The Complete Doberman Ear Standing Manual

title=”The Complete Doberman Ear Standing Manual”

Doberman Pinscher

I. Introduction to the Standing Ear Technique

1. Definition of Ear Standing

An ear lift is a procedure in which two-thirds of the dog’s ears, including the auricle, are cut off at the base of their ears to allow the ears of dogs born with droopy ears to grow upward.


2. The Origin of Ear Standing

It’s impossible to say exactly when the ear lift became popular. But one thing we do know is that

Human beings first started to give their dogs standing ears for purely practical reasons.

For example, the Doberman Pinscher, as a working breed, was required to have a dignified temperament, an alert look, and a godly appearance. The Doberman who has had his ears done obviously reflects these traits more than those who have not, so Dobermans are generally required to have ears done. The Doberman’s ear canal is a complex structure full of hard, stray hairs that don’t fall out, often irritating their delicate ear canal epidermis and easily harboring bacteria that can lead to many ear diseases, so generally for these breeds, people are also given standing ears.

3. Ear lift today

Today, most ear lift surgery is often done to make the dog more imposing and beautiful.

In the DOG Show, all dogs that are required to have their ears done by the breed standard are required to have their ears done before they come to the show to show off the breed’s unique appeal. However, for most families, a PET DOG as a companion dog, the need for an ear lift is not a strong requirement, and if there is no special need, a Doberman or Snowy with droopy ears is not a bad idea.

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