Shower cooling


Method 1: Bathing to cool down: >

Bathing your dog is the equivalent of making an artificial sweat gland that takes heat away from your body, which is effective in cooling your dog. However, bathing your dog should not be too frequent, so as not to frequently destroy the bacterial ecology of the epidermis and cause skin diseases. In addition, pay attention to the temperature of the water and choose a special cleaner for heavy things.

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It is recommended that dog lovers take their dogs to a comfortable water bath in the summer evenings. It also enhances the relationship between your dog and you. If you can, you may want to take your dog to the river for a swim at night when the sun is not too strong. On the one hand, you can walk your dog, and on the other hand, it’s good for your dog’s mood.
Cooling down in a cool place


Method 2: Cool down in the shade: >

You can try wiping the floor in the shade with water. Repeat and the temperature of the floor will naturally drop. The dog will come here of its own accord and put its belly on the floor. But it’s a pain in the ass to use this method. Your dog has to listen to you, sit on it, and not jump around.

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This method is easy and practical to cool. Many dog owners live in apartments in big cities, so it can be difficult to find a cool place. Generally, homes are cooled by air conditioning, but it is best not to blow the air conditioner too often. So this method is more suitable for dog owners who live in a studio apartment.
Drink lots of water to cool down

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Method 3: Drink more water:

Every time you go out, bring enough water for your dog so they can drink when they’re thirsty. In this summer heat, dogs evaporate a lot of water and must be replenished often. Do not play for too long. Dogs should not be cooled down with cold water immediately after coming back, as they may catch a cold. Dogs should rest for a while.

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Drinking more water in the summer is good for your dog’s health. Water is good for the dog’s metabolism and flushes out toxic substances from the body. More importantly, drinking more water in the summer heat can effectively help cool your dog down and thus prevent heat stroke. Drinking water to cool down is an easy method for all dogs to use.

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