I. Taking your dog’s temperature

Normal dog body temperature is 38 to 39°C for puppies and 37.5 to 38.5°C for adults, and here we are talking about rectal temperature, if we take the body surface temperature about one degree lower than this. This shows that the dog’s body temperature is higher than the human’s, so you must use a thermometer to measure your dog to know exactly if your dog has a fever. In fact, the best way to take your dog’s temperature is to measure the temperature at the base of the hind legs, which is the temperature of the inside of the hind legs and the belly door, where it also feels most like a human armpit.

Second, how to take a dog’s temperature

Measuring rectal temperature

1. Flip the anal thermometer up and down to get the mercury meter to zero.

2. Apply a little petroleum jelly to the tip of the anal thermometer to increase lubrication and reduce pain when the anal temperature is inserted into the dog’s anus.

3. When taking the anal temperature, the pet owner will need to have an assistant to help with this. The helper should hold the dog’s head and forelimbs in place and provide comfort while the person taking the measurement gently lifts the dog’s tail.


4. Gently insert the anal thermometer 1 to 2 cm into the dog’s body.


5. The length of time the anal thermometer is left in place is determined by the measurement time required by the instructions for the anal thermometer. In general, the anal thermometer should be left in the anus for 10 to 30 seconds.


6. Pull out the anal thermometer and take a temperature reading.

7. Sterilize the anal thermometer and place it in a box for storage.


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