Five things to keep in mind when raising a dog in the summer and fall

title=”Five things to keep in mind when raising a dog in the summer and fall”


1. Teddy with severe gastrointestinal disease: Actually, the best thing to do for a Teddy with this type of problem is to starve for a day. I’ve tried it, and it’s very effective for both big and little Teddy. The actual fact is that you will need to eat after a day of starvation, this time to give the meal to a good digestible protein and carbohydrates, temporarily do not eat meat and other foods that contain a large amount of oil. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.


2, cold and fever caused by the loss of appetite: these Teddy gastrointestinal problems, but because of other problems caused by the lack of appetite, this time should be made to promote appetite food, that is, food that smells good, you can use meat hot or minced meat mixed in Teddy food, but the amount should also be less than usual, in line with the principle of eating less and more meals. The reason is that the digestive capacity of the stomach and intestines is still weak at this time, and it is easy for Teddy to eat too much of the good food, causing indigestion

3, because of the diseases caused by obesity: obesity can cause many diseases, obese Teddy’s diet is a problem that needs lasting attention, fiber is relatively high, low calorie food is preferred. The food is suitable for this kind of teddy, but when you make it, you should add a little something to enhance the taste, such as a small amount of broth, otherwise it is expected that teddy will die and not eat.

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