[Love Tibetan mastiff background]


Tibetan Mastiff


[Love Tibetan mastiff background]

A film adapted from a real-life story, “Capture Love” The film revolves around a Tibetan mastiff dog, telling the story between an ordinary family and a Tibetan mastiff dog, bringing the Tibetan mastiff to the screen for the first time.

Young actor Sun Boyang plays the owner of a Tibetan mastiff dog in the movie. There will be many interactive episodes with the Tibetan mastiff dog in the drama. To avoid accidents in filming, Sun Boyang recently crew experience life, the crew is developing a bond with the Tibetan mastiff. The family married a new daughter-in-law, the favored dog felt lost and has since formed a long-standing feud with the new daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law had to sell the dog and the father left home. In order to calm the conflict, the daughter-in-law went thousands of miles to find the dog. To move the dog.

On the eve of New Year’s Day 2006, Jing Yuan, a girl from Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, married Tang Yuhong, a local young man. Tang’s family invited friends, relatives and friends from all over the world to marry Jing Yuan in a dignified manner. But Jing Yuan, who was immersed in happiness, did not expect that her mother-in-law would separate as soon as her wedding was over, and an embarrassed Jing Yuan felt aggrieved and frustrated.

[Tibetan mastiff episode]

First time I was bitten at the door

Hearing her husband say that her parents’ separation is about the black pearl, Jing Yuan is a little angry: why is the black pearl always entangled with herself? It has left the Tang family, but it is still disturbing his family life? So is Dad. Is the dog important or is the person important? To fight for livestock and upset chickens and dogs, to what extent?

Black Pearl is a one-and-a-half-year-old dog owned by Jing Yuan’s father-in-law, Tang Xiuhua. This dog is 70 million years old. It is known as the ancient breed of the Eastern God Dog, a very rare Tibetan mastiff. One weekend six months ago, Jing Yuan went to visit her future in-laws at Tang’s house for the first time. As soon as she stepped into the Tang family’s yard, the black pearl in the yard embarrassed her: barking at her, pouncing on her and biting her, with the stance of a lion. Thanks to her boyfriend, she was dragged there. Although frightened by the black pearl, Jing Yuan didn’t mind the Tibetan mastiff’s nature.

In the ensuing encounter, she and the Tang family met at first sight, and her in-laws loved her. Her two younger siblings surrounded her asking this and that. Jing Yuan was treated with the courtesy of the stars in the Tang family. In complete contrast to the host’s enthusiasm, the black pearl next to her threw daggers at Jing Yuan from time to time. Tang Xiuhua and Wu Zeying knew their habits very well, and they saw some clues. They suspected that Black Pearl might not know Jing Yuan and was jealous that the whole family was busy with Jing Yuan.

For a long time, Black Pearl’s position in the Tang family was often. Although Tang Xiuhua has many Tibetan mastiffs, Black Pearl is the golden branch and is spoiled in every way. It has more spirit than other dogs. Tang Xihua feed it than other dogs give a handful of meat, other dogs an egg, he gave it two; other dogs are in the cage, just tied with a chain in the yard. Soak the big black pearl in the honey pot of only me, carefully jealous of Jing Yuan, but do not know the proportion of over the top.

After dinner that day, Jing Yuan returned from a night out with her boyfriend, a meter or two away from Black Pearl. Jing Yuan was afraid to run off her shoes. Just at the moment she bent down to pick up her shoes, she only heard the stone lock on the chain ring. The black pearl rushed over. According to her legs, Jing Yuan screamed. The sudden accident scared everyone. Everyone was busy pulling the chain, pulling the black pearl away, grabbing Jing Yuan from its mouth, and taking her to the hospital.

The Tibetan mastiff is the most aggressive dog in the world. In pastoral areas, a Tibetan mastiff can bite three or four wolves to death. When she first went to her in-laws’ house, Jing Yuan unfortunately fell into the mouth of the Black Pearl mastiff. Although the rescue was timely, the injury was still serious: her right thigh was bitten by Black Pearl with two deep tooth holes, and the flesh next to it turned black. Due to the summer heat, the black pearl under the mouth too heavy, Jing Yuan’s wound ulcerated inflammation, in the hospital lying for more than half a month.

Black Pearl has the guts to stir up such trouble! The first time I saw it, I had to go to a place where I could see it. The arrogant and capricious Black Pearl paid the price for its madness and cruelty. The innocent Jing Yuan was discharged from the hospital after recuperating for more than two months, and her wounds gradually healed. This incident cast a lingering shadow on Wu Zeying: the black pearl was like a time bomb in the house, which could bring disaster at any time. She proposed to her husband Tang Xiuhua: the black pearl moved to a special farm in the suburban countryside. But Tang Xiuhua refused: Tibetan mastiff is an ancient breed of dog, raising a good Tibetan mastiff offspring is not easy. I have been engaged in Tibetan mastiff research for more than ten years, and finally bred a black pearl. To protect it, I must keep it to myself.


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Tibetan Mastiff


II. The wife sold the sin mastiff

Where is the black pearl? The old couple is at a standstill. But the son’s girlfriend would never come. When Jing Yuan came to Tang’s house for the second time after she recovered from her injuries, Tang Xiuhua imprisoned Black Pearl in an iron cage ahead of time. However, Black Pearl’s reaction to Jing Yuan shocks everyone: when she sees her, she raises her hair, screams like a lion, and explodes her whole body, as if to break out of the iron cage. Black Pearl’s fierceness made Tang Xiuhua, who had kept the mastiff for many years, realize the seriousness of the problem:It had already made a feud with Jing Yuan. After biting Jing Yuan, the family punished it, but instead of resenting the owner, it put the score on Jing Yuan and will do more harm to her at any time.

Witnessing what is in front of her, Wu Zeying is even more disturbed: she has personal experience of this. The company’s main focus is on the development of a new product, the Mastiff. Wu Zeying was very dissatisfied with this. One day, they tied the Tibetan mastiff’s chain too long, the children were afraid to walk away from the dog, had to jump out of the window to school, and quarreled again. Wu Zeying scolded: men are busy with their careers, you are busy with dogs at home, I do not want to live with you, you live with the dog! Just when the couple was arguing more and more, the wife who was churning noodles took the bowl and hit her husband. The husband picked up a stool to fight, only to hear a thunderous roar as a dog broke free from its chain and pounced. Scared, she hurriedly retreated into the dining room and closed the door, the dog jumped straight at the door. The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

Wu Zeying has always remembered the storm more than a decade ago. Although she escaped death at the time, Wu Zeying still looks back on it years later. When she witnessed Black Pearl’s cruel revenge on Jing Yuan, she decided to kick Black Pearl out of the house. But Tang Xiuhua disagreed: it was winter, and he had already tied the black pearl in heat with seeds that would lay young in two more months. In Tang Xihua’s heart, Jing Yuan is his daughter-in-law, the Tibetan mastiff is also his child, the palm of his hand and the back of his hand are meat, he can not give up. Tang Xihua’s attitude made him the target of the family, and family conflicts intensified again.

Jing Yuan is a little upset with her father-in-law:What if he bites me once and bites me again? Is the dog more important than my life? Wu Zeying scolded her husband: If you don’t pull the black pearl into the kennel, I’ll sell it! You sell it try, try? Tang Xihua did not expect that the words have quickly become a fact. A month later, Tang Xiuhua went out. Wu Zeying took the opportunity to sell the black pearl to Mr. Zhou, who also liked the Tibetan mastiff for a long time. Before leaving, when the chain was put on, it was like an aggrieved child shedding tears.

A few days later, Tang Xiuhua came back. As soon as he entered the house, he noticed that the black pearl was gone:I didn’t see the black pearl pounce on him and affectionately shake its head and tail to lick him. I saw the stone with the black pearl tied in the yard. Hearing his wife say the black pearl sold, Tang Xihua felt the sky was falling: I finally bred an excellent variety of black pearl, you said sold, this is not digging my heart? He was furious and furious; Wu Zeying, who was thinking of his family, felt even more aggrieved. The two of them had to suppress their anger and organize the wedding for their son in order to save face.


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Tibetan Mastiff


III. Bride seeks dog alone

The lively wedding is over, but the pent-up anger in Tang Xiuhua’s heart cannot be quelled, and his longing for Black Pearl, instead of being diluted by time, grows with each passing day. As soon as he saw the stone lock and iron cage was tied to the black pearl, he missed the black pearl and hated his wife. The war between this old couple inevitably broke out. Tang Xiuhua, furious, rolls up her bunk and moves to the dog farm. The in-laws turned against each other and separated, making Jing Yuan, who had just entered the house, quite embarrassed. She doesn’t understand why her father-in-law is so paranoid:This approach is a bit crazy.

According to the local custom, the bride just after ten days can not go out, to be at home to receive the fortune. The company’s main goal is to provide a new way of life for the company. At the same time, in the chat with his mother-in-law and husband, Jing Yuan also learned that in order to find pure Tibetan mastiff, father-in-law dozens of times deep into remote pastoral areas, and even almost lost his life on the road; in order to cultivate excellent Tibetan mastiff offspring, he not only transferred their chemical enterprises, and invested decades of hard work, after many failures to breed pure Tibetan mastiff such as Black Pearl. These stories made Jing Yuan identify with her father-in-law’s feelings for Black Pearl from the bottom of her heart, and she had a bold idea.

Jing Yuan himself did not expect: after only a little more than half a month, she was able to put herself in her father-in-law’s shoes to re-examine the black pearl that was always in trouble with her: this is not just a dog, it is also a member of the family, like a child in the family. Now think about how my father-in-law felt at the time: how would you feel if someone sold your child while you were away? Because of yourself, make your family unhappy, it takes a bell-ringer to unring the bell, I’m going to find the dog. She found the phone number of Mr. Xi’an Zhou, the buyer of Black Pearl, and contacted him. She asked Mr. Zhou: Is her favorite black pearl adapted to the environment there? She wanted to see. Mr. Zhou said: Then you can come to Xi’an to see it.

From the very beginning, the idea of redeeming the Black Pearl was on her mind, and Jing Yuan knew that her family would not allow her, a newly married daughter-in-law, to redeem the Black Pearl. She made up a well-intentioned lie and told her mother-in-law that she had to go to the wedding of a very close friend. In order to redeem the Black Pearl and repair the rift in her family, Jing Yuan leaves home alone for the first time in her life and steps on a bus to Xi’an. In the car, she was excited to do something big for herself, but when she got off, she was silly: I didn’t know where to go.

In a strange city with surging crowds, Jing Yuan looked around bewildered, and she could only rely on the address she knew before she left, and followed the map to find Zhou, the buyer of the black pearl. But once she arrived at Zhou’s house, the black pearl was sold. It turns out that the black pearl was transferred because it was home-loving and did not adapt to its new environment. Jing Yuan did not expect that he hid from his family and rushed all the way to Xi’an, but he was in vain. Fortunately, the owner of the black pearl now lives in Xianyang, near Xi’an. Mr. Zhou agreed to accompany Jing Yuan to see the black pearl.


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Tibetan Mastiff


IV. The dog is excited

At the home of a Mr. Liu in Xianyang, Jing Yuan finally saw the black pearl. For a while, she had mixed feelings, especially finding her long-lost family. Tibetan mastiff is recognized as the world’s most loyal and fierce dog. But when she saw her past owner, Jing Yuan, the black pearl pounced and bit like a mortal enemy, leaving Zhou stunned. That is, until Jing Yuan pulls him aside and says she wants to redeem Black Pearl. Mr. Zhou realized why Jing Yuan, who was still on her honeymoon, had gone out of her way to come to Xi’an for a dog. It was possible to redeem the black pearl from a friend, and Zhou felt embarrassed to be caught in the middle.

Jing Yuan had to tell Mr. Zhou the truth about her family and the plate. Shocked, Mr. Zhou finally agreed to be a lobbyist for Jing Yuan. Things finally got some eyebrows, but the happy Jing Yuan didn’t expect it: the owner of the black pearl, Lao Liu, is a total mastiff fan, just like Tang Xihua, and his love for the black pearl is no less than Tang Xihua’s. When he heard that Jing Yuan wanted to redeem his baby, Old Liu unceremoniously gave a guest order. Both aggrieved and sad, Jing Yuan is unwilling to give up. She lives in Xianyang and went to Liu’s house several times and it was closed.

At this time, near the end of the year, people in a hurry are rushing home and the smell of New Year on the streets is getting stronger and stronger. Still on her newlywed honeymoon, but alone in a foreign land, Jing Yuan missed her distant home and family more and more.

More frustrated. Seeing Jing Yuan sad and disappointed, Mr. Zhou asked his friend Lao Liu out at night and said: Let’s think about it in a different way. If your family has a conflict over this mastiff, your children will find it after the transfer. If people won’t let you take it back, what should you do? In the end, Lao Liu said he was a little relieved that he didn’t agree at first. He promised to go back and discuss it with his family.

Sincere and sincere communication, there is room for maneuvering in the matter that has reached an impasse. Lao Liu proposed to meet Tang Xiuhua, the original owner of Black Pearl. When Lao Tang received the call, he heard Lao Liu and Lao Zhou say: Your daughter-in-law has been pestering to redeem the dog, so come yourself. He was happy and touched:I can’t imagine that my daughter-in-law can understand that my father-in-law misses the dog and goes to Xi’an. The next morning, Tang Xiuhua and his son, Tang Yuhong, hurriedly rushed to Xianyang. In the evening, father and son arrived at their destination. Before entering the Liu family’s gate, Tang Xihua heard a familiar voice: he seemed to have a premonition that Black Pearl usually welcomed him at home, like aggrieved and helpless. As soon as he entered the courtyard door, his daughter-in-law Jing Yuan excitedly pounced on the black pearl, hugging it and shedding old tears ……

The true feelings between Tang Xihua and Black Pearl completely disappeared as a barrier to Black Pearl’s return home. Old Liu gladly returned the black pearl to Tang Xihua, who promised to give Old Liu and Old Zhou a small mastiff. After several twists and turns, everyone was happy. Tang Xihua and his son and daughter-in-law happily set off on their way home.

The black pearl is smart enough to see someone it knows, someone it knows well, come to pick it up and know it’s going home. Maybe it could predict that it was Jing Yuan’s doing, maybe it didn’t quite understand, but it didn’t let her get as close to Jing Yuan as she used to, ready to pounce on her, and the hostility in its eyes wasn’t as great as before. At this point, Jing Yuan felt a little sorry for it: she had a good time at Tang’s house as she went, but she let it get away to wander for a while. This time when she came home, she had to communicate with it and bribe it to make friends with me.

Losing the returned baby back home, excitement and euphoria suddenly destroy the anger in Tang Xiuhua’s chest, and family harmony is finally restored. But next, how should Jing Yuan and Black Pearl, the arch-enemies, co-exist? This gives the Tang family a headache. Jing Yuan had the answer long ago: I have already figured out how to find it, how to communicate with it, I even thought about living with it and eating with it every day.

The Black Pearl is truly a child, with little resistance to the sugar-coated shells Jing Yuan has crafted with care, and meekly surrenders! >

Jing Yuan and Black Pearl finally turned their enemies into friends. The Tang family also regained the peace and tranquility of the past.

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