Simulated Burger


Imitation burger

Imitation burger

I. Mock Burger

Analog Burger Product Name

【Reference Price】$5

Export|Brand Direct



Product size 8.5*8.5*5cm

[Suitable for Dog Type] Small to medium sized dogs

[Ark Review]

Simulating a burger with a built-in vocalizer, the dog takes a bite and makes a sound to stimulate curiosity and playfulness.

You can feel free to let your dog play and chew, but it can also help sharpen your dog’s teeth with a non-toxic soft rubber that is very realistic and will make a flute sound to attract the dog’s interest in playing! It also relieves the loneliness when the owner is not home.

This is also one of the most popular toys for dogs.

It naturally smells like rubber when you play, but it has no effect on your dog’s health.


Simulated Lollipop


Imitation Lollipop

Simulated Lollipop

II. Analog Lollipop

Product Name of Simulated Stick Candy

【Reference Price】$4

[Product Material] Plush fabric Eco-friendly cotton/BBer sound

[Product Size] L15XW8XTh6

[Ark Review]

The cute lollipop shape is especially suitable for the equally cute puppy to play with.

The bright colors look really sweet and delicious.

It helps dogs kill boredom and clean their teeth when they are home alone, which is recommended, but we should be careful to clean it regularly during use. No matter what the toy, pets will play with it for a long time the product is not new, how to keep the baby excited, maybe ask the owner to help!

Interacting with your pet, playing together, teasing it, I think this is the happiest time for every pet, because of the love of the owner, the pet, is their happiest and proudest time, of course, happy!


Simulated Bones


Simulated Bones

Simulated Bones

III. Simulating Bones

[Product Name] Simulated Bones

【Reference Price】$6.50

[Size] Length about 15cm

[Ark Review]

Timeless, traditional interactive toys that enhance chewing at the same time. A super creative, stylish and innovative line of toys. It allows the dog and owner to interact with each other, which is great for bonding! It also allows dogs to chew and play on their own, making it a great choice for dog teeth cleaning, teething, and entertainment.

On the one hand, a toy can help exercise a dog, and on the other hand, it can satisfy his desire to chew on things, especially if he is often alone, so all dogs need toys.

Bones are undoubtedly a dog’s favorite thing. While you can’t chew your dog’s bones every day, a bone toy that he can play with every day will be very satisfying.

Made of natural latex, this bone is non-toxic and non-hazardous, with a built-in vocalizer to stimulate your dog’s interest in playing, and is an absolute must for dog toys.

A bite that makes a pleasant purring sound, attracts the interest of dogs and cats, can satisfy their sense of accomplishment, and will make them never get tired of playing! More people can relieve the loneliness when the owner is not home, this product is one of the most popular toys.


Simulated steak


Mock Steak

Simulated Steak

IV. Mock Steak

Trade Name Mock Steak

【Reference Price】$5

[Product Specifications] Length about 11cm

[Material High quality thickened enamel

[Ark Review]

Dogs are naturally playful, and exporting enameled pronunciation toys is beautiful to satisfy the playfulness of dogs.

Made of thick enamel with excellent texture and vibrant colors. It trains your dog’s roving skills and helps your pet learn to chase and catch and title back. Owner and Pet

Playing together enhances the bond between pet and owner.

Pets can avoid damage to furniture, shoes and electrical wiring. This is better for your baby pet’s intellectual development and physical and mental health, making your baby pet loved by all.

A chunky toy that the dog can chew on and fit in his mouth. And the steak has a built-in vocalizer that makes strange noises to arouse the dog’s curiosity.

Its greatest use is to help dogs sharpen and clean their teeth and to help them pass the boredom alone.

Pet sounds are a large category of pet toys that have become the best bridge for pet-human and pet-pet interaction, great fun, and a great tool for fetching skills. It’s great for pets!


Simulated carrots


Simulated Carrots

Simulated Carrots

V. Mock Carrots

[Product Name] Mock Carrot


Product specifications are about 15 cm long and 4 cm.5 cm in diameter in the middle,

[Ark Review]

The latest high quality plush toys for foreign trade, imported fabrics, exquisite workmanship.

Uniquely shaped, the product has a built-in BB vocalizer that makes a pleasant barking sound when you take a bite.

Its barking satisfies the dog’s sense of accomplishment and is sure to keep your dog entertained for a hundred years.

Dogs like to eat meat. Have you ever seen a dog with a carrot in its mouth? Aren’t carrot toys, when held in a dog’s mouth, very loving?

This mock carrot is a plush toy to help dogs clean their teeth. Also available are carrots made of string and rubber, which is a great option. Everything is cute with the above simulated food toys!

A few things for dogs to keep them entertained.  


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