Is Pleasant easy to keep

A combination of noble, calm, gorgeous, playful and understanding, Pleasants are alert without being gentle, beautiful without being proud, and have a surprisingly communicative aura. It will kiss your hand, even if there is no food; it will lick your wounds and soothe the pain you have suffered.


1 Pleasant has a long coat but does not shed, usually with a steel comb, which can be combed. The coat is very well groomed, and even if you don’t go to the groomer for the rest of your life, it still looks beautiful.

2 He is not very athletic. It can train tricks and is awesome to take out on outings with friends.

3 He is not a big eater compared to the Satsuma.


1 Barking

Heelerty loves to bark, especially when he is happy.

2 Hates training

Pleasant is stubborn and plays dumb when he doesn’t want to listen.


1 Pleasants don’t like to change their habits very much. They settle on one place to sleep and usually don’t want to change it.

2 Pleasants are smart, adaptable, and friendly. In the minds of some breeders, it is the best medium-sized pet dog. He is loyal and enthusiastic to his owner and is very easy to train because they are quite sensual and naturally happy to be with their owner.

If you are hygienic enough to sweep the fur off your Pleasant at home every day, sticky enough to remove the fur from your clothes, and you can bathe him when he is dirty and carefully blow dry his fur, then you have discovered what a lovely dog Pleasant is.

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