Border Collie

Border collie


I. The Meaning of Summer Solstice for Dogs

The summer solstice literally also means that summer has arrived, but it is not yet the hottest time of the year. The arrival of the summer solstice means that the temperature will continue to rise afterwards, and it will be the most difficult time for dogs. The rise in temperature will make dogs become irritable and restless, and will also bring some summer disease troubles. Therefore, parents should give more attention to their dogs during this period to make them less upset in the summer.

By the end of summer it is also a rainy season, which brings a period of coolness, but also a lot of attention for dogs. At the same time, as the weather slowly gets warmer, many dogs don’t have a good appetite and become less inclined to eat food and move around. This is also a relatively common and normal phenomenon. So the summer solstice is still important for dogs, whether it’s good or bad~>

[Editor’s comment]

In fact, dogs are also very delicate. People need to protect themselves from the heat in summer, and so do dogs. The newest addition to the lineup is the newest addition to the lineup. If you love it, let it be cooler.

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