Butterfly dog

Butterfly dog

I. Dogs sneezing

For dogs sneezing, there are generally two conditions, one is that the dog sneezes all the time; the other is that the dog sneezes occasionally.

Dogs sneeze all the time

When a dog is lying in a cool place for a long time, or when it is in a cold and humid environment for a long time, the resistance of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract can be reduced, which can lead to a cold. The dog will appear the following symptoms after a cold: depressed spirit, indifferent expression, skin temperature, ear tips, nasal end cold, coughing, sneezing all the time, runny nose, body temperature rise. In addition, dogs with respiratory illnesses can sneeze all the time! >

Dogs sneeze occasionally

Dogs have sensitive noses, and even if a person doesn’t find it pungent, the dog will reflect it. When a dog smells an irritating food or object, it will sneeze a few times.

Sometimes we find that your dog will sneeze occasionally when there is a cool breeze after a lot of exercise, and this is normal, but you need to protect your dog and keep him warm.

Furthermore, the occasional sneeze may also be due to inhalation of hair. Some dogs that normally shed a lot of hair are prone to inhalation if their owners are too late to clean up their shed hair and often lie on the ground; this is also often the case during the dog’s hair change period!

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