Dog barking meaning of dog barking



I. Barking meaning of barking

En-en sound:A continuous low, almost sobbing nasal sound. If it is continuous, it indicates increased pain and possibly illness or injury.

Squeak: When a dog suddenly suffers severe pain, it emits a short, high squeak. If it is stepped on or pinched, other dogs will come forward to comfort it, but the injured dog cannot tell its companions why it was pinched or what it was pinched by

Beer-whine:A long, high to low, howling sound, like a wolf howl. Expresses pain, boredom, or a call to a distant friend

Beer-whine:The sound a dog makes when it is sad and lonely. For example, a puppy leaving its mother, not reaching its desire, begging for its master, etc. The sound that time makes.

King-King sound:A high pitched king sound indicates finding a situation to alert a companion or owner, such as a stranger breaking in; a short low pitched king sound indicates pleasure or a request, such as the owner coming home or begging.

Oh-oh sound: A short, continuous, loud bark is used to intimidate each other when the dog encounters an enemy or is alerted, such as a stranger walking through the dog’s door or two dogs meeting on a narrow path.

Oh-oh sound:When the oh sound becomes lower and the syllables longer and heavier, it is very threatening and indicates that the dog is about to attack, such as when a stranger walks in front of the dog, or when a dog in a narrow path fails to yield.

Happy song: When dogs are happy, they can produce a distinctive, rhythmic bark accompanied by harmonica and piano. We call this barking the dog’s happy song.


How to train a dog to bark



Second, the dog barking in the middle of the night

There are usually three reasons for barking in the middle of the night:

1. If the dog has just been brought back, it may be because it is afraid of changing to a new environment.

2. It could also be because there is noise nearby, and dogs’ ears are much more sensitive than the human ear. Sometimes dogs hear sounds that their ears can’t hear, and this can make them anxious.

3. The third possibility is that the dog is sick. Take him to the vet.



Teach your dog how to greet guests quietly


III. How to train a dog to bark

1. Training mantra

Bark, quiet.

2. Training hand gestures

Move the index finger of your right hand in front of your chest.

3. Training methods

Method 1: Lure the dog to bark with food.

Method 2: Use the dog’s active defense response to elicit barking. After the dog owner brings the dog to him, the assistant teacher slowly approaches the dog from a distance and makes enough movements to get the dog’s attention. The dog owner’s right hand points at the assistant teacher and gives the barking code.

Method 3: Use the dog’s attachment to the dog owner to elicit a bark. Take the dog to an unfamiliar and quiet place, tied to a solid object, where the dog owner tries to arouse the dog, then immediately leaves the dog some distance away, turns around and calls the dog’s name with a bark code. The dog will bark excitedly at the sight of the dog owner walking away and hearing his name called. The dog owner should immediately run to the dog, give a pat and food reward, and then let the dog swing.

4. Precautions

1 To get the dog conditioned to the barking code and gesture as quickly as possible, the owner should reward the dog for barking loudly or quietly.

2 Dogs should not bark too much in a row at the same training time to avoid inhibition.

3 Do not call the dog’s name before each down call code to avoid generalization of the code by the dog. :>


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