How white-collar workers should schedule time with their dogs

Alaskan Sled Dog

Alaskan Sled Dog

How white collar workers should schedule time with their dogs

Get up at 6am and take your dog downstairs for a walk. On the one hand, getting up early will solve the problem of walking your dog. On the other hand, proper exercise will energize you throughout the day and make you feel better. At the same time, it is a good opportunity for obese people to lose weight. White collar workers and office workers in the city know that although they often work at 9:00, you must have enough time to start early.

Go out to work at 8:00. Don’t forget to give your dog plenty of food mostly midday, fresh water, and toys before you leave, and touch your dog’s head as you say goodbye.

9:00 – 17:00 office hours. Think about what it’s doing when you have time! >

Go home at 18:00 sharp. After a long day, you must cuddle your dog for a while and then have dinner with your dog you eat your food, he eats his.

19:00 Take your dog out for at least an hour. After dinner, take your dog out for a walk to relieve stress after a stressful day at work. I’m sure you’ll be very comfortable.

Whether you’re watching TV or playing on the computer, don’t forget he’s there, spend some time playing games with him and he’ll have a blast.

End the day at 23:00 and go to sleep. Remember to send your dog home to bed. These days pet dogs aren’t rural watchdogs who work at night! >

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You should take your dog outdoors as much as possible on weekends and holidays, and taking your dog on an outing with a friend is a good suggestion. Usually, if you are busy with work, you should try to spend as much time with him as possible. Since you chose to get a dog, you should be responsible for him and not let him become a depressed dog.


2. How do you get your dog to learn to be alone? ①



2. How do you get your dog to learn to be alone?

1. Gentle communication method

Scientists believe that although many animals have higher IQs than dogs in understanding people’s words, actions, table speech, expressions and even emotional understanding. Therefore, communication with dogs is not only necessary, but effective.

Before you go out, you must affectionately tell him where you want to go and wait at home, telling him that you will take him out when you return and that there will be a tasty reward. If possible, leave him some tasty snacks or put your dog’s favorite things on a toy bone or dog chew. Dogs that are good at understanding their humans will get a lot of comfort from communication.

The Developing Confidence Method

Confident dogs are less prone to anxiety. You may want to play more games with your dog during the day to fully praise and commend him for his excellent performance in the game and to boost his self-confidence.

3. Slow separation method

Give him some treats, leave for a few minutes and come back. Although this is a short separation, the dog will still jump for joy as if he has been separated for a long time. After that, the separation lengthens gradually, leaving the house multiple times a day, until the dog is too lazy to ignore you in and out of the house, unaffected by the separation.


2. How do you get your dog to learn to be alone? ②

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

4. Excessive exercise

Before you go out, you can take your dog outside to exercise and let him exert too much energy. That way, the dog will come home tired and want to sleep.

5. Distraction method

You can give him an old shirt or sock that is covered in your scent. The familiar scent will make him feel that you are still with him and he will feel safe. Provide your dog with fun toys often to keep him focused on playing, distracting him from his restlessness and forgetting about being alone. Toys that make sounds are great.

In short, communicate regularly with your dog, share your feelings with him, encourage him, praise him, help foster your harmonious and close relationship, promote his physical and mental health, and allow him to fully enjoy being home alone.

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It is impossible to spend all day with your pet because of your daily work, overtime and socializing. As an owner, you may feel guilty for leaving your active, loving dog home alone, or worry that he will chew something, or disturb the neighbors by barking and whimpering because he is lonely. If you come home to find a messy room with pee and poop everywhere, will you be angry or flat? If these phenomena occur, the dog has not yet learned to be alone, so try the above methods to relieve loneliness and isolation.


III. Pay attention to pet home safety

Butterfly dog

Butterfly dogs

III. Pay attention to pet home safety

1. Pay attention to the balconies and windows in your home

Most cities are high-rise buildings with windows that are potentially dangerous to pets. In addition to windows, most balconies are designed with only human safety in mind, and many gaps are at risk of causing pets to fall. So be sure to increase balcony and window fencing, and gaps that are too wide should be sealed with wire mesh. Try to avoid placing climbing objects such as chairs or wooden boxes in front of windows and balconies that cannot be sealed. When you go out, always remember to close windows and balcony doors.

Pay attention to the wires in your home

To make sure there are no exposed cords in the house, it is best to disconnect the power while the owner is out sleeping. If you need to leave your dog alone in the house, you should keep him in a room without wires to prevent him from chewing on them when he gets bored.

3. Pay attention to the ropes and strings in your home

Kittens and dogs are particularly attracted to string and string, mistaking them for toys. If accidentally swallowed, they can block their intestines and may even cause choking. Often they are playing with curtain strings and blinds and can get tangled up and may be injured or strangled. So it’s best to clean the cords and strings in your home and sewing threads must be stored in a locker or drawer. Curtain cords must be knotted or shortened in length so that pets do not pull them at will.

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Some of our friends believe that pets are safe in the home. In fact, there are many potential dangers even in the home at any time. Therefore, a competent homeowner must take care to take some necessary steps to prevent the risk of accidents.


Smart Pet Dogs White Collar Living Well

Previewing New Year's Day Popular five training and doggie bonding

German Shepherd

Smart pet dogs live a good white collar life

We all know what white-collar is, most of them are people who work in offices and do mental work. As time progresses and the gears of society move forward, people’s living water products are also improving. The information age has made the world a global village, which undoubtedly brings great pressure to white-collar workers. In the pressure of work and fast-paced life, many white-collar workers suffer from different degrees of mental illness. It is necessary to find a person to talk to. Pets are the first choice for white-collar workers.

The Maltese:said to have the elegant name of nobility among dogs, is lively and sensitive, affectionate and expressive towards people.

Japanese dogs:Lively, loved ones, especially for fashionable women.

Pomeranian: small in stature, does not occupy an area, cheerful, lively, no body odor, less hair loss, and then suitable for women.

Poodle:It has the title of the king of grooming, is smart and beautiful, and best complements the elegance of its mistress.

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Although white-collar workers are under a lot of stress at work, when they come home they have a smart pet dog by their side. They listen to you talk about their inner pain and stress and actually release your depressed heart. This is a great way to reduce white-collar stress. When you live with your pet dog, you can also enjoy the happiness it brings you. Although pet dogs can occasionally give you trouble, they are always the most loyal companions of human beings.

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