetan mastiff belongs to a work. Although it is not gentle, but it is very loyal. If the Tibetan mastiff is raised by itself, the probability of being bitten is close to zero. Therefore, if you want to have a Tibetan mastiff, you should raise it from a young age and treat it kindly. Tibetan mastiff always remember the first person who builds affection for it. Don’t avoid it because of its fierceness. Try to be with it and make it feel that you trust it. Only then will the Tibetan Mastiff listen! >

Be aware that the Tibetan Mastiff is temperamental and prone to up and down mood swings, and be patient enough with it. If you want it to trust you and think you will not hurt it, it will not bring unnecessary trouble to your life. So, how to train the Tibetan mastiff? Here is the code to train a Tibetan mastiff to approach its owner:>

The purpose of this subject training is to enable the Tibetan Mastiff to sit smoothly on the left side of the owner according to the owner’s hand signal and password. When training, first call the Tibetan mastiff’s name to attract the attention of the Tibetan mastiff, and then send the code “come”, the right hand gesture right hand forward, and then naturally put down, the left hand pulling the training rope backward, so that the Tibetan mastiff to come. The mastiff came to the master, to reward in time, so that after many training, the Tibetan mastiff can be according to the password to come.

However, it should be noted that some Tibetan mastiffs often hear the code or see the hand signal and do not come. At this point, the owner must patiently take all actions that are sufficient to excite the Tibetan mastiff, such as backing up, clapping and crouching, and running sharply in the opposite direction to induce the mastiff to come. They must not catch or chase the Tibetan mastiff with sudden movements, otherwise it will affect the Tibetan mastiff.

Some Tibetan mastiffs are newly stimulated and not only do not come, but also run around. At this point, we should grab the training rope, use the threatening code, make a pose with the right hand, and let the Tibetan mastiff come, and when the mastiff comes, it should be promptly rewarded.

Tibetan mastiff

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