I. Ma’s little prince is worth $40 million

Tibetan mastiff

title=”Tibetan mastiff”

Tibetan Mastiff


A. Ma Junren’s “Little Prince” worth 40 million

Currently, the most expensive in China is the mastiff raised by legendary Chinese track and field coach Ma Junren, vice president of the Canine Branch of the Chinese Herding Association and chairman of the Chinese Tibetan mastiff: the Little Prince! Some Koreans countered with $20 million and $40 million! >

Ma Junren has loved dogs since he was a kid, but more than a decade ago he loved Tibetan mastiffs, and in recent years he has really fallen in love with them. It is understood that the Tibetan mastiff is a unique breed of dog in China, and is now a second-class protected animal. In recent years, the Tibetan mastiff genetic instability, promiscuity phenomenon is serious, resulting in Tibetan mastiff pedigree is not pure. According to information shows that at present, China’s pure blood good quality Tibetan mastiff less than 100, less than 300 Tibetan mastiffs worldwide. Therefore, Ma Junren decided to use the energy of cultivating world champions to cultivate and expand China’s excellent Tibetan mastiff breed. In recent years, Ma Junren visited the domestic Tibetan mastiff breeding area, extensive search for quality Tibetan mastiff, not hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy quality Tibetan mastiff. He used kinesiology-related theory of scientific conditioning to tame the Tibetan mastiff. Today, some Tibetan mastiff boutique in Ma Junren breeding center healthy growth, some people laughingly called this is another horse army.

Ma Junren, a former field marshal, became the chairman of the Chinese Tibetan Mastiff Association. During the meeting, someone gave Ma Junren a word – Mastiff God. In an interview with our reporter, Ma Junren talked about the Tibetan mastiff and was full of words, and the topic involved athletics, but he excused himself. Ma Junren began to raise dogs in 1986. In the past 20 years, dogs, Pekingese, sheepdogs to full-time Tibetan mastiff, the old horse found a lot of dog scriptures. According to his own words, his book was cancelled as soon as it was released. In Lao Ma’s opinion, the Tibetan mastiff represents the verve of a man. He also recommends that Chinese men keep Tibetan mastiffs.


Two, pure small Tibetan mastiff price

Tibetan Mastiff

title=”Tibetan Mastiff”

Tibetan Mastiff


Second, the price of pure small Tibetan mastiff

Prices range from tens of thousands to tens of millions the following Tibetan mastiff name price reference>

Chigu: currently priceless the most expensive dog 2 million . Little Prince:40 million. Tibetan mastiff bonus:30 million. Black wolf:30 million. Central Plains:20 million. Mastiff King:3,900,000. JiangYuan overlord:3.8 million.

Tibetan mastiff western border:8 million. Tibetan mastiff male leopard:16 million. Tibetan mastiff golden egg:30 million. Western One:4 million. Golden lion king:10 million. Tianlong:1.2 million. Snow lion:2 million

Ma Junren Tibetan mastiff price / the most expensive Tibetan mastiff price: price 4 million >

Now the most expensive one in China is the little prince of Ma Junren, with a price of 40 million. In fact, this price is also Ma Junren’s own words. At that time, the South Koreans wanted to buy it, and the price was 20 million. He insisted not to sell. South Korea said you can sell what price, Ma Junren said 40 million. But the South Koreans could only end up paying 2 million for a young prince’s son. Later, the second level price was defined as Chigu, and the price was reported as 3000.

Tibetan mastiff breeding price: 30,000 per breeding s

Tiger Tibetan mastiff price at about 5000

Iron wrapped gold Tibetan mastiff price in about 8000

Ningbo Tibetan mastiff price: tens of thousands of mongrel, hundreds of thousands of purebred


Three, pure Tibetan mastiff standard

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Tibetan Mastiff

Three, pure Tibetan mastiff standard

1. Overall appearance: According to the overall appearance of the Tibetan mastiff, it can be divided into lion type and tiger type.

1 Lion type: can be divided into large lion head type and small lion head type.

Lion-head style: The mane at the back of the head and around the neck is erect and the hair is about 20 cm long, looking like a hero, solemn and serious.

Lion head style:The mane around the head and neck is short, the head wind is small, and the expression is calm. It looks like a lion.

2 Tiger shape:The dog has a large head, a less short mane around the head and neck, a wide mouth, a short nose, and a shape like a tiger.

2. Temperament: full of territoriality and autonomy.

3. Head:The head is wide, the skull is wide, the distance between the back of the head on the dog’s nose is large and long, and it looks like a square head, but it is actually domed. The nasal barrel is wide and full, square in shape.

4. Eyes: The eyes are yellowish-brown, mainly triangular in shape with some eyeballs hidden under the upper eyelids and the red fleshy fundus of the lower eyes exposed below the eyes.

5. The ears are triangular in shape, naturally drooping, with larger ears close to the face.

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