I want to choose a pet dog as a faithful companion for my child to grow up with, but I don’t know which dog is best for my child. Should we take our children to the pet store and let them choose? In fact, every dog has its own unique personality. Parents can first learn about the dog’s personality to see if it is suitable for their children. Below, I will introduce parents to the personalities of common dog breeds:




Poodles with clashing personalities

The dog’s personality is generally considered to have almost no downside to the Poodle’s personality, and the dog can say that there are advantages to the Poodle. The only trouble is that the dog is relatively demanding on the breeder. The essence of the poodle’s entire body is hair, so eat well and shampoo well. Frequent combing of the hair is unacceptable for lazy people. Timid, relatively stable personality, good turnout between exercise and movement.

Poodles are cute and expressive, which is a dog that all types of kids will fit in and love.




The Chihuahua with clashing personalities

[Dog personality] is sensitive and suspicious, loyal to its owner, dependent, brave and intelligent, and curious. Only by understanding the personality of the Chihuahua can the owner live in harmony with it. When you are with the owner, others touch it and will bite you. After Chihuahua people, Chihuahua want to always stick to the master. So, whether you are watching TV or doing sports, there will be a four-legged shadow following you. At the same time, Chihuahuas are curious about everything and love to explore.

[Editor’s Note] Because Chihuahuas like to be clingy and get frustrated when left out, they are not suitable for children who are independent and like to act alone.

Alaskan Sled Dog

title=”Alaskan Sled Dog”

Alaskan Sled Dog

Sled dogs with clashing temperaments

Dogs are more selfish and like to play on their own, open the leash outdoors and call without coming back, the sled dog thinks he is the first and the owner is only the second. He must play enough games to come back to you. Its original characteristic is pulling, free and unfettered, unrestrained, an unruly breed of dog.

[Editor’s Note] Not for children who like to have a playmate around all the time. Not recommended for sled dogs if they have a pet to keep the dog with their children.




Personality clashing chenille

[Dog personality] Brave and persistent, with a noble temperament. Chenille is a model dog that is often used for jewelry shoots. Very photogenic. He is a natural dog model star. The downside is that, like other terriers, he likes to bark, so he can be very noisy. In addition, the Sheltie can be self-centered, unstable, and a bit grouchy.

[Editor’s Note] Not for children with sensitive hearts and psychological injuries. It is recommended for careless children to have a chenille.




Sexuality clash of the Pekinese

Dogs have a variety of personalities that are more complex, some will be good and some will be fierce. Generally speaking, the Pekinese is more noble, intelligent, brave and stubborn, more individualistic, with a strong desire to express itself and better self-esteem than beauty, grace or refinement. There is a lot of affection for their owners and suspicion of strangers.

[Editor’s Note] Not for the expressive child. Both have a strong desire to express themselves, so living together can cause a lot of conflict.




The Dachshund with clashing temperaments

The dog’s character sausage dog’s original function was to catch mice and rabbits, so when it finds prey, it barks. In addition, if a mouse gets into the house, it will do more damage than a rat, and it will turn your whole house over. In addition, this is a barking dog, brave and persistent, with a lot of expression. Also, it is very playful and must pull the leash when going out, otherwise it doesn’t know where to go. According to foreign reports, the dachshund is the first dog to attack children.

[Editor’s Note] Not for children who are not active and don’t like to go outside. Only an active child can keep up with a dachshund and hold him.

Big White Bear

title=”Big White Bear”

Big White Bear

A collision of personalities against the Great White Bear

[The dog with a big personality turns out to be a mountain dog with a more troubled family, more food, and less reward. If this dog is not allowed to work and does nothing, he suffers from urban depression and disease.

[Editor’s Note] Not for quiet kids, it takes a kid who likes to run outdoors to manage in order to keep the big white bear quiet.




Pug with clashing temperaments

The dog’s personality is stable, gentle, lively, fun and a considerate and loving breed of puppy. The biggest advantage is that it does not need to be exercised and can be raised in the house, it cannot go outside, the disadvantage is that it is heavy smelling and salivating. Be warned, if you want to sleep with him in the bedroom, you must first get used to his snoring.

[Editor’s Note] Not for active and energetic children, as a quiet pug may not be worthy of such a child.

Pets are soul mates for growing children

title=”Pets are soul mates for growing children”


Squirrel dogs with clashing personalities

The dog’s personality has been called the squirrel dog because it looks like a squirrel. In fact, its real scientific name is the Pomeranian or Pomeranian dog. It is lively, mischievous, friendly and obedient, but likes to be emotional, intelligent, alert, impatient and self-respecting. It also has a strong desire to express itself .

[Editor’s Note] Not for the showy, self-centered child. Pomeranians love to compete for favor. When they are with such children, they must fight for the love of their parents.

Pets are soul mates for growing children

title=”Pets are soul mates for growing children”

Scottish Shepherd

Scottish Shepherd personality comparison

[Dog personality] Gentle and easy to get along with. Smart and sensitive, responds well to gentle obedience training, friendly, willing to please his owner, and social. He has won people’s trust with his thoughtful aura. He impresses with his alertness, intelligence and diligence, and is known as the star dog that can keep people company for a lifetime.

[Editor’s Note] Not for kids who like to stay at home. Scottish Shepherds need lots of exercise. Daily walks and playtime are essential. Dogs can get frustrated if kids like to stay in and refuse to go outside.

Now you have a general idea of the personalities of the Poodle, Chihuahua, Sheltie, Schnauzer, Pekingese, Pekinese, Pekingese, Dachshund, Great Pyrenees, Pug, Squirrel, Pomeranian and Scottish Shepherd. Do you have a favorite dog in mind?

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