Teddy is a trendy small pet. Cheerful and lively and intelligent, it makes many girls choose Teddy as their pet. There are many things to keep in mind when raising a Teddy. Teddy is very loyal, so today, check the dog network to analyze with you. Teddy can recognize a few masters in life

In general, Teddy only recognizes one master in his life, significantly if he was raised from a young age. However, if the owner abandons Teddy or changes owners, it will be necessary to cultivate the relationship again.

Teddy recognizes several owners in his life

The older the Teddy is, the more thought the new owner will need to put into it if he or she changes owners. Teddy dogs gradually start to recognize their owners when they are 2-3 months old, so they remember their first owners the best. But after Teddy has changed owners, it takes about a month for Teddy to accept the new owner if the owner spends more time with him.

Teddy always has a certain amount of hostility towards people he doesn’t know. For example, once a Teddy arrives at a new home, it always shrinks into a corner and doesn’t want to go near its owner. If Teddy is now willing to let the owner hold it and always arch in the owner’s arms, it means that Teddy considers the owner as the master, which is a sign of trust.

Teddy recognizes several owners in his life

If Teddy can clearly remember where he is, this is an excellent way to determine that Teddy recognizes his owner. The most crucial thing in Teddy’s life is probably the owner and a home, so if Teddy treats the owner as the owner, it will remember the house. If a Teddy can go home by itself, it proves that it considers its owner as its master.

Teddy dogs have their biological clock in their bodies. After living with their owner for a long time, they find out the routine of their owner’s life. Teddy probably knows when his owner gets up. Until then, Teddy will stay quietly by the owner’s bedside and wait for the owner to wake up and interact. This is also a sign that the Teddy recognizes its owner.

How big can a Teddy grow?

How big can Teddy dogs grow? Some people like big dogs, while others prefer small and attractive dogs. To meet the different preferences of people, different breeds of dogs come in different sizes. Teddy is not very big, but we don’t know its standard size. Then people who like Teddy will be concerned about how big teddy dogs can grow and how big deep dogs can grow. Teddy, you usually mean toy or miniature poodle.

Teddy recognizes several owners in his life

If the shoulder height by FCI standards: the mini toy is 28-35cm, the toy should be less than 28cm, preferably less than 25cm. length is equal to the shoulder height, is a square body.

But after all, the above is the standard of competition. If it is a family, the height is less than the length of the pee body does not matter. The size of the VIP should not exceed 45 cm. Weight is not sure. It depends on how you feed it. Toys are usually 4-6 pounds. I have seen minis that are less than 4 pounds.

Teddy recognizes several owners in his life

People now divide them into breeds based on their size. Teddy’s of different standards grow up to a certain point and don’t grow out of it. When you buy a teddy, you must ask what kind it is. Otherwise, it can be embarrassing to see Teddy growing in the future. There are four types of teddies: miniature, toy, pet grade, extra small toy, and teacup. The label is different for each breed.

Miniature dogs can grow to more than less than 28 cm less than 30 cm, toy teddies will not grow to 28 cm, super miniature toy teddies will not grow longer when they reach 23 cm, and teacup teddies will be smaller, up to 20 cm in length. Today, many dog sellers confuse the various standards of teddies. When teddy puppies are small, they can not see that they are standard and many consumers are deceived.

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