Today the ark for you to recommend the four most suitable for pets drinks to help you choose pet drinks better.

1. King Calorie Pet Supplement

Andersen King Calorie Pet Supplement King Card 160ml


Product Description:

  • 1. Contains 2000mg of Taurine to increase the vitality of dogs and help them grow up healthily.
  • 2. Comprehensive 13 kinds of vitamins can balance dogs’ physical needs.
  • 3. Contains Lacto-oligosaccharides to promote intestinal health and prevent urinary and fecal odor.

Effect: Hydration, physical strength loss, replenishment after illness, loss of appetite, and vitalizing vitamins and minerals for dogs during aging.

Market price: $21

Editor’s Note: Smells like an herbal aroma, tastes a little like Nutella, and adds that “milk flavor” that dogs love and can’t get enough of.

2. GENDAI Modern Pet Barley Green

GENDAI Modern Pet Barley Green Juice 16g2g*8bags


Product Description:

  • 1. Nutritional subsidized food for dogs and cats
  • 2. Two flavors are available: Cheese flavor and Fresh Fish flavor.

Efficacy: Supplement the daily dietary fiber of dogs and cats, which helps to lose weight, and lower blood fat and constipation.

How to use

How to use: Mix directly with feed or warm water once a day

Market price: $31

Minor Comments: This drink has a weight loss effect on pets and comes in two flavors, making it ideal for picky cats and dogs. If pet owners don’t want their dogs to continue to gain weight and want them to improve their body conditioning, this product is the right fit.

3. Eco-friendly deodorant water drink for dogs and cats

Eco-friendly Deodorant Water Drink for Dogs and Cats 500ml/bottle


Product Description:

  • 1. The pioneering brand of pet deodorant drink
  • 2. Effective in removing urine odor and reducing body odor

Primary Effect: Removes urine odor, poop odor, and body odor

How to use: Please dilute the drinking water for the first time, and then gradually increase the concentration to drink directly

Market price: $38

Editor’s Note: Pet-friendly drinks can also deodorize, so it’s a double whammy for pet owners who want their pets to smell good!

4. Bright Eyes – Grooming Oral Serum

BLUE BAY Eye Vita Drops Bright Eyes – Beauty Oral Serum 20ml

3 Specialty Drinkers for Your Pet's Total Enjoyment

Product Description:

  • 1. 1.7 times more effective than similar products
  • 2. Only feed 0.5ml per 3kg body weight

Efficacy: Solve the dark circles caused by tear gland problems; with antioxidant effect, it can prevent and improve the aging of eyes and crystals and promote cell metabolism.

Market price: $53

Mini Review: This product can effectively improve the symptoms of facial dirt caused by abnormal development of a pet’s tear glands. The best product is unanimously recommended by Taiwan’s pet hospitals.

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