How old is the Tibetan mastiff?


Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

I. How big can a Tibetan Mastiff be matched?

The Tibetan Mastiff grows and develops a little later than other dogs, so the mating age is different. Tibetan mastiff to three or four years old to finally mature. Tibetan mastiff 2 years old, the male Tibetan mastiff weight increased to 71.2 kg, height 73.2 cm, at this time the male Tibetan mastiff sexual development gradually mature, can begin to breed as appropriate. Female Tibetan mastiff is smaller than the male Tibetan mastiff, so development than the male Tibetan mastiff early.7. Female Tibetan mastiff can be in heat for the first time in August, but about 1 year old female Tibetan mastiff is not fully mature, generally not suitable for breeding, otherwise it will affect the growth of female Tibetan mastiff. To 1.5 years old to breed .

Second, the Tibetan mastiff breeding time

Mastering the breeding time of Tibetan Mastiff also has an impact on the next generation of Tibetan Mastiff. Therefore, let the Tibetan mastiff breeding in the best breeding time, not only the success rate is high, but also the birth of a small Tibetan mastiff will be better. Want to make a fortune on Tibetan mastiff friends to pay attention to.

The best time to breed is in the morning. 8 to 10 o’clock. Generally speaking, during this period, the male and female mastiffs are in good spirits and are not subject to external stimuli and disturbances. Male and female mastiffs can easily accept each other and come into heat, making the breeding process smoother. With the change of seasons, the best mating time for Tibetan mastiffs will be slightly earlier or later. For example, in summer you can choose the morning, winter near noon. The above is the best time to plant Tibetan mastiff. As long as mastiff owners master the habits of Tibetan mastiffs, it is possible to breed excellent Tibetan mastiffs.
How to breed Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

三、藏獒如何配 Breeding

Generally Tibetan mastiff mating times for two, namely the first mating and remating. Experienced breeding experts, will make two mating time distance of 24 ~ 48 hours apart does not affect the development of the fetus, to improve the conception rate. When the male mastiff ejaculates, the female mastiff will begin to turn around and lightly bite the male mastiff, slide off the back of the female mastiff and complete a 180 degree body twist to pair with her. This bolting state lasts for 5~40 minutes, i.e. locking state. Male mastiff in the locking process will further complete the subsequent ejaculation to prevent the backflow of semen. Therefore, at this time, the chemical and female Tibetan mastiffs should not be forced to separate or drive away, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the male and female mastiff reproductive organs.

To pay attention to the breeding of Tibetan mastiffs, male and female Tibetan mastiffs should not be fed too much, so as not to affect the reflex vomiting of Tibetan mastiffs. Half an hour before breeding, male and female mastiffs should be free to walk in order to fully discharge feces and urine. Mating site is best selected in a relatively quiet place, in addition to the presence of relevant breeders to monitor, try to avoid crowd watching, so as not to disturb the Tibetan mastiff. Male mastiff can only be mated once a day, mating 3 times after a day of rest. Female mastiff mating period is best mated twice. After the first mating, an interval of one day, and then the first mating with the same male mastiff 2 In order to improve the female mastiff’s fertility, to maintain pure blood, the second mating.
Tibetan mastiff breeding price

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Tibetan Mastiff


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Four, Tibetan mastiff breeding price

Tibetan mastiff implant prices range from 10,000 to hundreds of thousands. Planting price mainly depends on the appearance of the grower, blood system, etc.. In addition, large mastiff planting prices are much higher than small and medium-sized mastiff plantations and individual breeders. What kind of grower you choose depends on your financial ability. Here are the latest Tibetan Mastiff grower prices across China:

Beijing: 1~100,000>

Guangdong: at least 15,000

Shanghai: 5,000~100,000

Shanxi: 80,000~150,000

Shandong: 20,000 to 150,000

Zhejiang: 100,000

Liaoning: 100,000>

Qingdao: 80,000 to 100,000

Hebei: 100,000

Tibetan mastiff

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