Dog training is necessary in living with a dog. However, many parents accidentally use inappropriate methods and do inappropriate things while training their dogs. In this way, the dog’s learning will be hindered and more detrimental to future training. Therefore, parents of dogs should be aware of the following ten things:

10 Dogs Can Not Do Things

West Highland White Terrier

First Commandment

Don’t be harshly physical with your dog or hit him with anything he bites.


Physical punishment of dogs is not advocated. Like children, many dogs can rebel against pain, which can easily backfire. Harsh corporal punishment will only make the dog’s next behavior worse and misbehavior more frequent.

If the dog bites something, the first thing to find out is whether the dog has teeth. If so, you can get the dog some teething supplies, reducing the frequency with which the dog bites other objects. The parent hits it with the thing it bit. If the item is the parent’s clothing, it will make the dog remember the smell of the item and will likely continue to bite other things from the parent in the future.

Second Commandment

Don’t yell at your dog for not listening. It will only make him more confused.


A dog cannot understand human language but can understand human tone. When a parent commands a dog, the dog doesn’t understand and just looks at the parent blankly. At this point, some parents get worried and yell at the dog, which is only counterproductive.

In fact, we can take the role of the dog instead. First, we don’t understand what our parents say, and then we see them yelling at themselves. Isn’t that strange?

10 Dogs Can Not Do Things

Bichon Frise

The Third Commandment

Do not chase the dog. It will make the naughty dog more excited and put the timid dog at risk due to excessive fear.


When a parent chases a dog, the naughty dog will think the parent is playing games with him, so he becomes more excited and runs like a mad horse off the leash. Another scenario is that the dog’s parent chases too fast and too hard, causing some timid dogs to be frightened by this sudden action and run further away in shock.

The Fourth Commandment

Don’t force your dog to understand the code if he doesn’t understand it for a while.


Give the dog the code, but the dog may not be able to absorb it for a while, and the high pressure imposed by the parents may lead to a bad mood of self-loathing. This vicious cycle would make the dog increasingly stressed, not to mention the parental code.

10 Dogs Can Not Do Things

Border Collie

The Fifth Commandment

10 Dogs Can Not Do Things

Do not pull the collar upward; too much force can hurt the dog’s neck.


If it’s a big dog, you should choose a collar with material; if it’s a small dog, you can use a plastic buckle collar. But no matter what material the collar is made of, you should not pull hard because it can seriously damage your dog’s cervical spine and even cause life-threatening damage.

The Sixth Commandment

Don’t confine your dog to a small, dark space.


It’s pretty hard to think of the memories of being locked in a dark house by your kindergarten aunt when you were a kid. The same is true for dogs. In a dark space, the body can’t stretch well and no one pays attention to how to call. Prolonged confinement can cause dogs to be depressed or irritable, which in turn can damage their surroundings.

10 Dogs Can Not Do Things


The Seventh Commandment

Don’t punish the dog that got into trouble afterward.


A dog is not as smart as a human, so it doesn’t know. Parents should prevent it in advance rather than punish it afterward. Most of the time, dogs don’t know what to do. If you want to teach your dog some lessons, you have to do it when it comes to trouble so the dog will understand and remember it.

Eighth Commandment

Don’t punish your dog by fasting and cutting off water.


Food and water fasting can be very damaging to a dog’s health. Especially in young dogs and older dogs, food and water fasting is a test of their lives. Therefore, the extremes of food and water fasting should not be applied to the training and life of the dog.

10 Dogs Can Not Do Things

Butterfly dogs

Ninth Commandment

Reject suggestions that could jeopardize your close relationship with your dog.


Some parents ask their friends how to train their dogs, and sometimes they receive some skills and measures from the market and then use them without distinction. This is no guarantee of a healthy life for the dog, and even if the advice comes from a close friend or pet store manager, dog parents should consider it carefully before applying dog training.

The Tenth Commandment

Unpleasant encounters.


Pet dogs are companions in our lives, not objects of venting. If you suddenly lose your temper with your dog, the dog will be overwhelmed and feel overwhelmed. It is important to note that dogs cannot be treated violently and will only breed as destructive pet dogs.

Dogs that are learned and trained can be better integrated into family life, make great family companion dogs, and enjoy a happy life. I hope dog parents will remember these ten things they can’t do to become a good dog trainers. :

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