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Method 1: Give your dog a warm den and wear thick clothes when you go outside.

At home: You’ll have to rearrange your dog’s den in the face of this millennium of extremely cold winters. If you don’t keep your dog warm on these cold winter nights, I’m sure your dog will be shivering and unable to sleep at night. You should add a thicker blanket or warm clothes to your dog’s kennel, so that your dog can sleep with a pad. Be careful to try to get some soft clothes blankets, which are warm and comfortable for your dog to sleep. If possible, I recommend that you move your dog’s den indoors at night so that you can prevent the cold wind from blowing; if not, you can additionally add some wind barriers to the outside of your dog’s den.

When you go out: You won’t have any money left over for dog clothes this winter. If it’s snowing, you need to buy clothes that are both warm and made of water-resistant material. When buying dog clothes you need to pay attention to: know its size. You should measure the length of the dog from its neck to the front end of its tail, circle around the dog’s neck and measure the collar width of the clothes. It is important to remember to pick something simple and easy to put on. If the clothes have too many buttons or zippers, your dog may not wait quietly for you to put them on.

Method 2: Buy a heating device, such as a heater, heaters, etc.

The weather station predicted early that this year would be a once-in-a-millennium winter, so it’s hard to keep your dog warm with one piece of clothing. It is best to have some heating equipment to prevent your dog from getting cold and getting sick, after all, winter is one of the seasons when dogs are prone to illness. The best way to do this is to buy a heater and put it next to your kennel, but don’t oversize it, depending on your kennel.

Method 3: Pay attention to your diet and exercise to strengthen your dog against the cold.

A strong body is the most fundamental guarantee against the cold, so it is very important for your dog to have a healthy and strong body. This relies on our owners to pay attention to two things in their daily lives: physical exercise and diet for their dogs. Jogging, walking, hiking or playing Frisbee with your dog can help strengthen your dog’s body and help them control their weight in the winter so they don’t get fat. Physical exercise in the winter morning around 11 o’clock is more appropriate, when the sun is not very fierce, warm and warm feeling.

A proper diet is quite important. On cold days, puppies, like humans, need more food, so pet owners need to prepare good quality dog food and feed them more each day so they can save more calories to beat the cold. If conditions allow, you can also give them some anti-viral oral liquid to prevent the cold, so that the cold weather is not afraid to get sick.

I hope these three methods will help your pet survive the cold winter. Image source:>

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