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I. Golden Retriever IQ Golden Retriever IQ Ranking>

The Golden Retriever has a high IQ, equivalent to a 6 to 7 year old. In the international dog IQ ranking, the Golden Retriever IQ ranks fourth in the dog industry.

Rank 1 ~ Most 10-year-old dogs understand new commands after hearing them five times and remember them easily. They are more than 95% likely to comply when given by their owners. In addition, they will respond to a command within seconds of hearing it, even if their owner is at a distance. They learn well even if the person training them is inexperienced.


How do I train my Golden?

They can be trained to be a good dog.

Tips for Developing Your Dog's Honest Character

Golden Retrievers

2. How to train a Golden

1. Make the muzzle clear. Because the Golden is very sensitive, it is best to use short, clearly pronounced phrases when training in order for it to understand and remember, and it is not advisable to say them repeatedly. In addition, when giving commands, avoid loud or angry. Also, the same code should be used in a different tone of voice for Golden Retrievers with different temperaments. For example, if you squat, you should command a nervous Golden Retriever gently or refreshingly, while a lively Golden Retriever should command it loudly and decisively. Breeders should choose a different approach depending on their Golden Retriever’s personality.

2. Eliminate the rough approach. Like any animal, the Golden Retriever is very wary of people, and the most important thing is to force the Golden Retriever to obey through physical punishment. From the dog’s standpoint, unexplained beatings and kicks will only give the impression of abuse. If it is a very powerful owner, the Golden Retriever dog may obey out of fear. However, dogs raised in such an environment have extreme insecurities and sometimes attack vulnerable children or older people, or even bite. Therefore, when a Golden Retriever disobeys a command, command loudly and shoot the Golden Retriever in the face with a water gun, most dogs will calm down.

3. Train anytime, anywhere. There is a misconception that there is a time limit on Golden Retriever training, but that is actually wrong. We should patiently teach the Golden Retriever what to do and what not to do during some of our daily routines, such as walks, meals, and visitors.

4. Don’t praise too much. Unlike teaching a baby, praise for the Golden Retriever is limited to the times when the Golden Retriever is very obedient. If you praise him all the time, it will confuse him and he won’t know when to be praised, making future training more difficult.

5. Be patient. The Golden is not an animal that can be taught just once or twice and immediately remember and do as he is told. It needs to develop a memory over the course of constant training. Therefore, it requires patience and constant training.

6. Develop adaptability. Golden Retrievers often avoid things they don’t like, or bark at it, or simply destroy it. This can sometimes be a big problem for the owner. In this case, first be patient, never be impatient, and allow the Golden Retriever to slowly approach what it doesn’t like while constantly talking in a gentle voice to calm it down. If you beat and scold the dog at this time, it will make the Golden Retriever hide even further away.

7. Correct in time. When a Golden Retriever is ready to do something he can’t do, he should stop it loudly and decisively. If you scold him later, the Golden Retriever will understand why and continue to do the things he can’t do. More seriously, the Golden Retriever is often scolded for unknown reasons, and the Golden Retriever will gradually become distrustful of his owner and stop listening to his commands.

8. Don’t compare. Golden retrievers have different abilities. Therefore, we should train at an adaptive pace. We can’t compare ourselves to other Golden Retrievers, so we think, “Our Golden Retriever is really bad at understanding.” . Have confidence in your Golden Retriever. :>

Golden Retrievers

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