Price of Pine Stiff across China



Pine Siskin


Prices of Pine Siskin across China

I. Changchun Pinscher Price

Around 1500 to 2000>

II. Price of Pekingese

Around 1800 to 3000>

III. Price of Chengdu Pine Stiff

Yellow:about 600-10,000>

White:about 1600-30000>

Black:about 800-15000>

IV. Price of Shanghai Pinscher

The price of a Shanghai pine conure is the same as the whole country. The price of a pine squirrel is around 800 to 12,000

External pine martens, including American and Russian pine martens, can be bought for 1-2,000 for a good one

V. Xi’an Pine Stiff price

Generally in the range of 1000 to 4000.

Adults typically range from 5,000 to 15,000.

Race-grade pines cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Meat-mouthed pine martens are a little more expensive than regular pine martens.

If you differentiate prices by pine lion color scheme, from highest to lowest: white pine lion blue pine lion red pine lion black pine lion.

As for American and Russian pine martens, the price difference between the two is not significant and generally does not distinguish between prices, although, of course, there may be sellers who use this as a reason to raise prices

The following is for reference only>

Racing pine lions: 50,000>

Black racing pine marten: 50,000>

White pine marten: 9000>

Purebred Pine Puppy: 30,000>

Meat-mouthed pine lion: 2000>

Pine Stiff breeders: 30,000>

Pine Stiff breeding females: 30,000>

Baby pine lions: 3000>

Pine mating: 2000>

Pine Siskin 2 months: 5000>

Pine Siskin 4 months: 10,000>

VI. Price of purebred pine lions

Purebred:Price around 1000-3000>

Race level:around $8,000>

VII. Black Pinscher Prices

Black is cheaper, around 1000 to 1500

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Revealing the Top 10 Damaging Tricks of Dog Dealers



Pine Siskin


Uncovering the Top 10 Damaging Tricks of Dog Dealers

Tip #1: Hide your age

Strictly speaking, dogs should leave their mothers after they are half a year old because until they are half a year old, resistance will be low and breast milk has antibodies to bacteria that can help dogs fight viruses. But dogs are two kids a year, so it will keep the mother from coming into heat and having a second kid, so a month or two will be two months, some even less than a month, and we all know the dog is too young, so many dog dealers will report the age of the dog.

Two: Conceal the lack of filling

If they bring back a dog with a defect, they will deliberately turn off the 99 and deliberately lead you to see something else and not notice the defect. A friend of mine bought a dog draped over his feet, meaning the dog dealer just put the dog in a cage and said he would escape and was fooled.

Tip #3: Dyeing

In general, many people have been fooled by the bleaching of spotted dogs, beardie dogs spotted dogs, beardie dogs and pure white famous dogs.

Tip #4: Conceal the dog’s breed

This trick is generally used to say small earth dogs as pine lions really kind of like them when they were little, large white bears. Japanese silver fox said Seymour, Labrador said Golden as a child to touch the same, experts can not distinguish, sometimes combined with the third move.

Tip #5: Change the breed through beauty

Most often Pekingese become Shrike, long-haired dogs become short-haired dogs, and so on, so if you see a beautiful dog, beware.

Tip #6: serum for sick dogs

In this way, the dog will change its spirit within two or three days after the serum, and the disease clear will be suppressed, the imported serum is more effective, but the serum effect will be more severe, some people buy a dog is to prevent disease will serum, but do not know that if the dog is sick your condition will be a lot of trouble again.

Tip #7: Stop the bleeding

Many dogs with the small virus of distemper develop blood that can be temporarily stopped by injection, but the mortality rate is high if not treated immediately, but you don’t know that when you buy the dog.

Move 8: Whitewash

Washing a dog, even if you see that his eyes, ears and anus are clean, and even if you follow what the book says, you won’t find anything, so a well-washed dog should be careful.

Ninth move: spray dog perfume dog

Many sick dogs, especially those with skin conditions, can have an unpleasant odor. At this point, spraying perfume after a bath can mask the smell, so when you see a delicious dog, don’t fall in love with it right away. This action is also used on dogs. For example, Shar-Pei, Cocker Spaniel, Pekingese, etc.

Tip #10: Conceal the origin

The trick of presenting a dog from the dog market as your own and grooming him in disguise will be a hundred times more successful in fooling first time dog buyers.

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How to choose a good puppy?




Pine Siskin


How to choose a good puppy? >

Usually when you buy online, the seller will give side and front photos

If you buy a dog online, you must ask for a photo of the selling side. This is very important to determine if the dog’s skeleton is healthy.

The puppy is standing completely on its own and does not need help. The side view should give a solid, strong impression. The angle of the thigh bone is greater than 90 degrees, the calf bone is slightly longer than the thigh bone, and the fly joint is perpendicular to the ground. Although the angle between the thighbone and pelvis is slightly larger, it accentuates the strength of the hind limbs.

The backline is flat and the back looks a bit slanted due to the angle of the hind drive. This symbolic slant of the back gives the puppy an exaggerated and powerful entire hind drive.

It shows better cosmetic features, with correct brow bones and a straight nose, and a very full tone on the sides.

Most importantly, this is a stand-up pose done independently by the puppy, showing good bone structure and a strong desire to show off, with great potential for participation.

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Small profile: Introduction to the pine lion

[German Shepherd Price] _ German Shepherd Price Survey Across the Country

title=”[German Shepherd Price] _ German Shepherd Price Survey Across the Country”

Pine Siskin


Small profile: Introduction to pine lions

Breed name: Chow Chow Breed Standard

Place of origin: China

Body Type: Medium-sized dog

Life expectancy: about 10-13 years

Breed Description: Often referred to as the Chow, the Pine Siskin is a very old breed that has lost its accurate history in ancient China. It is now well known that Chow is easily identified by pottery and sculpture from the Han Dynasty. A number of other prehistoric antiquities suggest that the breed is much older. He may have originally come from the Arctic and then moved to Mongolia, Siberia, and China.

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