How do you name a dog?

The dog is named after the dog.



I. Dog naming?

1. The most simple and catchy name

This kind of dog name is very common, such as: Ding Ding, Dang Dang, Xiao Bai, Doudou, Ball, Bear, etc., or English names: Lucy, Jack, Coco, etc. all belong to this way of starting. The feature is that it is very catchy to call, the dog is easy to recognize and remember, the disadvantage is that it is easy to rename.


2. Name your dog after your favorite, prominent character or characters

Naming a dog after a cartoon or famous character, such as Prince, Patton the general, Miya Crayola’s mom, Starbuck the famous lion, etc. These names have a lot of personality and are usually simplified in use if they are too complicated or un catchy, such as Patton will eventually be simplified to Tonton.

3. Named after the name associated with the dog breed

For example, Husky is called Kiki, Golden is called Mao, Spot is called Dot, Hilarity is called Happy or Titi, Cocker is called Kaka, etc. However, this naming method feels too lazy and is best avoided.

4. Name your dog after your favorite brand

For example, Honda, Mini or cooper, Ferrari, etc. This is very personal, but unfortunately, almost all happy brands are foreign goods, and no one seems to name their dog Lenovo or Patriot.

5. Naming dogs after food

For example, bun, pudding, milkshake, cheese, millet, rice, etc. That’s a cute name. It’s just that if you’re playing outside with a dog named Popsicle and your dog is running and you yell his name Popsicle! Popsicle! Is anyone going to come to you to buy an iced drink? So better not have food names outside! >

6. Completely personalize the name

For example: Killer, Abu, Titan, etc., as long as it’s not too weird this name is also good, full of personality, but still remember to catchy, the above name Killer many times, it will be simplified to Key, sometimes Abu is called Bubu, Titan naturally becomes Dan Dan.



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II. Tips

1. Naming your dog requires patience to get him to remember his name. First, use the dog’s favorite food or toy as bait. When you call the dog’s name, shake the lure in your hand so that it can see it and it will come naturally. This is the dog’s natural exploratory reflex.

2. Avoid being rude when calling your dog’s name. It is forbidden to attach the dog’s name when scolding. Otherwise, the dog will ignore his name the next time it is called. Names are limited to issuing commands and praise in order to make a good impression on the dog. The next time you call its name, you will immediately run to your side.

3. Use different tones of voice to call the dog by its name in different situations. When the dog does something right, call its name in a gentle tone while touching or rewarding it. When the dog is not doing well, use a stricter tone of voice. Play and going outside should also use different tones of voice.


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