TOP 1:Superman Dog Superman Superman Costume

TOP 1:Superman Dog

Always ready!

What is it? There’s been an accident up ahead? I’m coming, don’t worry! Design dialogue

After appearing online recently on a Chinese forum as Ice the husky dog in a Superman suit, the Daily Mail reported, the picture has attracted an enthusiastic following from netizens and the number of hits has soared.

The husky dog is a five-year-old female dog. She was dressed up as Superman in lingerie and a red cape by her owner and was particularly popular with viewers. Some internet users even said they laughed and fell off their chairs.

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Star item: Dog Superman costume

Product description: I’m sure the model dog will catch your attention immediately! Very pretty and cute, this dress but six months after arriving in the dress, the popularity can be imagined! >

Price: $14 – $29>


TOP 2: FBI dog and FBI Federal SWAT suit

That one over there, don't you go away, it's you, I'm fbi, why do you see

The one over there, don’t you go! I am! fbi, still running? The fbi, still running? I told you to run! Design dialogue

TOP 2: FBI Dogs

On November 5, 2009, a pet dog, Fawn Dog, is muzzled in the FBI’s logo FBI uniform and walks down the street to attract attention in Enshi, Hubei Province. cfp

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Star Item: FBI Federal Trooper Uniform/Raincoat

Product Description: This product is triple effective for windproof, rainproof and warmth, showing off the dashing baby. The design is simple and fashionable, the cut is flattering, elaborate for the dog treasure: the most ignorant fashion pet clothing, wear it, make your dog more handsome and lively. More adorable.

Price: $40>


TOP 3: Camouflage dog and ISPET camouflage dog pattern coat

At ease! Stand at attention! You, that's you, where's your head at?

Take a little break! Stand at attention! You, that’s you, where’s the head? Design dialogue>

TOP 3: Camouflage Dog

A dog in camouflage learns to walk upright under the guidance of its owner in a hilarious move in Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province, Nov. 6, 2009. Today, some dog owners are very fond of their dogs, dressing up dazzlingly and guiding them to learn some showmanship. cfp

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Star Item: ISPET Camo Dog Pattern Pet Jacket

Product description: The military complex has had a profound impact on the fashion industry, with camouflage clothing outfits popping up all over the place. It is still popular this winter. The traditional camouflage army is green, personalized style design is tough. Designers arranged unique camouflage patterns with various dog patterns. The hats have brown fur trim and the double pockets on the back are stylish.

Price: $80


Examples of other type dogs

Examples of other types of dogs

Fashionable Pet Life: luxury goods eyeing pet dogs

Ninja dogs, in absolute master style!

Fashionable pet life: luxury goods eyeing pet dogs

The fire dog that serves the people, the type dog deserves it.

Fashionable pet life: luxury goods eyeing pet dogs

A Spider-Man dog, it’s a must to have style.

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