I. Choose by packaging

Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu


I. Selection by packaging

1. Formal packaging

The criteria that a truly safe and wholesome snack product must have is official packaging that bears the brand name, date of manufacture, nutritional ratio table, manufacturer’s address, production registration number, business registration number and local business registration lot number. In addition to the above elements, imported snacks need to be equipped with Chinese instructions indicating national or local agency information. Only the quality of such packaged snacks can be guaranteed.

2. White packaging

The so-called white packaging is a transparent bag without the necessary information such as trademark and production date. Some are vacuum-packed and some are just simple plastic packaging. This kind of snack gives an illusion of hygiene because it is cheap and packaged. But its quality is usually inconsistent.

3. Bulk

Many snacks are sold in some wholesale markets at relatively much cheaper prices, but they often come without any packaging, the date of manufacture cannot be verified, and passing guests can pick up and taste the dog, which can easily cause bacterial cross-contamination, so the health and safety risks should not be underestimated.

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Chicken snacks are common in the market, and chicken is cheap, so many manufacturers prefer to use it as an ingredient. You must choose an official and big brand for choosing meat snacks. For example, Ruth, Naughty, etc. Many small manufacturers will use sick chicken as an ingredient. So if you have to use chicken snacks, don’t go for cheap.


II. Choose by ingredients





II. Selection by composition

1. Dried meat

There are many different kinds and shapes of jerky, and it is almost always one of the favorite snacks for dogs. The main one is chicken jerky, followed by beef and duck meat. Jerky is usually dry, with varying moisture content, and can be divided into several types.

Purchasing points: jerky with low moisture content stores for a long time and tastes hard for young dogs with good teeth; jerky with high moisture content is softer and smells good, but is prone to spoilage and should not be bought too much at a time. Also, try to choose a brand or jerky that your dog has eaten before so that your dog doesn’t get sick because of hygiene issues.

2. Dairy products

Cheese snacks are good for regulating a dog’s gut, but not all dogs like the taste. There are many kinds of snacks, such as cheese slices and cheese sticks.

Buying point: If your dog’s stomach is sensitive to milk, it is best not to try it as it may cause diarrhea. Also, as a reminder, you’d better taste it before you buy your dog a snack. I tasted it once very sweet. I really don’t know if I put the wrong flavoring in it.

3. Sausages

Similar people eat convenient sausages in red plastic paper with a small amount of meat and starch that smell good, are cheap and easy to feed.

Note: You need to buy the official brand of sausage because you can’t see the ingredients of the sausage and it’s cheap so it’s hard to grasp the quality of the product.

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Duck snacks are similar to chicken, but are more fireproof for summer. Fish snacks recommend Ocean Star. His family is mainly fish, dog food and snacks have been based on fish, all fresh sea fish, but still, parents should be reminded to make sure your dog fish is not allergic. Allergies are generally gnawing toes, itchy toes. Severe vomiting.


III. Choose by function and non-function





III. Selection based on functional and non-functional

1. Bites

They are usually made from bite-resistant meat skins such as cowhide, cow ears, beef tendons, and sheep hooves. The meat is dry and easy to store, good for grinding and tartar removal for dogs, and tastes better than bites. In addition, they are mostly made into skeletal models to make dogs more interested in biting.

Purchase point: Depending on the size of the dog, decide how much bite to buy for the dog. If it’s too big, the dog will lose interest in biting. If it’s too small, it’s easy for the dog to swallow.

2. Tooth cleaning

Teeth cleaning snacks are usually synthetic and hard. Add meat to whet your dog’s appetite for biting, or add mint spice to remove bad breath when your dog bites.

Sourcing Essentials:This dog snack comes in a wide variety of shapes, some of which are cute, and is a very happy dog snack for owners to buy.

3. General snacks

They don’t have cleaning and teeth grinding capabilities, but they are also essential treats for pet training, including our common cookies, chicken strips, sandwiches, etc. Usually these snacks are palatable, small and portable, and are especially good for dogs with poorly grown or trained teeth.

4. Nutritious snacks

Manufacturers often mix a number of health medications into these snacks, such as bone meal, grooming powder, chicken powder, multivitamins, trace minerals, etc. This makes them more nutritionally complete and gradually exerts effects such as enhanced digestion, immune system, beautiful hair and skin in pets.

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Functional snacks are divided into teeth cleaners and chews, which are usually made specifically to clean your dog’s mouth and teeth; and non-functional snacks are divided into regular snacks and nutritional snacks.


Fourth, the choice of dog snacks focus

Judging your dog's health by its poop

title=”Judging your dog’s health by its poop”



Four, the focus of the choice of dog snacks

1. Healthy nutrition

The only thing that owners want for their dogs to grow is healthy, unhealthy snacks that also tend to cause indigestion, constipation, and physical discomfort. So when choosing snacks for your dog, choose foods that are nutritious. Such as beef jerky, chicken jerky, etc.

2. Snacking with plenty

You can’t feed your dog a single snack for a long time; this can easily lead to anorexia and lack of nutrition in the body, slowing the dog’s growth. When choosing snacks, you can choose a variety of products such as jerky, cookies, etc. With a wide range of products to match, you can change the snacks for your dog every day with different flavors to ensure that the dog is fresh for the food and the body does not delay the absorption of nutrients.

3. Snacks that are easy to store

Dogs cannot eat food that has been stored for a long time in a short period of time, so storage time and quality are very important. You can try choosing dry snacks that are stored at room temperature for a long time.

4. Snacks and main meals should not be confused

Snacks for dogs should never replace the main meal. Owners should provide snacks for their dogs while ensuring that they eat a regular daily diet. For example, going for a walk and providing your dog with the right amount of snacks while relaxing on the grass is the best care for your dog.

The healthy development of a dog is entirely in the care of its parents. They care about the dog very much but they should not spoil it. An overindulged dog will have some bad problems like disobedience, picky eating, etc., which is not good for the owner.

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Parents often like to prepare snacks for their dog for leisure and playtime when they can give it treats. Of course, they should give it as a reward when training the dog. It can be said that snacks are indispensable things in the house. It not only satisfies the dog’s appetite requirements, but also is a beneficial substance to connect the dog and human emotions. The choice of snacks also requires attention to the method. Dogs should not eat any snacks.

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