I. Cake, three pets wedding cake

Pet cake

Pet wedding cake

I. Cake, three pet wedding cake

How can a perfect wedding be without a wedding cake? So a delicious cake can’t be missing, but normal bakery cakes are not suitable for pets because of the high sugar and salt. Ark recommends three pet cakes that can be ordered online:

1. Garfield’s Pet Cake

100% handmade with fresh and natural ingredients, 100% handmade with no salt, sugar, artificial preservatives, antioxidants, or artificial colors. This cake is available in 6″ and 8″ and is three dimensional and cute. You can also customize the dog’s name to connect the two couples’ names together, which is quite sweet. The reference price is between $128-168.

2. Little Things Home Heart to Heart Cake

The product is homemade and processed with fresh ingredients, no salt, no sugar, preservatives, additives, etc. This fruit heart-shaped cake is 6 inches large and has a reference price of $58.

3. Bubble Pet Heart Shaped Duck Cake

Bubble Pet produces cakes that his family focuses on making pet cakes with fresh ingredients, recipes that are completely based on the structure of your pet’s diet, no preservatives, etc., and sanitary standards that people can eat together. This heart-shaped duck cake is 8 inches and the reference price is $128.

[Ark ReviewA delicious and exquisite cake is the focal point of a wedding, so the choice is very important. In addition, we should be aware that cakes have a limited shelf life. It is better to eat it on the same day, otherwise we have to keep it in the refrigerator.


II. Dishes, three delicious and sophisticated pet snacks

Pet Snacks

Pet snacks

Two, dishes, three delicious and sophisticated pet snacks

Vegetables and grains of any kind, no matter how nutritious, are not as completely digested and absorbed as meat. Therefore, I recommend three delicious, healthy, and sophisticated chicken snacks that will satisfy your pet’s appetite on the table:

1. Pure Meat First Class Soft Chicken Breast Whole Branch

Made from whole chicken breasts, the flavorful meat is soft and tough. Rich in high quality protein and low in fat. This product is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages. A whole chicken breast that is so drool-worthy to look at, your pet may slip out at the wedding. Reference price 400g, $35.

2. Crystal Honey Sesame Chicken Rings

Chicken rings are flavorful, firm, low-fat, and rich in high-quality protein. The main ingredient is high-protein, low-fat chicken breast strips, which can well regulate infants’ digestive system and strengthen immunity. Suitable for all dogs. Chicken Rings with honey and sesame seeds should be appetizing to those pets with a sweet tooth. The crystal look and sweet honey are perfect for wedding dishes. The reference price is 400g for $15.

3. Sandwich chicken cod sushi roll

Made with chicken breast and deep-sea cod, the strips are brightly colored, meaty, tough, tasty and firm, low-fat and rich in high-quality protein. Suitable for whole dogs and cats. The pink sushi rolls look lovely. Sandwich chicken cod is a bit symbolic? Reference price 400g, $18.

[The food at Ark’s wedding will make your pet very happy. But these are snacks and too much will make you thirsty, so remember to provide your pet with plenty of water at the same time.


3. Dessert, pet wedding sweet party

Pet desserts

Pet desserts

Three, dessert, pet wedding sweet party

Symbolizing sweet love, how could there be no dessert? Here are three kinds of pet desserts:

1. Nutritious yogurt pastry

This one is handmade by MaMa. It is rich in protein and lactic acid bacteria, with only a little sweetness, similar to cheese. The taste is much more refreshing than cheesecake. This one is suitable for the whole family and pets. Reference price 40g, $8.

Love Manifesto Dessert

This dessert is made by Pet Bakehouse. A selection of wheat flour, eggs, dog-friendly milk powder and a variety of meat and fruits and vegetables are used to make the cake embryo. The egg white foam, a foaming process that increases the workload, is used. The reference price is 150g for $27.


, Teething Chicken Biscuits

This one is also made by Bubble Pet. The cookies are infused with chicken powder which dogs love for its teeth-grinding effect. Reference price 100g, $9.60.

[Ark reviews these desserts will definitely get you and your pet’s fingers tingling. There are so many delicious treats at weddings. I’m sure the dogs will love it.

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